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have mixed feelings about this book, it's definitely written beautifully but not accurately to the original story. By that I mean is that Patroclus was NOT WEAK! I mean god, Patroclus literally killed the son of Zeus and was Achillies' EQUAL! Achilles did not have to protect Patroclus and have him stay at the tent during the Trojan war waiting for him like some wife ... god... okay but that aside, when I first read it I did really love it, maybe I'm a hopeless romantic but I got really sad at the end, wish it was portrayed more accurately. I am a little bit on the fence as well because Madeline Miller is a woman writing about two gay men which in certain aspects she didn't write well and neither does she have the experience of being a gay man (not saying women can't write it, but if they can't write it well then they absolutely shouldn't). Also Patroclus was obsessed with Achillies' feet a little too much because like every other page he was obsessing over Achillies feet LIKE OKAY... we get the foreshadowing!!! You love him!! Okay!!! The end!!! - also sorry, it seems like I hated the book but I actually really loved it I just love dissecting books and criticizing them.

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The Song of Achilles

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absolutely life changing, I recommend reading or watching it because genuinely both the movie and the book are masterpieces. I love e.m forester, he is my favourite writer. He wrote Maurice after he saw that all gay novels had endings where the characters either killed themselves or ridiculed them and wanted to write something where the character had a happy ending. Because gay literature was banned in Britain at the time, the book didn't get publish until after his death. - only criticism is that one of the characters, Durham specifically just randomly turns straight? I'm honestly lenient on this because it was written so long ago and I think E.m Forester had his own internalized homophobia despite being gay as well.

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