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Young Tatsumi travels to the capital of the Empire in order to earn money for his starving people and encounters a world of unimaginable depravity, dominated by the ruthless Prime Minister who controls the child Emperor. Tatsumi is recruited by Night Raid, a group of assassins dedicated to eliminati

Parental GuideTV-MA

Status Ended

First Air Date 2014-07-07

Last Air Date 2014-12-15

Seasons 1

Episodes 24


TMDB 8.5


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madison_mcdonald_8956 shared a tip "ending is literally devastating:("

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jessica_7565 shared a tip "A bit too sad for me. Good anime but ugh I wish it ended differently"

sameira 's profile image

sameira shared a tip "Would watch 500000 times like it's so good and the ending made me cry"

Kendall Peery's profile image

kendall_peery shared a tip "I’m general I really like this show, but there are a few characters that are just so annoying."

Kelsie R's profile image

kelsie_r shared a tip "i could fill a fish tank with my tears while watching this anime😭"

Amanda Otwell's profile image

amanda_otwell shared a tip "Imaginative and amazing!"

allure_hankerson_3775 shared a tip "It was very sad"

Ariel Blouin's profile image

ariel_blouin shared a tip "A good way to describe this show is whatever you do do not get attached to any character."

Karissa Courtwright's profile image

karissa_courtwright shared a tip "One of my favorite anime but the ending had me in tears"

Lily Emmanuel's profile image

lily_emmanuel shared a tip "Really liked this one, good action scenes and characters kind of sad though"

Seth Golson's profile image

seth_golson shared a tip "This Dark Anime tells a poignant story that has a clear beginning, middle, and end"

Spideylovr 's profile image

Maciebruhh shared a tip "EVERYBODY DIES"

madelyn_gates shared a tip "😭😭😭"

cory_riel shared a tip "No plot armor in this one. Lol."

JoAnna Luna's profile image

joanna_luna_5093 shared a tip "Only on ep 2 but seems like I will keep enjoying this! Yay!"

PartWolfGirl 's profile image

partwolfgirl shared a tip "Just wasnt my cup of tea"

aania sood's profile image

aania_sood shared a tip "It’s a nice anime in general that made me cry"

Carisa Haber's profile image

carisa_haber shared a tip "So funny - I am so sad its so short."

Alex 's profile image

alex2707 shared a tip "A good anime"

Arial Martinez's profile image

arial_martinez shared a tip "Do you like PAIN????? This is for you 😌"

😒Dead💀 's profile image

anime._.god shared a tip "This was confusing as hell but don't watch if you don't like killing animes cuz this has a lot of killing and blood"

Alex Brendeke's profile image

alex_brendeke shared a tip "Very actions and it was suspenseful to me"

sergio_romero_624 shared a tip "Amazing"

Staci Crane's profile image

staci_crane shared a tip "😭😭😭"

mim gaming's profile image

mim_gaming shared a tip "Loved the characters and it was nice to watch something that wasn't scared to kill of main characters"

Chelsea Marshall's profile image

RockerChick91 shared a tip "Excellent show. It was recommended to be after watching SAO. 100% worth the watch"

Black Dawn's profile image

black_dawn shared a tip "Definitely left me in tears"

sehan alam's profile image

sehan_alam shared a tip "best anime bro in my top 10"

Charles Charlie's profile image

DoctorAddy shared a tip "Well done. The ending is Leaves you content. Unlike other shorter anime."

INS PuRkZ's profile image

ins_purkz shared a tip "It gets very emotional"

Tank Boom's profile image

akamesurvived shared a tip "Short but still good very sad though"

Molly Clark's profile image

molly_clark_9065 shared a tip "It was an awesome show about friends and a group but the end was sad and filled with tears😢......soooooo"

Taylor Fisher's profile image

taylor_fisher shared a tip "@stephen_totemeier idk thats a hard choice, I guess the ending really got me. The whole show was quite amazing tho!"

yeo shared a tip "Lots of action, fight scenes!"

stefan thomas's profile image

stefan_thomas_7495 shared a tip "I would give any thing to live in this anime"

Lexi 's profile image

IamLexi shared a tip "I love this show so much, I also really love Esdeath. 10/10"

desaree_tinia shared a tip "One of my all time favs."

Wallpaperkid_ nelson's profile image

wallpaperkid__nelson shared a tip "Great anime but be prepared to cry"


Not Fazeway 03's profile image

not_fazeway_03 shared a tip "I loved this show it has twist,love “both kinds” and cliffhangers. This is a perfect show to bing over quarantine"

Dominick Brammer's profile image

dominick_brammer shared a tip "Yours?"

Md Amin's profile image

md_amin shared a tip "I want a second seasonnnnnnnnn plssss."

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Light97 shared a tip "A great anime just prepare to cry at certain parts"

Rachel Asiedu's profile image

rachel_asiedu shared a tip "This is a really good anime"

Dafreshmann 's profile image

dafreshmann shared a tip "I will be sure to wath this"

izzy 's profile image

izzy_3089 shared a tip "im still currently watching this,so far i really like it!"

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elizabeth_doyle_4951 shared a tip "Enjoyable and dramtic"

Rick Torrez's profile image

rick_torrez shared a tip "Akame"

Zakiya Thomas's profile image

zakiya_thomas shared a tip "It’s a good show to binge n mind blowing. Left me jaw dropped"

Sthesha Remy's profile image

sthesha_remy shared a tip "It's a great anime but the ending caught me off guard."

Reginald Flowers Jr's profile image

reginald_flowers_jr shared a tip "It's an amazing show!"

ricky koscinski's profile image

ricky_koscinski shared a tip "This is an amazing show that really draws on the hart strings"

chillnvillian shared a tip "Really good story and graphics are amazing"

Damien Abel's profile image

damien_abel shared a tip "Violent gory"

Baileigh Friesen's profile image

baileigh_friesen shared a tip "Very short but very captivating!!!"

Caitlan Castle's profile image

caitlan_castle shared a tip "If you want a dark anime this is it."

Legacy 's profile image

marlie. shared a tip "The way I LOVED this show is UNPARALLELED👌🏽"

Mariavv 's profile image

mariavv shared a tip "Yes very much so, it blood so warning but very good show only 24 episodes I believe"

rylee 's profile image

rylee_sprabary shared a tip "don't grow too attached to literally any of the characters"

aidan_lugo shared a tip "Drama"

Terri Duret's profile image

terri_duret shared a tip "Honestly such and amazing anime would recommend depressing the way it ended tho"

Zenaida Caicedo's profile image

zenaida_caicedo shared a tip "It started off a "normal anime" but got darker the more I watched it"

urijah_blake shared a tip "This is a really good anime/tv show it is on Netflix,Hulu"

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jae_lucien shared a tip "Hmmm... It was okay..."

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