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Overall it was a good read, but it didn't feel original because the plot lines are incredibly similar to the Sanatorium by Sarah Pearse so much so that I thought I was reading the same book. That being said it is better than the Sanatorium and if you want to read a book about people being trapped in by an avalanche being picked off by a murder one by one, I would recommend this book over the Sanatorium.

One by One imageOne by One image

One by One

Books | Ruth Ware

This book was a quick read and a unique perspective of a young girl on the edge of adolescence teetering between her life at home and her life in the cult. I really enjoyed how the author built parallels between the Manson family and The girls, but the sexual descriptions were uncomfortable to read given the age of the characters.

The Girls imageThe Girls image

The Girls

Books | Emma Cline

Such a good read for both a fledging or seasoned ornithologist. Leigh is a skilled science communicator and she uses her experiences owling to inform readers of the unique plight of the owl and the work scientists are currently involved in to better understand their behaviors and challenges. Her writing style also sparks a romanticized interest in the beauty and mystery of these cryptic birds. I would highly recommend this quick read to anyone interested in science, birds, or nature.

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The Hidden Lives of Owls

Books | Leigh Calvez

One of Ruth Ware's best novels! I loved seeing the drama unfold from Isa's perspective and hearing her inner thoughts as the story traversed between the past and the present. I would highly recommend this book if you enjoy female-centered mysteries, psychological dramas and suspense, and a surprise ending!

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The Lying Game

Books | Ruth Ware

This book was a RIDE start to finish. My heart was racing as the story accelerated and I could not believe what I was reading. I think this book can be best compared to a Quentin Tarantino film because WOW what a finale!

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No Exit

Books | Taylor Adams

Another amazing novel by Lisa Jewell. This story captured me from the very start with her use of multiple narratives between characters and throughout time. I was so enthralled by this book that I read it in 1 day. Lisa Jewell also has a way with her conclusions, and the ending to The Family Upstairs was written perfectly! It answered all of my questions but left me with a small shiver down my spine and a sense of unease. I loved this book!

The Family Upstairs: A Novel imageThe Family Upstairs: A Novel image

The Family Upstairs: A Novel

Books | Lisa Jewell

This book was a really quick read and I liked how the shifting narrative put me in each person's head as their marriage devolved. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who likes women-centered dramas and stories like Big Little Lies.

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The Silent Wife

Books | A. S. A. Harrison

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