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I’m a radical feminist obsessed with abandoned amusement parks, Beat Saber, Korean dramas and destroying the patriarchy.


9/10 Super addictive and delicious melodrama centred around the craziest characters I’ve ever seen. Which works. For all the wrong reasons. Lolol… every one of them pushes everything way too far while still managing to stay strangely likeable… except maybe for Ju Dan Te. Lolol. No but seriously. I stayed up until 9am to binge watch season 1. That’s how addictive it was!

The Penthouse imageThe Penthouse image

The Penthouse

Shows | Drama

7/10 If you’re looking for a kdrama with a plot, this isn’t it. Nothing happens the entire time and the things that actually do happen do not serve the plot at all. But who cares? It’s fluff and kisses and more fluff the entire time and it’s lovely to watch. Also, it was kind of fun to see so many « The penthouse » alums together!

Sh**ting Stars imageSh**ting Stars image

Sh**ting Stars

Shows | Drama

10/10 How can there only be 4 freaking episodes?? I would have needed a million more! The chemistry with all the feels, the unspoken longing… it’s just so good!!

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Soundtrack #1


10/10 Perfect execution of the best kdrama clichés. It was absolutely delightful and hilarious. I wish we would have had more episodes!

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Business Proposal

Shows | Comedy

7/10 Cute story with a disturbing premise of girls who are everything but fat getting negative comments about their weight… it was uncomfortable to watch at times. The friendship slowly developing into love was at least adorably executed and kind of makes up for the rest of it.

Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Joo imageWeightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Joo image

Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Joo

Shows | Comedy

9/10 Fun twist on the covid pandemic mixed with a dystopian slow burn romance and real human emotions. The romance is underplayed but a true foundation for everything the main characters go through. Highly recommend!

Happiness imageHappiness image


Shows | Drama

6.5/10 Not bad but it fell a little flat at times. It took me a while to get into the supporting casts’ relationship stories… maybe the stories were a little too simple or too linear or too predictable? I don’t know. I think the format meant everything was told in a superficial way which made it hard for me to get invested. Ri-Ni is the standout for me. Her self awareness and honesty were the most realistic I’ve seen in a kdrama.

Lovestruck in the City imageLovestruck in the City image

Lovestruck in the City

Shows | Drama

7/10 Cute and wholesome story about the power of friendship… maybe better suited for a younger audience but I admit the ending had me teary eyed (then again, I’m easily moved by cute friendship stories lol)

Live On imageLive On image

Live On

Shows | Drama

8.5/10 51 episodes of intense adrenaline and madness… the emotion I felt the most was pure hatred for 80% of the main cast… Urgh, I could have killed some of them with my own hands!! But through it all, Empress Ki is the most badass, intelligent and standing-ovation worthy female character to ever bless our screens. I would go as far as this: she makes Buffy the Vampire Slayer sound like a little whiny girl!

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Empress Ki

Shows | Drama

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