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Ginko, a Mushi master, travels from place to place researching the Mushi and helping people who are suffering because of it.

Parental GuideTV-14

Status Ended

First Air Date 2005-10-23

Last Air Date 2014-12-21

Seasons 2

Episodes 46


TMDB 8.1


beedyeye1 's profile image

beedyeye1 shared a tip "A spiritual journey that doesn't always end well but has stellar story telling and great world building."

Ian Dutcher's profile image

InsaneWraith shared a tip "It's a very creepy yet very zen show. Probably not going to give you nightmares. Very well written."

clover_6694 shared a tip "I love it"

Madelyn Pena's profile image

madelyn_pena shared a tip "Sherlock Holmes but the criminals are spiritual parasites"

Stacy Tomaszewski's profile image

stacy_tomaszewski shared a tip "This show is so beautiful and meditative."

Catherine Roszak's profile image

catherine_roszak shared a tip "Would give it a "love" instead of a "like" if I could. So pondering and introspective. Truly nothing else like it"

Elisha Fleur's profile image

elisha_fleur shared a tip "This is amazing to watch by yourself late at night"

larson shared a tip "The most zen anime I’ve ever seen. Watching it is like experiencing a watercolor. One of my all-time favs to relax to."

Chelsea Force's profile image

chelsea_force shared a tip "Top 10"

Kero 's profile image

ccskero shared a tip "Adore this anime. Calm, quiet, melancholic, and a bit spooky. This is a great watch on a rainy night with a mug of tea."

Will Crow's profile image

will_crow_7061 shared a tip "Still haven't finished it but damn is it great."

mike_bullseye shared a tip "Classic"

shane reins's profile image

shane_reins shared a tip "One of the most calming anime I've ever watched"

Wolfy B's profile image

wolfy_b shared a tip "One of my favorites! Interesting and relaxing!"

Meli 's profile image

meli shared a tip "Deliberately paced with haunting power, you'd best get in the mood"

Claire G's profile image

claire_g_5064 shared a tip "Love it! I liked its humanism, gentle tone, and serial style."

Star Bee's profile image

star_bee shared a tip "It's an ethereal experience and it moves at a very smooth pace"

Dibella Runa's profile image

dibella_runa shared a tip "I watched it years ago loved it, if you like weird and strange things this one is for you!"

there are bees in my shrimp's profile image

there_are_bees_in_m shared a tip "huhuhu fun!"

shanice_kirschstein shared a tip "Top 10 favorite anime! Every episode is just as amazing as the last and the next"

Sabrina Gammon's profile image

sabrina_gammon shared a tip "This show is quirky and oddly calming."

catherine_ayers shared a tip "Love this show. It was so relaxing and spooky to watch."

Gwen S's profile image

gwen_s_4726 shared a tip "The art style threw me off at first but the story is so beautiful"

Olivia 's profile image

ginko.mushi shared a tip "Favorite show ever I give it a personal 10/10 but i understand how some people wouldn’t like it."

Donal Owen's profile image

donal_owen shared a tip "The most chill anime ever! A must see if you need to wind down."

Samson Yaskovich's profile image

samson_yaskovich shared a tip "Very calming! Some would say boring, but I love being able to appreciate the subtle visual storytelling"

Jose Lazarre's profile image

jose_lazarre shared a tip "Great Japanese healer lore"

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