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The gorgeous and charismatic Bo is a supernatural being called a succubus who feeds on the energy of humans, sometimes with fatal results. Refusing to embrace her supernatural clan and its rigid hierarchy, Bo is a renegade who takes up the fight for the underdog while searching for the truth about h

Parental GuideTV-14

Status Ended

First Air Date 2010-09-12

Last Air Date 2015-10-25

Seasons 5

Episodes 77


TMDB 7.8


Sonia Barajas ♡'s profile image

sonia_barajas shared a tip "I really liked this series with all its supernatural characters. I've watched it twice."

Sherri Arney's profile image

sherri_arney shared a tip "Wish this was still on"

Hilary B. (she/they)'s profile image

HilaryBrooks shared a tip "Very #lesbian #gay"

Hilary B. (she/they)'s profile image

HilaryBrooks shared a tip "Bo & Lauren #Doccubus"

Hilary B. (she/they)'s profile image

HilaryBrooks shared a tip "Can stream it free with commercials on CW Seed app"

Melanie's Muses's profile image

melanies_muses shared a tip "Love this show. Especially the early seasons. Time for a rewatch!"

Leslie Abram 's profile image

leslie_abram shared a tip "So good!"

Aubrey Birch's profile image

aubzor shared a tip "I absolutely LOVE this show and hope they weave in Faye lore. I've never seen a show like this, but am left wanting more!"

Regina 's profile image

regina1026 shared a tip "A great show. Lots fantasy and a unique story line. I enjoyed it."

Chloe Zohar's profile image

chloe_zohar shared a tip "Sexy and clever!!!"

Rachel Wasilewski's profile image

theycallmerew shared a tip "So campy, but in the best way 😁"

Elena Lindstedt's profile image

elena_lindstedt shared a tip "Hottthottthott"

Bryan Stoll's profile image

bryan_stoll_3319 shared a tip "I definitely like lost girl a lot"

Reena Suion's profile image

reena_suion shared a tip "This book had a great amount of fantasy and romance"

S PAUL's profile image

purdypurdy77 shared a tip "♡♡♡♡"

Jeni Ott's profile image

jeni_ott shared a tip "Great shoe"

Rose Turner's profile image

rose_turner_9650 shared a tip "Kenzi... Am I right?"

Kayla Milton's profile image

kayla_milton shared a tip "Amazing show"

Lisy 's profile image

dreamlisy shared a tip "Bisexual fairy who loves deeply and finds family in the most unsuspecting place."

Autumn Wyatt's profile image

autumn_wyatt_7022 shared a tip "Never a dull moment!! Defintely held my attention. I found the storyline extremely interestibg!"

david_alan_mcgrady shared a tip "Polyamory"

April Farmer's profile image

april_farmer_417 shared a tip "Awesome show. I wasn't really fond of the ending tho. The should have kept going with it."

Tessa Shackleford's profile image

tessa_shackleford shared a tip "Yes"

Sarah Soto's profile image

sarah_soto_1183 shared a tip "My absolute favorite series ! Its a must if you have not seen it !"

Maddie Wild's profile image

maddie_wild shared a tip "Exciting show filled with romance, adventure, and fantasy."

J Wood's profile image

j_wood shared a tip "Has sone nudity but great watch"

Amber Gladwell's profile image

amber_gladwell shared a tip "LGBT aspect"

Amber Lytle's profile image

amber_lytle shared a tip "I liked the fantasy element of it."

Karri Everts's profile image

karri_everts shared a tip "Loved loved loved this series!!!! Can watch it over and over!"

LilPotatoAssasin *'s profile image

lilpotatoassasin_ shared a tip "Was hoping there would be a spinoff series, but still waiting."

Kathy Helwig's profile image

kathy_helwig shared a tip "Took me a few episodes but now I'm hooked. I love the characters."

Samantha Copsey's profile image

samantha_copsey shared a tip "I absolutely loved this show so good even if it sounds strange you should totally watch it"

Kaytlin Rosson's profile image

kaytlin_rosson_8177 shared a tip "I loved the storyline"

david_broderick shared a tip "Enjoyed"

Katelyn Skelton's profile image

katelyn_skelton shared a tip "I remember crying so many times during this show. I loved every bit of it."

Amanda Krahe's profile image

mandyandthediamonds shared a tip "Where can I watch this, I never finished the show and they took it off of Netflix."

Shayla Sanchez's profile image

shayla_sanchez shared a tip "All the episode with Mckenzie every single one lol"

Lisa Winget's profile image

lisa_winget shared a tip "This show was fabulous."

xxXmisterbrokenXx x's profile image

xxxmisterbrokenxx_x shared a tip "Love it so much"

Staci Reed's profile image

staci_reed shared a tip "One of my favorite Scifi fantasy shows. Full of good drama and good twists to the story."

Brittany Hutchinson's profile image

brittany_hutchinson shared a tip "Lost of action, drama, romance if you enjoy the twist of supernatural world with fae this show is woth the watch."

taylor webb's profile image

taylor_webb_2461 shared a tip "This show keeps you on your seat!"

Diana Randall's profile image

diana_randall shared a tip "Love!! Main character is a smart, sexy badass who is constantly making you see both sides! Surprises you constantly!"

Amy Hults's profile image

amy_hults shared a tip "Very witty"

Betty FKrocker's profile image

betty_fkrocker shared a tip "Fae"

diamond_souza shared a tip "Great in you like non human but hate supernatural."

Christian Ellenbecker's profile image

christian_ellenbeck shared a tip "So much sexy magic!"

awesome_user_682001 shared a tip "Best show to watch #scifi_and_fantasy #Bo #light"

mia_johnson_270 shared a tip "Absolutely amazing. The world really draws you in"

gabi_hamner shared a tip "I loved Lost Girl! Bo and Kenzie were incredible besties! This show had so many good elements to it."

mj_scott shared a tip "I loved this one!!"

Jenn Scarpa's profile image

jenn_scarpa shared a tip "This show was great. I really miss it."

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