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When the Police Service of Northern Ireland are unable to close a case after 28 days, Detective Superintendent Stella Gibson of the Metropolitan Police Service is called in to review the case. Under her new leadership, the local detectives must track down and stop a serial killer who is terrorising

Parental GuideTV-MA

Status Ended

First Air Date 2013-05-12

Last Air Date 2016-10-28

Seasons 3

Episodes 17


TMDB 7.8


Nicole 's profile image

nicole_norm shared a tip "Just might be the best “serial killer” type of crime series ever👌🏼😈"

LuLu F's profile image

lulu_f shared a tip "I have watched this twice! I love it. Thanks for the suggestion!"

Jeff Houston's profile image

jeff_houston shared a tip "I agree with all of the below!"

JC Anderson's profile image

jodilu shared a tip "OMG - this was before 50 shades. You like the guy and despise him at the same time. It's a definite binge fest"

Kerri Samuelson's profile image

kerriboylesam shared a tip "Great series!"

carrie_nygard shared a tip "They are both fantastic in this show!"

Bouwer Marc's profile image

bouwer_marc shared a tip "Excellent"

Becca Taylor's profile image

beccaboo2216 shared a tip "One of the few shows that actually scared me to the core."

heidi_walz shared a tip "Gillian Anderson is brilliant. She indulges an affinity with the predator she hunts."

karen_noble shared a tip "Fantastic characters"

Vania Barros's profile image

vania_barros shared a tip "#psychological_thriller #crime"

Andrea 's profile image

andrea_752 shared a tip "Gillian. Anderson."

sara_lang_831 shared a tip "Enjoyed this show!"

cathi_cunnion shared a tip "Excellent series. Couldn't wait for each episode."

Michelle Coppa Magrino's profile image

michelle_coppa_magr shared a tip "On the edge of your seat entertaining"

Monica Puente's profile image

monica_puente shared a tip "Keeps you moving to the next episode"

Tracey 's profile image

tracey_oakley_8270 shared a tip "This was so good!"

Tonia Graham's profile image

tonia_graham shared a tip "Wow! Great show"

Megan Banyasz's profile image

megan_banyasz shared a tip "And I love her"

amanda_martin_9201 shared a tip "So good I watched it twice!"

lynn_brickman shared a tip "My only complaint was Jillian Anderson’s wooden acting. Worth watching if you like murder/suspense."

za shared a tip "The way that made paranoid and so careful about locking doors and Windows. It’s a great show."

Serese Swartzendruber's profile image

serese_swartzendruber shared a tip "Excellent, engaging, exciting. Well worth watching. I've seen it twice!"

Bonnie Simmons's profile image

bonnie_simmons_5409 shared a tip "Diabolical. Loved it."

jim_c_3408 shared a tip "Fantastic show--mashup of all the Hannibal movies/TV shows and Prime Suspect."

Roger Harvey's profile image

roger_harvey_7540 shared a tip "100% bingeworthy"

whitnee_davis shared a tip "Excellent and kept me on edge of my seat!"

Linda Lala's profile image

linda_lala shared a tip "Fantastic!"

Caroline Kirby's profile image

caroline_kirby_5446 shared a tip "Have you seen Mare of Easttown on hbomax?? It’s pretty good! There’s also a hilarious snl skit about it"

jennifer baxter's profile image

jennifer_baxter shared a tip "Great show!"

amy_rogers_4677 shared a tip "Sooooooooooooooooo Good!!!!"

Lilly Heather's profile image

lilly_heather shared a tip "Gillian Anderson"

Midge Spencer's profile image

midge_spencer shared a tip "Very. A cerebral and nuanced cat and mouse tale"

Sharon Clayton's profile image

sharon_clayton shared a tip "Liked it, but disappointed it did not follow through with more episodes"

amanda_wood_5546 shared a tip "Great cast and a storyline that will guarantee you come back for more."

Manon Sander's profile image

manon_sander shared a tip "So super twisted!!"

kourinthia_burton shared a tip "Totally worth it! It was suspenseful the whole time."

Walter Villacreses's profile image

walter_villacreses shared a tip "Gotta love Gillian Anderson. A strong and I will do whatever the **** j want woman. Refreshing."

diana_arnold shared a tip "I liked it, but it drags sometimes."

fled_mater shared a tip "2"

claire_brocato shared a tip "Absolutely loved this show. Excellent cast, great acting, very suspenseful."

claire_brocato shared a tip "I absolutely loved this show. Very suspenseful, great acting."

natasha_paul shared a tip "I'm a holdover from the X-Files. I'll watch just about anything with Gillian Anderson."

laura_perdue shared a tip "This was an excellent series!"

50sumthing 's profile image

50sumthing shared a tip "How they made this killer so attractive... And there's not a boring minute."

Samantha Rochefort's profile image

samantha_rochefort shared a tip "Amazing. Binged the entire series in a week"

Fdubs 's profile image

smoothcookies shared a tip "Love this hot psycho thriller!"

Noona Juneski's profile image

noona_juneski shared a tip "Excellent British series. Strong female lead. Suspenseful and thrilling. I really loved this one!😁"

jacqueline_g_mahr shared a tip "Magnificent! Gripping. Intelligent. This is a series you’ll watch over and over again to see what you missed."

Michele Marchese's profile image

michele_marchese shared a tip "This is so good!!!"

Madonna 's profile image

madonna shared a tip "[Source:]"

Wendy Taylor's profile image

wendy_taylor shared a tip "Another favorite!"

Tara Langhus's profile image

tara_langhus shared a tip "Great show!"

Jennifer Rancourt's profile image

jennifer_rancourt_7291 shared a tip "Couldn’t stop watching."

Kimberly Bowlin's profile image

kasb2020 shared a tip "Scary!"

Laura Major's profile image

laura_major shared a tip "Great series. Wish they had more episodes."

connie_neils shared a tip "Very good series. Good for bingeing. Psychological thriller which is well written."

Allison Elizabeth's profile image

allison_elizabeth shared a tip "Last season was meh"

Claire Woolford Forsythe's profile image

claire_woolford_for shared a tip "I found myself rooting for the hot serial killer."

allison_harris_6225 shared a tip "AMAZING."

Véronique Beaulne's profile image

vronique_beaulne shared a tip "I’ve had a hard time watching 50 shades because ofthe fall... for me christian grey is Paul Spector, a serial killer 🤦🏻‍♀️😂"

sarah_matt shared a tip "LOVE this series."

Erin Caouette's profile image

erin_caouette shared a tip "Loved!"

perry_neminski shared a tip "Outstanding"

Jennifer Mangano's profile image

jennifer_mangano shared a tip "I can’t stop watching!"

iva_earl shared a tip "Superb"

mary_reinhardt_9029 shared a tip "Loved it"

Charlotte Wolf's profile image

charlotte_wolf shared a tip "Absolutely! So well done!"

Dustyn Thompson's profile image

dustyn_thompson shared a tip "Great dark thriller"

Jacquelyn Deltoro's profile image

jacquelyn_deltoro shared a tip "Suspenseful"

Jacquelyn Deltoro's profile image

jacquelyn_deltoro shared a tip "So good you will not regret it."

jeff_antaya shared a tip "Great chemistry and story"

Krista Carson's profile image

krista_carson shared a tip "Excellent show!"

Anne Davis's profile image

anne_davis_209 shared a tip "Everything! This show is amazing."

rachel_lloyd_6084 shared a tip "Amazing!"

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