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Notorious serial killer Joe Carroll, after being found guilty of murdering 14 female students on the Virginia college campus where he taught literature, escapes from death row. The FBI calls former agent Ryan Hardy to consult on the case, as he was the one responsible for Carroll’s capture in 2003.

Parental GuideTV-14

Status Canceled

First Air Date 2013-01-21

Last Air Date 2015-05-15

Seasons 3

Episodes 45


TMDB 6.8


NïCOLE 's profile image

nicole_norm shared a tip "Good serial killer series."

awesome_user_425944 shared a tip "You are second guessing every single character… are they or aren’t they a bad guy"

Karlie 's profile image

kcmarckx shared a tip "One of my favorite shows off all time (only the first 2 seasons though). I could rewatch over and over again."

Amy Williams's profile image

justicegirl shared a tip "Very dark, but so good!"

Andy Brough 's profile image

wahsatch_outdoors shared a tip "Watched for a while. Thrilling plot. Felt like after a while it just kept being the same plot every episode."

emilie_singh shared a tip "Perfect to binge watch! Very scary but sooooo good."

Fdubs 's profile image

smoothcookies shared a tip "Bingeworthy thriller! Wish they didn't stop when they did."

Kiki Divyne's profile image

kiki_divyne shared a tip "Amazing, shocking and leaves you wanting more. Sad it ended"

Melanie's Muses's profile image

melanies_muses shared a tip "Love this show! I rewatch the first 2 seasons often! (Season 3 not so much but it wasn’t bad …. ) 🙃"

Rebecca Bella's profile image

rebecca_bella shared a tip "If you like Kevin Bacon, this is a must see. Later episodes went kind of off the book, but still worth watching."

HurtSlashComfort 's profile image

HurtSlashComfort shared a tip "I forgot how wild that show was"

Tracy ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 's profile image

grandmaluvlee shared a tip "Great serial killer series! #serial_killers #bingeworthy"

Mary Gemmer's profile image

mary_gemmer shared a tip "Such a good show! I wish it had more seasons."

amy_7273 shared a tip "Loved this one! #bingeworthy #crime #cults #police_procedural #detective"

charlovojo shared a tip "Such a good show and so underrated!"

Chris Blomberg's profile image

chris_blomberg shared a tip "I wish this show was still on, so good, so intense"

Enrike Grageda's profile image

enrikegrageda shared a tip "Such a great show"

Pan Witchy's profile image

pan_witchy shared a tip "Best following break down and struggle. This was terrifyingly good."

Thomas O'Connor's profile image

Nocturne shared a tip "First season is great, then not so much..."

Ashley Yount's profile image

ashley_yount shared a tip "I enjoyed it but there was a lot lacking"

Sara DeSilva's profile image

sara_desilva shared a tip "This show is perfection!"

Annie Langworthy's profile image

annie_langworthy shared a tip "This show was spectacular."

veronique_sandefer shared a tip "Soooo good. Especially if you like cult stuff and/or sociopathic crime drama"

Vicki Breitmayer's profile image

vicki_breitmayer shared a tip "Great"

Taryll Wiebe's profile image

taryll_wiebe_4999 shared a tip "Edge of your seat storytelling"

Suzanne Warren's profile image

suzanne_warren shared a tip "3 seasons of greatness. I watched it, now I own it and about once a year binge watch it again"

Octavious Jackson's profile image

octavious_jackson shared a tip "A great great crime series"

Tracy Nixon's profile image

tracy_nixon shared a tip "I don't but the beginning episodes are better than the end"

Sarah Dillon's profile image

sarah_dillon_6048 shared a tip "Started off great. The final season got a little weird though."

Roslyn Newson's profile image

roslyn_newson shared a tip "Loved this show"

brittany stevens's profile image

brittany_stevens_3544 shared a tip "Good and suspenseful"

sharon_3945 shared a tip "Could not stop watching this show! Amazed it was on regular TV. One of my favorite crime shows."

kristen_jordeth shared a tip "Such an amazing series. I couldn’t stop watching. 3 seasons weren’t enough."

Kimberley McCurdy's profile image

kimberley_mccurdy shared a tip "I found this show very enjoyable and definitely suitable for binge-watching"

Jenifer Mihalkanin's profile image

jenifer_mihalkanin shared a tip "So good!"

tatyana_miller shared a tip "The first season was immaculate"

Lisa Sanderson McWhorter's profile image

lisa_sanderson_mcwh shared a tip "Best. Ever."

Emelyn Madison's profile image

emelyn_madison shared a tip "Awesome show. Watched back when it first came out. Definitely binge worthy. Love Kevin Bacon."

erica_burns shared a tip "This show was so good! Unexpected twists at every turn!"

kim_skaggs_793 shared a tip "Loved this series & Kevin Bacon"

Rob Hoff's profile image

rob_hoff shared a tip "Great performances by all"

Michelle Cox's profile image

michelle_cox_3541 shared a tip "Absolutely loved this show. Kevin Bacon and James Purefoy are outstanding in their roles."

Zoe Singleton's profile image

zoe_singleton shared a tip "Just brilliant! Kevin Bacon at his best…"

Caleb Indenbaum's profile image

caleb_indenbaum shared a tip "Enjoyable"

melissa_sorrell shared a tip "I liked it a lot at the beginning, but it is quite dark and kind of creepy. If you enjoy that, then you'd probably like it."

Elaine Lebeau's profile image

elaine_lebeau shared a tip "Loved it!"

Amanda Russell's profile image

amanda_russell_8441 shared a tip "The only bad thing about this show was they canceled it! 😞 Still worth the watch though if you can handle never getting closure."

janna_weaver shared a tip "Loved but then it stopped 😢"

Kevin Selvig's profile image

kevin_selvig shared a tip "Loved it I wish it never got canceled"

Cynthia Grasshoff's profile image

cynthia_grasshoff shared a tip "Started out as a must watch but as the episodes progressed, for me, it became annoying and predictable."

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