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A darkly comic look at members of a dysfunctional L.A. family that run a funeral business.  When death is your business, what is your life? For the Fisher family, the world outside of their family-owned funeral home continues to be at least as challenging as--and far less predictable than--the one

Parental GuideTV-MA

Status Ended

First Air Date 2001-06-03

Last Air Date 2005-08-21

Seasons 5

Episodes 63


TMDB 8.1


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heather_paddock shared a tip "Binge-worthy!"

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elizabeth_sanders_5655 shared a tip "This is a great series to watch"

cyber_auron shared a tip "Mandatory must watch for everyone"

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myst48 shared a tip "This is a funny death comedy, I thought it was a little twisted and boring at times but worth the watch at least once."

kristin_graettinger shared a tip "One of the best shows everrrrrr"

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kerriboylesam shared a tip "I watched this when it originally aired. It is amazing! I’m looking forward to watching it again soon!"

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bouwer_marc shared a tip "Excellent"

kim_hasty shared a tip "I really enjoyed this."

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schambers shared a tip "The most beautiful series finale scene in TV history. Three solid seasons to start."

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alissa_epworth shared a tip "Best series finale EVER! Hands down."

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norvan_zanders shared a tip "Best series finale ever."

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douglas_kelly shared a tip "Great show"

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themissiah shared a tip "My all-time favorite show. A rewatch (or more) never gets old to me."

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jaime_crawford shared a tip "This is a good show but I wouldn't binge it. It can be rather depressing watching it too many episodes at a time."

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deborah_parent shared a tip "This dark comedy way early for it's time and really good!!!"

brian_gerig shared a tip "One of the best shows ever with what is considered one of the best final episodes in tv history."

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gayan_hutchinson shared a tip "My favorite show of all time!"

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lisa_3456 shared a tip "Wonderful"

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carmen_sabria shared a tip "Screenplay,acting,depth of characters."

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robert_wasson shared a tip "so much to like about this show"

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dana_tate shared a tip "Cried so hard at the season finale today"

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tim_rhodes shared a tip "Love Love Love this series."

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sharon_pirro shared a tip "Awesome"

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jessie_matthiesen shared a tip "Another one for best TV shows of all time"

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leslie_neilson shared a tip "Love, love, loved this show. So much thought went into each episode. I've binged watched this twice... yes it's that good!"

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cat_thomas_990 shared a tip "So worth it! It holds up for a rewatch too which is high praise from me! Enjoy! 🙂"

jennifer_8975 shared a tip "Best series finale in television history. Period."

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tanmart_selby shared a tip "The show had great characters and great story arcs."

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melvin_farris shared a tip "Most definitely! Especially if you've got a sick and twisted sense of humor like myself!"

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alexa_orengo shared a tip "If you’re into morbid humor, yes!"

jodi_lewis shared a tip "The best series finale of all time!"

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loretta_m shared a tip "Awesome show"

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rose_bonanno shared a tip "Yeees so worth it."

erik_westby shared a tip "I thought it was excellent back in 2007, but haven’t tried it since to see how it holds up in the modern era of “peak TV”."

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david_black_6316 shared a tip "Rich. Fun!"

suze_dickinson shared a tip "A beautiful show full of love."

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erika_gunther shared a tip "It was a very long time ago that I watched it, but it's awesome! Definitely recommend."

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ina_may_5837 shared a tip "Best wrap-up final Ever!!!!"

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jennifer_bloom shared a tip "I highly recommend this show as well. Michael C Hall is in it. :)"

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mellisa_kassabaum shared a tip "The best screwed up family drama ever produced!"

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josh_dugan shared a tip "The very best series finale ever!"

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christa_coulter-sco shared a tip "Dark, deep and sprinkled with comedy. I fell in love with this close, but dysfunctional family."

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windy_gibson shared a tip "I freaking LOVED this show!!!"

jeanna_blake shared a tip "Yes, it’s very good!"

patrick_parsoneault shared a tip "No"

shirley_solano_5799 shared a tip "This had the most amazing finale of any show and nothing has come close since. I get chills thinking about how perfect it was!"

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brian_ward_4035 shared a tip "Yes, definitely. It’s odd but great."

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erica_flack shared a tip "Great show!!! HBO max!"

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vicki_breitmayer shared a tip "This was a good show"

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carol_hudson shared a tip "It's been awhile but I remember hanging on to every episode"

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william_skibitzke shared a tip "The finale is the best finale ever."

mjl2000 shared a tip "Best series ending ever."

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walter_villacreses shared a tip "I remember liking this series. It was a bit dark and it suited my interests at the time."

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50sumthing shared a tip "Fantastic characters and stories. My favorite series of all time."

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mssunny2020 shared a tip "The series finale when Claire is driving and the sia song is playing"

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not_a_christian shared a tip "The best finale of any series EVER!!!"

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heather_funderburg_3880 shared a tip "Watched this twice through"

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jackie_huth_mulrane shared a tip "One of my all time favorite shows"

cindy_baillie shared a tip "BEST. SHOW. EVER!!"

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nefarious_whim shared a tip "This show is amazing and has one of the best endings ever! ❤ #sixfeetunder #drama #dark"

kniz23 shared a tip "Did you watch Dead Like Me? It was a good one too! I’m watching Cheer on Netflix right now. What about you?"

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arilewimba shared a tip "One of my all-time favorite shows."

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katrina_flynt shared a tip "It's been a long time since watching this one but it has everything. You'll laugh, cry and everything in between"

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karen_staples shared a tip "Yes !"

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lori_stuart_5282 shared a tip "So good. Great characters & story development. An oldie but a goodie"

renee_beauchamp shared a tip "I loved it!"

suesan_roskow shared a tip "Best end of series ever!"

laurel_wood shared a tip "A wonderful show with multiple family drama issues revealed"

jenn_mediratta shared a tip "Best finale of any tv series I’ve seen."

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dennis_emery shared a tip "One of my top three series ever!"

gloria_lowery shared a tip "Interesting and Dysfunctional"

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karinrex shared a tip "One of my most favorites. The characters, the setting. Great."

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eileen_southington shared a tip "Great series all the way through. One of the best series finales I've seen."

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sarah_schultz_6482 shared a tip "The best ending of all shows of all time."

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t-c_guenette shared a tip "Best ending of all the time"

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tyler_adams_7962 shared a tip "Love this show! One of my favorites of all time."

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mila_ebrahim shared a tip "The best."

jessica_faulkner shared a tip "The best series finale in the history of television."

justyna_dabrowska shared a tip "Best series finale maybe, ever!"

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jessica_duley shared a tip "One of the best series finales to any show ever."