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Private detective Cassie Dewell partners with ex-cop Jenny Hoyt on a search for two sisters who have been kidnapped by a truck driver on a remote highway in Montana. When they discover that these are not the only girls who have disappeared in the area, they must race against the clock to stop the pe

Parental GuideTV-14

Status Returning Series

First Air Date 2020-11-17

Last Air Date 2021-10-21

Seasons 2

Episodes 21


TMDB 7.3


Faith Shaffer's profile image

beadzombie shared a tip "Hooked me in from first episode"

Heaven 's profile image

tvandmoviefanatic shared a tip "Very good show! Can’t wait for the rest of the episodes!"

Heaven 's profile image

tvandmoviefanatic shared a tip "Very good show! Cant wait for the rest of the episodes."

Melanie's Muses's profile image

melanies_muses shared a tip "Watching because Lauren won’t stop going on about how I need to watch it 😂"

Melanie's Muses's profile image

melanies_muses shared a tip "Almost through Season 1! You hear that @lauren_dootson - on Ep 14 🤣"

Melanie's Muses's profile image

melanies_muses shared a tip "This is all @lauren_dootson’s fault and she’s not even sorry. UGH this week to week thing SUCKS 😝"

Carla Craddock's profile image

carla_craddock shared a tip "My guilty pleasure!! Some super BRAVE moments in screenwriting!!"

Sonia Burton's profile image

sonia_burton shared a tip "#drama #suspense #mystery_and_detective #mystery"

destiny_subia shared a tip "It didnt take long to have me sucked in! Suspense and mystery, only one episode in and i cant wait for the rest"

Kelley Loop's profile image

kelley_loop shared a tip "Love this show"

kristine_yeager shared a tip "It starts out crazy in the first episode already!"

Shauna Ostrander's profile image

shauna_ostrander shared a tip "Hooked"

Kari Johnson's profile image

kari_johnson_7172 shared a tip "I hadn't heard of it but my mom put it on over Thanksgiving and I'm already hooked. You absolutely should watch!"

mikew shared a tip "How come only five episodes!?"

Heather Crader's profile image

heather_crader shared a tip "It's worth binge watching....."

sara_lang_831 shared a tip "S2 episode 1.. all I can say is WHAT? The end...those 2 people. If you've seen it, you know what I'm talking about. WTH!"

Michelec67 's profile image

The_Divas_Mom2003 shared a tip "It’s a crazy show. I love it though"

Justine Wyllie's profile image

justine_wyllie shared a tip "Only sean thw 1st episode so far, but it looks like it’ll be a good one!"

Elt Ag's profile image

elt_ag shared a tip "Great suspense of a pedophile or human trafficking ring"

Elt Ag's profile image

elt_ag shared a tip "#drama #mystery #mystery_and_detective #kidnapping #pedophile #humantrafficking"

Tonna Miller's profile image

tonna_miller shared a tip "This is a very interesting fast paced series can’t wait for new episodes."

Sabrina Rodriguez's profile image

sabri shared a tip "First Undoing then Big Sky...Kelley is the true mvp of 2020! Love the suspense."

Chrys Brown's profile image

chrys_brown shared a tip "The twists and turns will blow your mind!"

Michelle Owen's profile image

michelle_owen_9137 shared a tip "Love this show"

T Bernsee's profile image

t_bernsee shared a tip "I like the characters. Strong willed, determined women!"

Guido Loko's profile image

guido_loko shared a tip "How can they get rid of Ryan Phillippe on the first episode???"

Brenn B's profile image

brenn_ shared a tip "So good. I was so not expecting some of the things that happen- which is good cause I am usually a good guesser."

susan_king_6898 shared a tip "I liked it a lot. They have some new seasons so I started watching it. It is murder mystery. Love those shows."

susan_king_6898 shared a tip "I meant new episodes."

katie_rauch shared a tip "This show was so good! Can't wait for season 2!"

Roma Lea Matthews's profile image

roma_lea_matthews shared a tip "I really like it. It was a little hard for me to stick with in the beginning."

Quay Ahmad's profile image

queenquay0714 shared a tip "Its good"

Shara Durkin's profile image

shara_durkin shared a tip "Full of surprises"

Wesley Moon's profile image

wesley_moon shared a tip "Sorta kinda like a toned down twin peaks so far"

Troy Wands's profile image

troy_wands shared a tip "This show is pretty good. It is network tv light, but enjoyable."

Cynthia Olson's profile image

cynthia_olson shared a tip "Twists and turns, psychological thriller in an hour. Very well done"

Shannon T's profile image

shannon_t shared a tip "Its an addictive mystery"

Ken Struck's profile image

ken_struck shared a tip "Like it so far. Keeps twisting."

Brianne 's profile image

brianne_fry shared a tip "Best show ever! Was hooked the first few minutes. I love it"

Dana Wiggins's profile image

dana_wiggins shared a tip "Great binge worthy show!!! Ready for more!"

kris travis's profile image

kris_travis shared a tip "Great show"

Sarah Hunt's profile image

sarah_hunt_6348 shared a tip "My new favorite! Can’t wait for every episode to come out. I’m always fully sucked in!"

Fdubs 's profile image

smoothcookies shared a tip "Ready for every episode to hurry up and get here. Crime drama a must."

Walter Croft's profile image

walter_croft shared a tip "This is a great show, but I feel it could have been a movie instead."

CharMaine Bowen-Thompson's profile image

charmaine_bowen-thompson shared a tip "The 1st episode was really good. Look forward to see what the other episodes have to offer."

Angi Fowlkes's profile image

angi_fowlkes shared a tip "Love the suspense!"

April Lynne's profile image

april_lynne shared a tip "Gripping with suprises!"

Maddy Sawyer's profile image

maddy_sawyer shared a tip "Suspensful!"

Amber Martens's profile image

amber_martens shared a tip "Well so far the first episode is the most shocking."

Jessie Barnes's profile image

jessie_barnes_5371 shared a tip "@good"

chrisjana_acheson shared a tip "It’s good"

nicolette_katsis shared a tip "I love it, gives you a eage of seat vibe to it."

Unstoppable Yute's profile image

unstoppable_yute shared a tip "So far love it! The pilot had a twist!!"

Camden Graham's profile image

camden_graham shared a tip "Perfect show to binge. Thrilling, cliffhanger endings, and great cast!"

taylor_graff shared a tip "Yep"

Kat Mcdole's profile image

kat_mcdole shared a tip "Very interesting keeps you in the edge of your seat"

constance_goecke shared a tip "Love the female leads and the beautful setting."

tishan_morales shared a tip "So far so good"

Shawna Whiteman's profile image

shawna_whiteman shared a tip "Its been addictive"

Beca Lynn's profile image

beca_lynn shared a tip "Amazing, im sad it was just one season on hulu"

Jacqueline Varin's profile image

jacqueline_varin shared a tip "Thrilling new drama"

Gwen P.'s profile image

gwen_p. shared a tip "Great suspense, very engaging."

Casey Swanson's profile image

casey_swanson shared a tip "Unpredictable"

erika_3353 shared a tip "Drew me in from episode 1!"

Madison Wakefield's profile image

madison_wakefield shared a tip "I binge watched the whole season because i was so intrigued"

Christal Woods's profile image

christal_woods shared a tip "Love it’s"

sarah_7950 shared a tip "Great acting and enjoyable storyline."

trish_935 shared a tip "Lots of drama makes each episode exciting"

sara_carroll-strete shared a tip "But not enough episodes to binge"

sharon_3945 shared a tip "Great show with Friendship & suspense."

lynn_bashaw shared a tip "It was quick and never seemed drawn out"

Laura Pagel's profile image

laura_pagel shared a tip "Great show"

kathryn_499 shared a tip "Not bad. I tuned in because of Katheryn Winnick #lagertha"

megan_bouwens shared a tip "It’s a great suspense/drama! Leaves you hanging after each episode"

Jenna Bertelsen's profile image

jenna_bertelsen shared a tip "Love love this show, any know know if there is gonna be a season 2?"

Leah Miller's profile image

leah_miller_2221 shared a tip "This one has been slept on people need to see!"

Cornelius Butler's profile image

cornelius_butler shared a tip "A really good show to watch"

tallyn shared a tip "Love this show! Super binge worthy!"

Anita Lanauze's profile image

anita_lanauze shared a tip "I recommend this show to everybody, very good from the beginning, physiological thriller, drama, crime"

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