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A gangster family epic set in 1919 Birmingham, England and centered on a gang who sew razor blades in the peaks of their caps, and their fierce boss Tommy Shelby, who means to move up in the world.

Parental GuideTV-MA

Status Returning Series

First Air Date 2013-09-12

Last Air Date 2019-09-22

Seasons 5

Episodes 30


TMDB 8.6


Reese Duringer's profile image

reeseduringer shared a tip "Just started but already hooked"

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Allen.Duan shared a tip "Really good series!"

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amina_qureshi shared a tip "Such a great show Tommy!"

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nazli_jelveh shared a tip "The first two seasons were great."

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shelly_saves shared a tip "Gritty and can't get enough"

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RicoLoveDinero shared a tip "Gang Gang lol loved this show"

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maria_andrea_solano_arauz shared a tip "One of the best shows I've watched"

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sheila_olsen shared a tip "Season 5 drops this weekend!"

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nicole_bleichner shared a tip "Great show with an exciting plot and characters."

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alexis_riley shared a tip "This show is amazing. When I started it it was like I was really apart of the scenes it felt so real"

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landerson shared a tip "Currently binging"

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kimberli_taylor_archuleta shared a tip "Pinky blinders is big to me. I cried when it was over. After mucho episodes. I fell in love ❤️"

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melissa_matador shared a tip "Season 5 is the best"

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melissa_matador shared a tip "This show is so well writing and the acting is good i love it"

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max_lawliet shared a tip "Awesome show to watch 👌🏽"

carrie_nygard shared a tip "Awesome show! The last season was a different vine than the rest. Not as good but kept me watching."

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katie_zendrosky shared a tip "My favorite series of all time!"

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schwap_niel shared a tip "Cillian Murphy is such a great actor. You'd never know, if you don't watch this."

Julie Browning's profile image

julie_browning shared a tip "No, I'm way behind. Haven't even seen the new season yet! 😆"

JRM 's profile image

jrm shared a tip "7.5/10. Over the top. Silly how a small group can be so powerful. Like the 1920s British historical context."

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fady_ramlawi shared a tip "Goes downhill a lil in S4"

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katelyn_perry shared a tip "The moment I started watching this I fell in love with the main gangster Thomas Shelby 😍"

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maryzb23 shared a tip "Great show to binge watch"

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tashia_dumoulin shared a tip "Great show! If you like watching shows about gangsters, this is definitely worth the watch!!"

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don_steinbeisser_jr. shared a tip "Very good had me up late ever night"

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glen_carr shared a tip "One of the best shows of all time....period"

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ryters_blox shared a tip "Great dramatic story.. Tons of love **** and violence.. Amazing cinematography and easy to love/hate characters.."

sonja_motley shared a tip "Obsessed.....just down right love this show. Pollys wardrobe. LOVE THIS SHOW!!!"

sonja_motley shared a tip "OMG!!!"

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tamera66 shared a tip "Just finished S1 and started on S2.... I'm in love!"

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s_4916 shared a tip "Any of the episodes with Tom Hardy. I loved him in it."

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caroline_garrigos shared a tip "Not light by any means, but WOW this blew my mind. Watched 6 SEAONS in way too little time. And Cillian Murphy..........."

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jessica_biesiot shared a tip "Love it, have watched all of it more then once"

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james_hudson_19 shared a tip "Cillian Murphy is fantastic as Thomas Shelby. The entire cast is perfect for every role. Love the appearances from Hardy, Brody."

laura_lothridge shared a tip "Yes! Great series! Accents are sometimes difficult to understand so you may want to consider close captioning"

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rachel_booth shared a tip "It's a rough one, but definitely worth it."

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jalyssa_rodriguez shared a tip "Omg yes you will become obsessed"

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kelly_ruesing shared a tip "It's the best! Cillian Murphy is the greatest."

sai_maram shared a tip "Thomas of course!"

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james_bullock_jr shared a tip "I'd say Tommy but Aurhur is a close second. I like Alfie too."

Juan Pablo Rivera Rodriguez's profile image

juan_pablo_rivera_rodriguez shared a tip "Definitely, totally worthy, one of my favorite series ever. I still need to watch the last season."

Susan Smyth-Smith's profile image

susan_smyth-smith shared a tip "Gets better with every season."

eric_westenberger shared a tip "Seasons get better as the show goes on."

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daniel_bolanos shared a tip "Arthur Shelby he is the older brother"

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patricia_rodriguez_6559 shared a tip "Definitely binge-worthy."

lori_hopper shared a tip "One of the best shows to ever come out of Netflix. Hands down. Superior acting and timeline!"

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diadra_rachel shared a tip "This is a must to binge watch!!!"

ren_1695 shared a tip "Love this!"

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jason_swarts shared a tip "Every single character is perfectly played and blends together to make an amazing storytell. #peakyblinders"

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sergway shared a tip "Absolutely the story line is really good."

robrta_boswell shared a tip "Excellent series. Can’t wait for its return"

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patrick_chambers_6443 shared a tip "The Knick is also dark and fantastic!"

mekayla_raimondi shared a tip "100 percent give it a shot"

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tracey_marie shared a tip "Yes if you love 20s n strong women roles."

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tainoman323 shared a tip "Straight up ...."

jason_springer shared a tip "Turn on the closed captioning :)"

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audrey_jordan shared a tip "Another great season. 🖤"

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william_skibitzke shared a tip "Enable cc. Love the dialogue but can be hard to follow. Great show."

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kenneth_izatt shared a tip "Accents are tough to follow sometimes and I am quite used British accents."

Karoline Bouchard's profile image

karoline_bouchard shared a tip "This show was good! Left me wanting more!"

gloria_lowery shared a tip "Wonderful Characters....Good show"

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nancy_alfred shared a tip "Excellent! I needed to keep the subtitles on because of the heavy accent. Really good"

Dawn Noel Eads's profile image

dawn_noel_eads shared a tip "Hooked after the first episode. Kick *** story line with superb directing."

Dawn Noel Eads's profile image

dawn_noel_eads shared a tip "Hooked after the first episode. Kick *** story line with superb directing."

Shintaro Noguchi's profile image

shintaro_noguchi shared a tip "great show with smart dialogue and intense action"

jimmy_lake shared a tip "Great show!"

helene_jolley shared a tip "One of the best series ever!"

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quentin_flowers shared a tip "Definitely"

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michelle_white_222 shared a tip "Must watch! Might take an episode or two, but you WILL be hooked."

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patience_smith_9237 shared a tip "Absolute perfection!! Best binged show EVER!!"

emma_barton shared a tip "first and second episode was slow and hard to get past, but after those two episodes it’s the bestttt show!!!"

Gracie Eastman's profile image

gracie_eastman shared a tip "Not ONLY is my husband Thomas Shelby so brilliant and attractive, it’s a good story with some of that old time gangsta."

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hope_diamond shared a tip "This show has me on the edge of my seat #drama"

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amber_taylor_662 shared a tip "Peaky Blinders is an amazing show, I'm not great with descriptions but it's a must see. I wish it wouldn't end.... EVER"

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jessie_murray_6538 shared a tip "#thomasshelby 😍 Love the crime family series. Accents were tough to follow in last season but a top series for me on Netflix"

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emmanuel_kebede shared a tip "I still don’t understand why this show isn’t big in the U.S. Should be GOT level big."

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rolanda_garrett shared a tip "One of the best series I've ever seen."

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wendy_rutan_6129 shared a tip "One of my absolute favorite shows on Netflix!"

Wendy Rutan's profile image

wendy_rutan_6129 shared a tip "Probably season 2, but we've enjoyed them all."

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mark_maney shared a tip "Best show on tv"

Melanie Dias's profile image

melanie_dias shared a tip "Absolutely! It hooks you from the first beginning and Cillian Murphy is amazing"

jeannine_kirby shared a tip "Starts out a little slow. You have to watch a couple of episodes but then you’re hooked!!"

Jody Stancliff's profile image

jody_stancliff shared a tip "Loving the storyline but, man, do I hate the music! I cringe everytime there's a musical interlude."

Jess Stewart's profile image

jess_stewart shared a tip "Loved this! Totally Binge worthy."

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samantha_wyld shared a tip "Yes it is so good I think I'm only in the second season right now though"

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bobbie_webb shared a tip "Loved this show"

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jacqueline_armenta_4747 shared a tip "Whoever selects the music for this show is amazing. Great show, great soundtrack‼️"

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Yon shared a tip "How to say that... perfection!"

Beerslayer__ shared a tip "Awesome series!"

Josh Smith's profile image

josh_smith_1388 shared a tip "After hearing about this show for years, I finally gave it a shot and man is it good!"

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frank_lacoma shared a tip "First two seasons are the best"

Juliane Lacerda's profile image

juliane_lacerda shared a tip "Amazing story! Can’t stop watching"

Christopher Fields's profile image

christopher_fields shared a tip "Thomas, but mostly because Cillian Murphy is perfect."

Lacey Campbell's profile image

lacey_campbell shared a tip "It’s like Sopranos set in 1920s England."

elijah ventura's profile image

elijah_ventura shared a tip "I liked Arthur before he went crazy, so probably tom. He seems steady and driven"

Lauren Stephens's profile image

lauren_stephens shared a tip "So great to binge watch. All of the actors are amazing, and the show has so many interesting plot lines!"

cyndi_johnson shared a tip "This is why i got Netflix from the beginning! A great series for sure!"

Julie Allen Nicolucci's profile image

julie_allen_nicolucci shared a tip "Already watched. Awesome show"

jack_anderson_4277 shared a tip "Still holds my #1 spot of best series ever."

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rebecca_hogan shared a tip "First few seasons are good, then I lost interest."

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keith_smith_231 shared a tip "Great show"

Ed Gradascevic's profile image

ed_gradascevic shared a tip "Think of it as one of those PBS British dramas - but with a criminal record and on Meth! Great binge watching!!"

anne_9910 shared a tip "Good series - the first twi episodes seem like they are all over but they are trying to introduce everyone! Enjoy!"

heather_483 shared a tip "Stick with it! It is well worth the watch!"

moe_moe22 shared a tip "If you’re a fan of the period shows then absolutely, gripping story and characters"

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susy_phillips shared a tip "You have to watch this! Super sexy characters! Very well written! I wish it would never end"

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deleted_user_1609632315957 shared a tip "Stand alone series. Loved it all. Talks about making a Blinders movie but i doubt it."

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taylor_m_brumale shared a tip "one of my all time favorite shows, suspenseful romantic sexy dramatic. reels you into every episode!"

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erin_kalas shared a tip "Loved everything about this series!"

Bonnie M's profile image

ghoulishkid shared a tip "The story ,the cast everything."

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nikki_leach shared a tip "The first 3 seasons are really good. Season 5 was pretty slow to me."

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chris_adams_8663 shared a tip "Favorite"

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stasia_burns shared a tip "Great story line well executed. Difficult to follow if you aren’t watching consistently."

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lakisha_mitchell shared a tip "Great show, a must see!!!"

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bonnie_cooper shared a tip "The absolute best show ever!!!!"

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marion_mccaskey shared a tip "Very best series ever!"

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ben_tebeest shared a tip "Sick show"

Emily D'Angelo Smolarek's profile image

emily_dangelo_smolarek shared a tip "Love it"

franchesca_a. shared a tip "So goood!!"

malcolm_phillips shared a tip "Ozark! Didn't expect to enjoy it as much as I do, but it's got an amazing story"