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I’m a radical feminist obsessed with abandoned amusement parks, Beat Saber, Korean dramas and destroying the patriarchy.


6.5/10 Not bad but it fell a little flat at times. It took me a while to get into the supporting casts’ relationship stories… maybe the stories were a little too simple or too linear or too predictable? I don’t know. I think the format meant everything was told in a superficial way which made it hard for me to get invested. Ri-Ni is the standout for me. Her self awareness and honesty were the most realistic I’ve seen in a kdrama.

Lovestruck in the City imageLovestruck in the City image

Lovestruck in the City

Shows | Drama

7/10 Cute and wholesome story about the power of friendship… maybe better suited for a younger audience but I admit the ending had me teary eyed (then again, I’m easily moved by cute friendship stories lol)

Live On imageLive On image

Live On

Shows | Drama

8.5/10 51 episodes of intense adrenaline and madness… the emotion I felt the most was pure hatred for 80% of the main cast… Urgh, I could have killed some of them with my own hands!! But through it all, Empress Ki is the most badass, intelligent and standing-ovation worthy female character to ever bless our screens. I would go as far as this: she makes Buffy the Vampire Slayer sound like a little whiny girl!

Empress Ki imageEmpress Ki image

Empress Ki

Shows | Drama

11/10 Most beautiful story I’ve ever seen. It’s not so much the romance but the unconditional love that ties all the characters together. Every one of them is filled with it and the result is so moving, I cried from episode 1 to 16. It’s also creepy, hilarious and tragic, all at once. 😭😭😍😍

Tale of the Nine Tailed imageTale of the Nine Tailed image

Tale of the Nine Tailed

Shows | Sci-Fi & Fantasy

8/10 The romance is unbelievably steamy, over the top cute and butterfly inducing… However, the action/intrigue is watchable but it’s not the best laid out story I’ve ever seen. Most of the supporting cast’s stories bored me to tears. But. Like I said. The endearing romance is good enough to make it worth your time.

Healer imageHealer image


Shows | Comedy

9/10 Wow. The romance, the touching moments, the perfectly crafted universe… I was yelling because of how cute some of the scenes were and jumping on my seat with anguish the next second. What an incredible ride!!

W: Two Worlds Apart imageW: Two Worlds Apart image

W: Two Worlds Apart

Shows | Drama

7.5/10 I love romance mixed with angst… and this love story has so much angst, you wonder how those two will ever make it on the other side! Their first kiss is something you’ll squeal over, I promise!

So I Married an Anti-Fan imageSo I Married an Anti-Fan image

So I Married an Anti-Fan

Shows | Comedy

9/10 I laughed so hard, I had to press pause and calm myself down… omg. Huyn Bin is so annoying and ADORABLE at the same time, it’s almost too much. The female lead is such a badass… I loved seeing her fall in love with him even though he’s flawed, arrogant, ridiculous… and so on. Lolol

Secret Garden imageSecret Garden image

Secret Garden

Shows | Comedy

9.5/10 I don’t know why I love this one so much.., it’s cheesy, ridiculous, the male lead is a jerk… but the slow burn is highly effective and the sexual tension between them definitely keeps you on your toes and gives meaning to even the smallest details… Oh, and make sure you watch the tiny season 2 on YouTube. It’s even more adorable!!

Mischievous Kiss imageMischievous Kiss image

Mischievous Kiss

Shows | Comedy

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