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When Emily Thorne moves to the Hamptons, everyone wonders about the new girl, but she knows everything about them, including what they did to her family. Years ago, they took everything from her. Now, one by one, she's going to make them pay.

Parental GuideTV-MA

Status Canceled

First Air Date 2011-09-21

Last Air Date 2015-05-10

Seasons 4

Episodes 89


TMDB 7.6


Lexy Writes's profile image

lexy_writes shared a tip "I watched it when it was on tv"

Katrice Masters's profile image

katrice_masters shared a tip "Used to love this show and then it took a different turn all time favorites"

Hailey Carroll's profile image

hailey_carroll_9484 shared a tip "Loved this show it was very good some plot holes but it was good"

Luanna Williams's profile image

luanna shared a tip "This was such a guilty pleasure 😆 melodramatic but interesting"

William Crawford's profile image

william_crawford shared a tip "I love that show"

Kenton 's profile image

kentongewecke shared a tip "I remember being excited when this finally ended. But had a good run."

Chris Wilson's profile image

genderoutlaw shared a tip "Like a grown up version of Gossip Girl"

HeySuze Christ's profile image

heysuze_christ shared a tip "This show has TERRIBLE dialogue. It's basically a soap opera with cheezy acting. Even Madeline Stowe is ridiculous."

mandy_roberts shared a tip "This is such a good show. So many twists and turns."

Chy 's profile image

chy shared a tip "One of the best tv shows I have ever watched. The power dynamic is phenomenal and suspenseful at every turn."

Nikki Applewhite's profile image

napple shared a tip "I've seen this series 3 times now. It's AMAZING"

DENISE PUCKETT's profile image

denise_puckett shared a tip "Binge watch.."

gigi_jabbour shared a tip "Kinda dumb series, but I got hooked. A little bit like a soap opera!"

Leslie Whaley's profile image

leslie_whaley shared a tip "If you like action amd vengance this show is it!!"

Alexandra 's profile image

aleexandra shared a tip "One of my favorites to watch over and over. I hated to see it end."

Autumn Wyatt's profile image

autumn_wyatt_7022 shared a tip "Love love love!! This show grabs tour attebtions snd does not let it go!"

Surema Serra's profile image

surema_serra shared a tip "Thank me later!"

Heather Burk's profile image

heather_burk shared a tip "I don't think I've ever been so sad to see a show canceled! I was really hoping for a reboot"

Sabrina Wieland's profile image

sabrina_wieland shared a tip "Such an intricate story line all the way through."

jo_lindsay shared a tip "This is just good fun. Some of it is absolutely ridiculous, but that’s why it is so good. Good escape from what ails you!"

kimberle_johnson shared a tip "A million times, YES!!!"

River_Shine2143 's profile image

river_shine2143 shared a tip "Each episode made me want to watch it more, and good enough that I've watched this series a few times"

Carol Hudson's profile image

carol_hudson shared a tip "Held my attention"

Michelle Lugo's profile image

michelle_lugo_764 shared a tip "Good show liked the ending"

Vicky G's profile image

QueenVicky shared a tip "SUCH A GOOD SHOW! Might watch again #repeat"

daniela_reinhart shared a tip "I love rhat this show was unpredictable and always kept me guessing."

dominique_desjardins shared a tip "Loved it all!!!"

awesome_user_386699 shared a tip "why does this say this is tv-ma? one episode is tv-14 and the rest is tv-pg"

cynthia_sydow_8843 shared a tip "#twists #romance #love"

cynthia_sydow_8843 shared a tip "I really enjoyed this series. Just finished season 4 which I believe is the final season."

Brittany Alice's profile image

brittany_alice shared a tip "One of the best shows! Always had twists and turns"

Amin Shume's profile image

amin_shume shared a tip "Amin"

Corinna Bertone's profile image

corinna_bertone shared a tip "The first 2 seasons were amazing 3rd season got a little wierd and I wasnt crazy about the last season."

Merissa Bobbeh's profile image

merissa_bobbeh shared a tip "My definite favourite! Will rewatch over and overr"

Kendall Simpson's profile image

kendall_simpson shared a tip "Kendall"

chris_easton shared a tip "This show is absolutely awesome. It has great actors and the storyline is something to get you hooked"

Keli C's profile image

keli_c shared a tip "This show sucked me in so hard."

Skylar Yance's profile image

skylar_yance shared a tip "This is a great show that i loved i highly recommend it"

alexia goden's profile image

alexia_goden shared a tip "I loved the drama and that it showed that she had a serious motive to do what she did and wasnt doing it for no reason"

stacey_dalgleish shared a tip "So fun!"

Kathryn Lang's profile image

kathryn_lang shared a tip "I love all of the drama. Great storyline."

Staci Reed's profile image

staci_reed shared a tip "Really good drama with a lot of twists that are so good."

michelle_braud shared a tip "The drama was dark and ‘revenge-y’ and kept me guessing as to what her next move would be! Yessss!"

maranda_best shared a tip "The first two seasons were great and then it gets repetitive."

Dawn Walker's profile image

dawn_walker_1858 shared a tip "I have rewatched this multiple times, it is one of my favourites!!!!"

amber_wilson_162 shared a tip "Binge worthy and addicting"

karen_holder shared a tip "underrated! one of my all time faves."

Andrea Betancourt's profile image

andrea_betancourt_7127 shared a tip "Awesome show!"

alicia_smith_7364 shared a tip "Gotta love a girl on a mission"

annette_9888 shared a tip "So good!"

Michelle Zito's profile image

michelle_zito shared a tip "Awesome storyline!!"

Emilia Rietze's profile image

emilia_rietze shared a tip "Everything!!! The twists are insane and unexpected!!!"

maeve_odonnell shared a tip "Got boring quickly. Not great romance but good mystery."

May Qazi's profile image

may_qazi shared a tip "Yes! The story line falters a bit in the middle, but good ending!"

amanda_3503 shared a tip "YES!!! If you like twists at every turn and a whole lot of WTF is happening lol."

Hii Lie's profile image

hii_lie shared a tip "I don't really have any, I just watch the ones I like"

Don Ward's profile image

don_ward shared a tip "This is my favorite drama. New girl is my favorite comedy"

courtney_9972 shared a tip "This show was great so many twists"

Marissa Rivera's profile image

marissa_rivera_4266 shared a tip "You'll love this show, I definitely loved pretty little liars and riverdale as well :)"

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