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A spunky female weightlifter and free-spirited male swimmer meet on campus, only to find out their pasts may be intertwined.

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Status Ended

First Air Date 2016-11-16

Last Air Date 2017-01-11

Seasons 1

Episodes 16


TMDB 8.796


Pınar 's profile image

nardeniz shared a tip "One of the best"

franchesca 's profile image

fr_5754 shared a tip "this drama was super cute and i lovvvveddddd the cast, kim bok-joo is seriously one of my fav female leads in romance dramas!!"

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norma_blanco shared a tip "Cute and funny"

Jamiliah 's profile image

sickofjams shared a tip "Show was too good. I need to rewatch that’s how good it was"

Sophia Felipe's profile image

sophia_felipe shared a tip "I really love this one. It’s fun to watch and freaking hilarious!"

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katherine_dean_2058 shared a tip "It’s such a cute story. I think you’ll like it!"

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mimi_jobi shared a tip "Really nice and hilarious show"

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keykey_mn shared a tip "❤️❤️❤️❤️"

zal shared a tip "Amazing ❤️❤️❤️"

sinai_holloman shared a tip "Cute show ☺️"

AlayahYeah 's profile image

alayahyeah shared a tip "Super cute and heart warming"

trinity_huynh shared a tip "so cute"

aileen duarte's profile image

aileen_duarte shared a tip "a classic. you can’t call yourself a kdrama watcher WITHOUT watching wfkbj!!"

Shawna Braswell's profile image

shawna_braswell shared a tip "cute and funny pls"

Debo 's profile image

debo shared a tip "Cute and the chemistry was nice. One of my first and favorite RomCom Kdramas"

Kimmy Me's profile image

kimmy_me shared a tip "Perfect to binge, the characters are super lovable"

isha 's profile image

ishaqsm shared a tip "comfortkdrama"

Chelsea 's profile image

chelsea_d. shared a tip "💜"

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cassandra_meeks shared a tip "Super cute!"

Reina Gattino's profile image

reina_gattino shared a tip "Surprise hit for me!"

Noriya Zen's profile image

noriya_zen shared a tip "A classic 💘"

Urvashi Nainani's profile image

urvashi_nainani shared a tip "Absolutley LOVED this show it was funny, exciting, and cute make sure to watch it #love #romance #comedy"

Alexis Vidomski's profile image

alexis_vidomski shared a tip "I really like this one...i dont know why...i just do"

Yulissa Rubio's profile image

yulissa_rubio shared a tip "Such a funny and lighthearted drama. The chemistry is so amazing between our main leads!"

éclaire 's profile image

lilaclaire shared a tip "this show is so good it hits different"

lyndal_johnson shared a tip "Loved the main couple’s chemistry"

Itzayana Arroyo's profile image

itzayana_arroyo shared a tip "Because it’s a really cool adventure and because it’s kdrama like duh."

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x.arui.x shared a tip "SOO CUTE LOVE ITTY"

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bebe._.vivi shared a tip "It a Funny Yet a Loveable Tv show you will grow to love all the actors and the show itself"

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maddie_nguyen shared a tip "weightlifting and romance"

kaylen_maltais shared a tip "The SWEETEST story ever! A great feel good series with some surprising character development!"

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evelyn_reyes_3515 shared a tip "Love the actors, and this was just an enjoyable drama"

Nashmia  Sohail's profile image

nashmia_sohail shared a tip "Amazing really"

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jordan_lightfoot shared a tip "Cute gave me a smile"

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gi_gi_2455 shared a tip "Sweetest coming of age dramedy"

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lydia_cho shared a tip "This was perfect. The actors. The plot. The middle of comedy and romance. Perfect. #leesunggyung#namjoohyuk"

bella__7243 shared a tip "yes yes I recommend uncontrollably fond, extraordinary you, and what’s wrong with secretary kim!!"

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ivania_5104 shared a tip "made me laugh so hard and it's just so comforting!! definitely recommend ☆"

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bubble_boo shared a tip "Super cute lighthearted kdrama. One of my fav relationships ever!!!"

Sierra Schauerhamer's profile image

sierra_schauerhamer shared a tip "Just yeeeesssss"

Daa_queen 's profile image

daa_queen shared a tip "This was such a cute kdrama and I can’t get over it."

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fss_life shared a tip "My favorite kdrama"

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