An emotional read. In terms of foster care memoirs, this one offers a lot of hope and encouragement, as well as insight into the system and suggestions for change.

Fostered imageFostered image


Books | Tori Hope Peterson

Fun, simple read. Think bedtime adventure story for grown-ups, an easy but enjoyable western narrative.

Dragon Teeth imageDragon Teeth image

Dragon Teeth

Books | Michael Crichton

Think “whimsical walking dead”. Quirkier for sure, but the main elements of post-apocalyptic event, survivors/guilt, found family, flashbacks, etc. were present. I was a little disappointed because I was looking for something more lighthearted, but it was ok overall. Would be ok if I didn’t watch it again to be completely honest, because it left me a little sad.

Love and Monsters imageLove and Monsters image

Love and Monsters

Movies | Adventure

So goofy and bizarre! Funny, but honestly less romantic comedy and more just a comedy. In all honesty it’s difficult to describe, but it’s closer to a satirical thriller than a romantic comedy (not “scary”, just the elements of a thriller are more present than the elements of a romance).

Mr. Wrong imageMr. Wrong image

Mr. Wrong

Movies | Comedy

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