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10 years after Dexter went missing in the eye of Hurricane Laura, we find him living under an assumed name in the small town of Iron Lake, New York. Dexter may be embracing his new life, but in the wake of unexpected events in this close-knit community, his Dark Passenger beckons.

Parental GuideTV-MA

Status Ended

First Air Date 2021-11-07

Last Air Date 2022-01-09

Seasons 1

Episodes 10


TMDB 8.5


Michael Hammel's profile image

michael_hammel shared a tip "Awesome! I was not disappointed"

𝙍𝙞𝙘𝙤 𝙎𝙤𝙧𝙥𝙖𝙣𝙤🤌🏼‼️'s profile image

RicoLoveDinero shared a tip "Literally F’d this show up twice…….unbelievable"

Nicole✨ 's profile image

nicole_norm shared a tip "Finally the wait is over folks… Dexter Season 9 Episode 1 Let’s go!!🔥🔥🔥"

Sloan Christopher's profile image

sloan_christopher shared a tip "Same old Dexter! New kill room! Great start!"

Pam Joseph's profile image

pam_joseph shared a tip "This series is SO good so far! Quite a redemption season from the series finale we all remember too well. #ifyouknowyouknow"

jess_ica_9043 shared a tip "Loving it! Great writing and characters thus far"

Squidding 's profile image

cory_ag shared a tip "Wow they fixed dexter! So good. Intense..."

allison_brooks_3200 shared a tip "Great comeback!"

Stephanie Brown Eversole's profile image

stephanie_brown_eve shared a tip "Fantastic until the last episode. Then, wtf?"

alena_p shared a tip "Love this show"

Usagi Werd's profile image

usagi_werd shared a tip "He talks to himself in the mirror. Yay"

Danielle Lewis's profile image

danielle_lewis_9101 shared a tip "All the old feel of the original series but yet somehow, darker..."

Shinobi 's profile image

shinobi shared a tip "Gets great about halfway through the season. Dexter is back."

Amanda Lee's profile image

amanda_lee_5133 shared a tip "Takes place after the original series ended."

Kirsten Marie's profile image

kirsten_marie_6221 shared a tip "Omg love Dexter and low key bummed if this limited series stops at this season."

ann_piety shared a tip "I loved the original series! Love Dexter Morgan!"

emily_rose_4371 shared a tip "Gave me everything I wanted for a final season!!"

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okaykenzie shared a tip "Love dexter!"

linda_beard shared a tip "I did not watch Dexter but this has drawn me in."

Caedy :)'s profile image

caedence_cowand shared a tip "It was well written"

Christina Maldonado's profile image

christina_maldonado_4622 shared a tip "Love love love this new series so glad they brought Dexter back! Very worth the wait!"

Lisa Boehme's profile image

lisa_boehme shared a tip "Great story!"

Abbasy Ali's profile image

abbasy_ali shared a tip "It's so cool"

Lisa Lee's profile image

lisa_lee shared a tip "Just curious?? How did everyone like Dexters Return?"

carrie_lynn21 shared a tip "Was worried this wasn’t going to live up to the original but it totally does!"

Andrew Henriques's profile image

andrew_henriques shared a tip "If you’re not watching, you are insane."

devara shared a tip "Love it"

cya_adams shared a tip "Really good"

Sonya Trivette's profile image

sonya_trivette shared a tip "Better than most spin-off shows."

Kevin Selvig's profile image

kevin_selvig shared a tip "I loved every moment of this ❤️"

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