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A hit man from the Midwest moves to Los Angeles and gets caught up in the city's theatre arts scene.

Parental GuideTV-MA

Status Returning Series

First Air Date 2018-03-25

Last Air Date 2022-06-12

Seasons 3

Episodes 24


TMDB 7.8


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jenna shared a tip "Keeps you wanting more!"

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sher_free shared a tip "⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️"

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mco shared a tip "Season 2!"

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MissyChaos shared a tip "Who says you can’t be actor and paid killer?! It’s getting your career going everyone needs a side job in the meantime! #comedy"

Missy 's profile image

MissyChaos shared a tip "You’re sadly right… 😬"

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averagejohn shared a tip "Made my mom learn Bill Hader's name. She would always refer to him as "The Guy with the Eyebrows." Great show. Great job."

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chad_cooper shared a tip "Fairly entertaining series."

Rae 's profile image

raenart_t shared a tip "This show. Bill hader. Everything. Ugh 15/10."

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eXlo shared a tip "Good, predictable, but good"

megan 's profile image

megsalad shared a tip "9/10 SO good"

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TonyD shared a tip "Enjoy Emmy Award winners Bill Hader and Henry Winkler."

claire_freeman_8903 shared a tip "It’s got some of the greatest characters on tv!"

AvaAdoreSoma 's profile image

AvaAdoreSoma shared a tip "I'm Soo happy that they got nominated!!! I adore this show, it's hilarious."

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mina_m_5414 shared a tip "Tragic comedic genius. Love bill hader so much."

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felicia_carpenter shared a tip "🖤"

allehstar 's profile image

allister shared a tip "just finished the first episode and i already love it :)"

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molly_sullivan_6439 shared a tip "Not gonna lie I finished this in 1 day it’s so good."

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quentin_labb shared a tip "Aaaaa I love Barry and his double life, binge worthy show"

Erick Balderrama's profile image

erick_balderrama shared a tip "Have never seen Bill Header as a dramatic actor before this show, and I'm greatly surprised. Excelent acting by everybody."

Gilda Lopez's profile image

gilda_lopez shared a tip "Dark comedy at it's best."

maite_echandy shared a tip "Amazing writting, plot, characters. The performances are incredibly. Highly recommend!"

Katie Hassler's profile image

katie_hassler shared a tip "Starts out funny, then gets really deep and sad. Loved it though!"

Harrison 's profile image

HARRlSON shared a tip "A perfect mix of action, drama, comedy"

Cheri C's profile image

cheri_c shared a tip "YES! Some of the best tv I've ever watched"

Chris Sackney's profile image

christoph shared a tip "Great show if you like hitman type shows with more dark comedy, this is it"

lose_favreault shared a tip "Yeah, a bit long at times but really worth it"

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j_p_3187 shared a tip "Hader is brilliant. Barry has it all."

Aron Casillas's profile image

aron_casillas shared a tip "I like how it’s a comedy but has serious events very good combo"

keith Badger's profile image

keith_badger shared a tip "So worth the watch. One of the best made shows I have ever seen."

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kasey_navarro shared a tip "Excellent show. Can’t wait for next season."

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james_segars shared a tip "Absolutely"

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LosAngalex shared a tip "It’s so good!!"

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mike_scarpiello shared a tip "New season (3) starts tonight!"

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leviangelos shared a tip "I binged the whole thing in 2 days I'm not super proud of that but I also dont really regret it"

carrie_nygard shared a tip "Bill Hader makes this show"

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craig_bernard shared a tip "I agree. Both the humor, action and pathos are compelling."

suzanna_kessler shared a tip "It’s definitely weird but if you’re into dark comedies, go for it!!"

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bradley shared a tip "Season 2 gets even better as they truly understand the characters."

Corynn Fazio's profile image

Alice_Ayres shared a tip "One of the best shows I’ve ever seen. This show is unbelievable. Don’t miss it."

Tom Swanson's profile image

tom_swanson shared a tip "And don't forget -- I f*cked her first. I got her when that sh*t was tight - SaM"

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rich_kruse shared a tip "Darkly funny."

lisa_nelson_8329 shared a tip "Loved it. I don’t think you will be disappointed"

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skinnistry shared a tip "Amazing show. Good mix of dramatic and comedy."

judith_cayton shared a tip "Dark but funny"

reece_satter shared a tip "Underrated"

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christian_johnson_4750 shared a tip "Love that show! Watched invincible on Amazon which was actually pretty interesting. Hbu?"

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jessica_solo shared a tip "Yes absolutely!"

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mary_cooper05 shared a tip "My favourite show of all time!"

Tinashe Chikomo's profile image

tinashe_chikomo shared a tip "Probably the best and most underrated HBO has to offer"

mb 's profile image

mrgnburle shared a tip "I absolutely LOVED the first 2 seasons. Especially the episode ronny/lily. it had me dying!!! cant wait to watch season 3!"

Jessica Channel's profile image

jessica_channel shared a tip "Bill Hader is phenomenal in this role. Loved it."

Bill Kincaid's profile image

bill_kincaid shared a tip "Barry is a terrific dark comedy"

olivia_mooney shared a tip "⭐️⭐️⭐️"

avery_mccurdy shared a tip "funny but thrilling. highly recommend."

ashley_bedore shared a tip "bro bill hader is so hot"

hannah_emerson shared a tip "I NEED everyone's opinion on the new season of Barry!!! I thought it was amazing and Bill Hader can do everything!"

Nashid Woodson's profile image

Nas550 shared a tip "Best show on HBO hands down. Every episode got better and better. Season 2 ep 5 Ronnie was amazing"

Grace Wagner's profile image

grace_wagner shared a tip "Dark humor is the best humor and Bill Hader seems to know exactly what I mean"

Kimo Aleman's profile image

kimo_aleman shared a tip "I can’t say enough good things. Bill Hader is incredible!"

Levi Jackson's profile image

levi_jackson_1674 shared a tip "It's like a goofy Dexter. Kinda."

simone_pellegrino shared a tip "Literally the best show I’ve watched"

altmo shared a tip "Hilarious dark comedy, perfectly cast."

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cody_sheets shared a tip "All time probably Californication or The Walking Dead. You?"

aldo_lopez_241 shared a tip "Do it! You won’t regret it"

Steve Dahlgren's profile image

steve_dahlgren shared a tip "Not a laugher, but I liked Bloodlands on Acorn TV. James Nesbitt’s intensity is always watchable."

Jay Leaver's profile image

jay_leaver shared a tip "Absolutely"

allison_szalkowski shared a tip "Yes. It’s a great show. Can’t wait for season 3."

Maureen Setters's profile image

maureen_setters shared a tip "Sooo good! Sooo funny!!"

Karey Trevizo's profile image

karey_trevizo shared a tip "Very dark comedy!"

Simon Pomerleau's profile image

simon_pomerleau shared a tip "it slaps"

Bilal Shakir's profile image

bilal_shakir shared a tip "One of my favourite TV shows ever! Bill Hader and the rest of the cast are both funny and real. Flawless."

TJ Jeyandran's profile image

tj_jeyandran shared a tip "Great acting and screen play."

Michael Bodamer's profile image

michael_bodamer shared a tip "It's really good."

kim_slavik shared a tip "Best HBO show ever!"

Claire Wolters's profile image

claire_wolters shared a tip "Sooo good!"

etsel_tanchez shared a tip "Cool"

Nicole Saldana's profile image

soulattractive shared a tip "Loved it!"

susan_sibbert_ shared a tip "Barry is so loveable. Cannot wait for season 3."

Courtney Thompson's profile image

courtney_thompson_5203 shared a tip "This show is perfection."

Monti Seas's profile image

monti_seas shared a tip "One of the best comedy shows I have seen."

Jeff Wagner's profile image

jeff_wagner shared a tip "Clever and dark funny. Bill Hader’s best work so far."

j mck's profile image

j_mck_978 shared a tip "i can't wait for the next season"

Devin Dinsmore's profile image

devin_dinsmore shared a tip "Excellent performances, great mix of dark comedy and drama, and willing to take risks and experiment with genre"

Donna Savikas's profile image

donna_savikas shared a tip "Too many to list but love an highly recommend Schitt's Creek and Dead To Me."

Celina Sarmiento's profile image

celina_sarmiento shared a tip "Just finished binging this and hands down, one of the best shows out there."

Marcos Sivira's profile image

marcos_sivira shared a tip "Yes it’s really worth it, it’s really funny and the acting is amazing"

madison_williamson_7675 shared a tip "beautifully made , the writin for this show is phenomenal"

Liberty Gallagher's profile image

liberty_gallagher shared a tip "It's dark humor and action. I really enjoyed it. I'm biased tho cause I love Bill Hader. 😂"

shana_kaska shared a tip "It’s awesome! It’s a good mix of comedy and drama."

Brittany Shorette's profile image

brittany_shorette shared a tip "I'm only a few episodes in, but I really like it! Such an interesting perspective and funny if you like the dark and morbid lol"

Manny 's profile image

manny_5502 shared a tip "I enjoyed it. Just watch the first two episodes and you'll know if you like it or not"

Elle 's profile image

violent_delights shared a tip "Surprising. Every bit of it. Love especially the episode where they perform Shakespeare."

Ellie Seidl's profile image

ellie_seidl shared a tip "I really liked it! It's a dark, witty, action filled drama. Worth the watch for sure"

Shelby Lewis's profile image

shelby_lewis_8198 shared a tip "I liked it a lot! The humor is off beat and the later episodes are some of the funniest I’ve seen on tv"

Trevor Chambers's profile image

trevor_chambers shared a tip "All the curbs are great, don't really have anything I'm watching now."

Tonya Jelte's profile image

tonya_jelte shared a tip "I really liked it a lot! For sure worth a watch. It was really fun."

reza agheli's profile image

reza_agheli shared a tip "This is one of the best emotionally hard hitting shows in recent years like bojack and fleabag"

Grooveof Midnite's profile image

grooveof_midnite shared a tip "It's is! I binged 2 seasons at once!"

birdmanatx shared a tip "For sure!"

Olivia Greving's profile image

olivia_greving shared a tip "Sooo good!"

Kyle Dawson's profile image

KyleDawson shared a tip "Ash Vs. Evil Dead. It's on Netflix."

brittany_yaky shared a tip "Bill Hader can do no wrong."

aryannah chapa's profile image

aryannah_chapa shared a tip "There are so many shows I love. I can't think of a favorite."

roughdouglas shared a tip "Like a Steph Curry halfcourt shot: you dont think it'll work, until it does."

Emily Tomas's profile image

emily_tomas shared a tip "Hilarious and dark."

Miranda Jones's profile image

miranda_jones_2268 shared a tip "Yes, absolutely! Very well made, well acted, and will keep you on your toes."

Elgin Nelson's profile image

elgin_nelson shared a tip "def worth it!"

melissa_3396 shared a tip "Yes"

wayne_cobb shared a tip "Yep"

Shy Weatherman's profile image

shy_weatherman shared a tip "Over The Garden Wall, Peacemaker, and Fleabag"

ane reisinger's profile image

ane_reisinger shared a tip "most AMAZING SHOW ITS MY TOP TWO NEXT TO DEXTER OML"

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