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In a world, where the deities have descended from the heavens lies the town of Orario that features the Dungeon, which contains an assortment of monsters from goblins to dragons. Adventurers slay those monsters and take their shards, which are then used to craft magic items. To become an adventurer,

Parental GuideTV-14

Status Returning Series

First Air Date 2015-04-04

Last Air Date 2023-01-28

Seasons 4

Episodes 59


TMDB 7.3


Sonia Barajas ♡'s profile image

sonia_barajas shared a tip "Great anime 👌"

Cetewayo Gammage's profile image

cetewayo_gammage shared a tip "Good lore and characters. Great action and animation. A fun fantasy world that will appeal to gamers especially."

Rebekah Antis's profile image

rebekah_antis shared a tip "Haven’t finished it yet, but I’m loving the characters and the world concept!"

Kunta Emory's profile image

kunta_emory shared a tip "Pretty messy with adult themes and a lot of fun"

Rose 's profile image

row.columns shared a tip "More seasons on Hulu"

grand fillet 's profile image

grand_fillet shared a tip "It was a little cheesy at times, but all in all it was a really fun, and sometimes hilarious, show."

Denero Sims's profile image

denero_sims shared a tip "cause i just like it"

Harper Halley's profile image

harper_halley shared a tip "its good ..."

Doggoo 's profile image

doggoo shared a tip "I don't know, maybe episode 8?"

Natasha 's profile image

natasha_2567 shared a tip "Don't know"

HushGlowie 's profile image

hushglowie shared a tip "Hilarious, nice fan-service, gorgeous animation style, mediocre plot."

Jonathan Leiter's profile image

jonathan_leiter shared a tip "A highly engaging interpersonal story built into a universe where RPG mechanics are a way of life."

John Love's profile image

john_love shared a tip "It’s a great anime especially if you like adventurous and romance and it’s not very inappropriate it’s great to binge watch!!"

Elizabeth Doyle's profile image

elizabeth_doyle_4951 shared a tip "ABSOLUTLY LOVED THIS SHOW!"

Derrick Rivera's profile image

derrick_rivera_4382 shared a tip "I MISS IT"

tylor_brackett shared a tip "Its filled with andventure and drama"

Etienne Desy's profile image

etienne_desy shared a tip "One of the best anime I have watched"

Garrett White's profile image

garrett_white_6628 shared a tip "If you are looking for anime specific, absolutely. First I would ask how deep down the weeb hole you have traveled friend?"

alan carter's profile image

alan_carter_8646 shared a tip "yeah, very good!"

Mercadez Young's profile image

mercadez_young shared a tip "Do you like Sword Art Online? Need something a little lighter? Try this!"

Abbigayle Buchanan's profile image

abbigayle_buchanan shared a tip "funny"

sour patch's profile image

sour_patch shared a tip "This was a pretty good anime I wouldn’t say this was one of my favourites but it was a good watch!"

damia_lastere shared a tip "7/10"

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