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This is a surreal comedy that follows Sora and Shiro, shut-in NEET siblings and the online gamer duo behind the legendary username "Kuuhaku." They view the real world as just another lousy game; however, a strange e-mail challenging them to a chess match changes everything—the brother and sister are

Parental GuideTV-14

Status Ended

First Air Date 2014-04-09

Last Air Date 2014-06-25

Seasons 1

Episodes 12


TMDB 8.5


Carisa Haber's profile image

carisa_haber shared a tip "WHERE IS SEASON 2 😡"

GriffinYT 's profile image

wEEb...0_0 shared a tip "it’s a really great show, but end is reallyyy upsetting so be prepared ;-;"

Silver garcia's profile image

silvers shared a tip "#harem #anime #lolis #scifi_and_fantasy"

UniqueChanny 's profile image

uniquechanny shared a tip "LOVED IT!"

Roslyn 's profile image

restless_weeb shared a tip "Interesting concept with great visuals. Could do without the weird sister brother thing… But the rest is great 🤣"

Lucas 's profile image

lucas_m00n shared a tip "A fun magic world and smart characters."

Marissa Hickox's profile image

marissa_hickox shared a tip "Definitely"

Matt Knop's profile image

matt_knop shared a tip "If you like anime that are transported to another world this is the one"

Aizawa Samuels's profile image

aizawa_samuels shared a tip "I have no words but I will let my anger known because there is still no season 2"

Bee 's profile image

honey.bee shared a tip "The plot is ruined by the fan service :("

Wesley Penner's profile image

wesley_penner shared a tip "It was a pretty good storyline"

Twistup 's profile image

twistup shared a tip "10/10 should have been continued"

charleigh sturniolo's profile image

charleigh_sturniolo shared a tip "It's a shame the art was stolen. Cause I want more 😮‍💨"

Reallyreal MacNotfakison's profile image

reallyreal_macnotfa shared a tip "Loved the art style."

Icy Horizon's profile image

icy_horizon shared a tip "This might give you a seizure but I love it ngl."

Maxidummy 's profile image

MaxXsaver shared a tip "an amazing anime!"

Tanos Games/R44SnobbyHen46's profile image

tanos_gamesr44snobb shared a tip "Really good anime! Just wish there was a season 2"

ShadowChar 's profile image

shadowchar shared a tip "Fun characters and unique plot."

BaconAppleSauce 's profile image

baconapplesauce shared a tip "God teir, season 2 keeps getting delayed tho :(("

Zach 's profile image

your_daily_lazy_person shared a tip "I loved it made me laugh and smile I recommend it"

Daniel dankowski's profile image

daniel_dankowski shared a tip "How do u watch it"

Beau Scheving's profile image

beau_scheving shared a tip "Love the concept! Every disappointment is solved with a game"

James Jones's profile image

james_jones_342 shared a tip "#isekai"

cassie_macaluso shared a tip "This honestly wasn’t too bad it’s about a sister and a brother getting warped into a video game where they have to play to live"

Maddie Biscotti's profile image

thestarfly shared a tip "Some of the fanservice was a bit squicky, but overall a fun show. I'm so disappointed there isn't more!"

Hector Joel's profile image

hector_joel shared a tip "Such a great show. The concept and characters complete makes you wanna watch it over again."

Eric Adams's profile image

eric_adams_5081 shared a tip "It's so friggn good, nd I hope season 2 comes soon"

Sad Skullz 's profile image

Rat4Royalty shared a tip "This is a really interesting anime with a lot of nice details and characters"

Toby Whigham's profile image

toby_whigham shared a tip "Do not watch this its amaxing but your honna want more and there isnt DO NOT WATCH"

David Viviani's profile image

david_viviani shared a tip "Amazing. Must watch for all fans."

Apollo 's profile image

apollo_2104 shared a tip "Absolutely underrated! Amazing show!!"

amaterasu 650's profile image

amaterasu_650 shared a tip "Just good"

Nicholas Charron's profile image

nicholas_charron shared a tip "I absolutely loved the idea of this anime how they were sucked into a game world"

Stella McGoofy's profile image

stella_mcgoofy shared a tip "Really awesome lore."

Eislek Danish's profile image

eislek_danish shared a tip "My favorite show to repeat with being lost in it. I just wish there was more episodes. Its just such a fantastic anime."

nick_brunn shared a tip "the story and art style is amazing in this"

Elizabeth Doyle's profile image

elizabeth_doyle_4951 shared a tip "Loved this anime."

Christopher McHugh's profile image

christopher_mchugh_379 shared a tip "Funny and interesting"

Roronoa Zoro's profile image

roronoa_zoro_6305 shared a tip "Not big fan of the animation, but an awesome anime for gamers and weebs. A must watch."

Colton Reed's profile image

colton_reed_6385 shared a tip "The show is pretty funny and Will keep you entertained but needs to have more seasons for sure"

Colton Reed's profile image

colton_reed_6385 shared a tip "It's a great first season has a lot of potential to Make more seasons"

Zakiya Thomas's profile image

zakiya_thomas shared a tip "It’s super good but I need more!"

moses_crook shared a tip "Where season2 😭"

Elisabeth Harstad's profile image

elisabeth_harstad shared a tip "Absolutely love: creative, fun, comedic, and enthralling. Explores different humanities strengths and full of good action"

Nia Brisbon's profile image

nia_brisbon shared a tip "Fun Isekai. Interesting sister brother dynamic"

Melody Duncan's profile image

melody_duncan shared a tip "I absolutely loved this show there were so many great parts and it made me laugh."

Real_Human kun's profile image

real_human_kun shared a tip "Definitely"

DragonLord 's profile image

DragonLord shared a tip "Jojo bizarre adventure."

Abigail O'Toole's profile image

abigail_otoole_1285 shared a tip "loved the animation"

Shelby Ronnberg's profile image

shelby_ronnberg shared a tip "Good but super incestuous lmao, if you xan ignore that youll like this anime"

Pirates Crew's profile image

pirates_crew shared a tip "death parade"

Genshin Impact's profile image

genshin_impact shared a tip "BRO THIS MIGHT BE MY FAVORITE ANIME LMAO"

seraphimme 's profile image

seraphimme shared a tip ".......Please. Please DO NOT sexualize minors. Also gross and incesty. No thanks."

sour patch's profile image

sour_patch shared a tip "Great anime watched it so many times this anime never gets old!!"

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