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Very funny movie, don't except it to be similar to the original but it is good #feelgood #lighthearted

Son of the Mask imageSon of the Mask image

Son of the Mask

Movies | Fantasy

It is a very light movie the duo are awesome, just hoped the story could have went different. But it is very recommended for a #feelgood #uplifting

Kangaroo Jack imageKangaroo Jack image

Kangaroo Jack

Movies | Comedy

Such a great movie, finally netflix can produce good stuff in arabic đź‘Ź

The Swimmers imageThe Swimmers image

The Swimmers


Like the comdey and the humor in there, light heartrd movie

Their Uncle imageTheir Uncle image

Their Uncle

Movies | Action

the movie is light and even though not funny it is a bit bright

Bullet Train imageBullet Train image

Bullet Train

Movies | Action

Genius!! on a different level.

Another One imageAnother One image

Another One


Update, it is though light but too many un needed things for a pg 13 movie, the polt goes too fast and the jokes many of them not funny. Disney completely missed on this one.

Thor: Love and Thunder imageThor: Love and Thunder image

Thor: Love and Thunder

Movies | Action

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