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Mary, Queen of Scots, faces political and sexual intrigue in the treacherous world of the French court.

Parental GuideTV-14

Status Ended

First Air Date 2013-10-17

Last Air Date 2017-06-16

Seasons 4

Episodes 78


TMDB 7.8


Cynthia Faulkner's profile image

cynthia_faulkner shared a tip "Great little show. I wish it had more seasons because I feel like they rushed her story. Over all it was a good series."

Carla Witty's profile image

carla_witty shared a tip "I am binge watching this like an addict! I will need counseling when the final episode is over!"

Jody Baer-Swanson's profile image

jody_baer-swanson shared a tip "The costumes are just so beautiful."

Lisa Kennedy's profile image

lisa_kennedy shared a tip "Perfect binge!!- Fashion, betrayal, sisterhood, royalty &... hot zaddy called Stéphane Narcisse 👋🏾👋🏾🍿🍿"

Erica Walters's profile image

erica_walters shared a tip "It’s a great show!!"

Tavia Eckhart's profile image

tav_luvs_roses shared a tip "Right up there with the outlander."

neka_4431 shared a tip "Mary Queen of Scots become an inspiration to me on how to deal with men in power"

Stacy Nelson's profile image

stac_pajamas shared a tip "Honestly not sure I watched it a few years ago."

Kimberly kolaske's profile image

kimberly_kolaske shared a tip "It was wonderful to watch a woman in that era, with power and grace! Captivating show!!!"

nova_neth shared a tip "Ive watched this and love it, thanks for the recommendation"

S B's profile image

s_b_463 shared a tip "I really like this show yet the end frustrated me. It felt like they cut it short."

saher_haq shared a tip "Good show to watch after finishing Tudor"

Sara Mirzayev's profile image

whitelily shared a tip "Ehh I like the clothes"

Parmis Az's profile image

parmis_az shared a tip "It's a great show and I love it! However I feel like the dresses are too modern to belong to the 16th century era."

fred_flint shared a tip "Pretty good plot, not overly compelling, but great costumes"

Florence Shealy's profile image

florence_shealy shared a tip "Perfect show to binge watch it’s about Mary Queen of scots"

Alexius Pearson's profile image

alexius_pearson shared a tip "I'm on sesaon 3 and its good so far."

Bobbi Mabb's profile image

bobbi_mabb shared a tip "Loved this series."

Laurie Davis's profile image

laurie_davis_9698 shared a tip "Teen show but still entertaining. Mary is inspiring."

Patricia Hunt's profile image

patricia_hunt_1327 shared a tip "Love this show!"

Jamey Hatridge's profile image

jamey_hatridge shared a tip "I loved that this was loosely based on Mary Queen of Scotts"

Jessica Brown's profile image

jessica_brown_4777 shared a tip "Love!! Season 1 is by far the best"

Jenine Wood's profile image

jenine_wood shared a tip "Such a great show"

April Bridges's profile image

april_bridges_8318 shared a tip "Its one of the shows I constantly go back to cant get enough"

Lashona Boyd's profile image

lashona_boyd shared a tip "I personally really like it. But I do feel the final few episodes were a bit rushed. I have watched it a few times."

KEJAH Babïi's profile image

kejah_babi shared a tip "I loved this came across this when I was bored , really good took me by suprise!!!"

Piper Parker-Pearson's profile image

piper_parker-pearson shared a tip "I love historical shows and movies. The drama,action,and conspiracies were great"

Kolbie Hamilton's profile image

kolbie_hamilton shared a tip "This is a wonderful show. A little chaotic, but overall enjoyable and definitely recommend."

Lana Boyle's profile image

lana_boyle shared a tip "Quick moving and beautifully done. Seen series 4 times!"

Shirley Johnson's profile image

shirley_johnson_5616 shared a tip "I really enjoyed it"

Chy-Anne Bull's profile image

chy-anne_bull shared a tip "I binge this whole series at least once a month because it is that good!!"

sheyla_1882 shared a tip "Amazing!"

Linda Yetter's profile image

linda_yetter shared a tip "Loved this series"

alinejanet shared a tip "It’s such an amazing show! The title and the plot sound really boring, but trust me it’s not."

Kelly Bly's profile image

kellyamb shared a tip "Not completely accurate, but close enough to get a view of the young queen."

Trish_doc shared a tip "Love, love, love."

farah shared a tip "Soo good"

magen_rutland shared a tip "I don't!"

Molly Anderson's profile image

molly_anderson_5234 shared a tip "The unpredictability. Yet it stays a believable story. Iv watched the series at least 4 times and I still laugh, cry, jump ect."

Irene Sweeney's profile image

irene_sweeney shared a tip "Currently watching this show and i cant stop! Never knew it would be as intersting as it is."

elizabeth morgan's profile image

elizabeth_morgan_279 shared a tip "One of my all time favorites really great strory and character development... but I wasnt fond of the last season"

Lindsey Lofton's profile image

lindsey_lofton shared a tip "Good suspense."

Cynthia Geiger's profile image

cynthia_geiger shared a tip "Love the story, intrigue and acting!!"

Michelle Mendenhall's profile image

michelle_mendenhall_4444 shared a tip "i absolutely loved this show it definitely kept you on your toes and is worth watchin"

Marlena Maria's profile image

marlena_maria shared a tip "This is one of my favorites. This is truly a hidden gem; correct or not."

Katie R's profile image

katieraith shared a tip "If you liked #bridgerton you’ll love this! It’s a great #period_drama and super easy to binge"

kassandra_gregg shared a tip "It was so amazing ive rewatch this show like 50 times#drama #romance"

nicole_8589 shared a tip "It has a love triangle and much more things! Amazing for teens and adults!!"

Destiney g's profile image

destiney_g shared a tip "I dig on the history and romance."

Madison Jorkasky's profile image

madison_jorkasky shared a tip "so good!"

Avery Bryan's profile image

avery_bryan shared a tip "there are no words to describe how perfect this show is !!!!"

Mandy Labra's profile image

mandy_labra shared a tip "Fun take on a dramatized historical show. The show is interesting but definitely not one you watch for historical accuracy."

Rena Wierbinski's profile image

rena_wierbinski shared a tip "This show is binge worthy FOR SURE!!! it was such a great watch!"

Samantha Ten Napel's profile image

samantha_ten_napel_3374 shared a tip "Probably Greer or Lola"

Maria Patino's profile image

maria_patino shared a tip "Not historically accurate but the story lines were fun and intriguing"

erika_3353 shared a tip "Really good!"

Chanelle Osbourne's profile image

chanelle_osbourne shared a tip "Amazing one of the best drama I have ever wanted if you watch any of these watch things one you wont regret it"

carmen_lozano_8323 shared a tip "Its so interesting loved this show"

Jess Cortes's profile image

jess_cortes_2481 shared a tip "Suspenseful, kept me on my toes the whole time."

paige schmitt's profile image

paige_schmitt shared a tip "ugghh this series is so so good ! I learned a lot about French royalty from it."

Elizabeth Arreola's profile image

elizabeth_arreola_6353 shared a tip "Awesome series"

Lilly McLaughlin's profile image

lilly_mclaughlin shared a tip "I watched the first 2 seasons I believe and just kind of stopped and now im picking back up on it lol"

Jeanette Bishop's profile image

jeanette_bishop shared a tip "Love it"

stephanie_crnovich shared a tip "One of my favorites!"

cheryl_dedecker shared a tip "Very enjoyable show if you love period dramas!"

Linda Mustardo Lauria's profile image

linda_mustardo_laur shared a tip "Loved"

Jacqueline Foley's profile image

jacqueline_foley shared a tip "Fantastic!!"

gabriel_williams_9320 shared a tip "It’s the perfect show to binge watch I promise you🥴"

lina_ends shared a tip "It’s a perfect show but it gets you in your feels so be prepared to fall in love"

joni_bowles shared a tip "Love it!! So, so good"

leah_9801 shared a tip "AMAZING show! and it’s cool how it’s mostly historically accurate"

Doaa Saad's profile image

doaa_saad shared a tip "This show is too underrated, it needs more attention, I loved it from the start to the very end"

kerry_evans_2621 shared a tip "Liked it. But kind of confusing w real history"

Laurie Stanton's profile image

laurie_stanton shared a tip "It's historically inaccurate but a definite guilty pleasure watch!"

Terry Spitnale's profile image

terry_spitnale shared a tip "This is great!!"

Melissa Hancock's profile image

melissa_hancock shared a tip "its amazing and ive watched it like 8 times already"

crystal_horton shared a tip "Love love love this period"

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