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Ken Kaneki is a bookworm college student who meets a girl names Rize at a cafe he frequents. They're the same age and have the same interests, so they quickly become close. Little does Kaneki know that Rize is a ghoul – a kind of monster that lives by hunting and devouring human flesh. When part of

Parental GuideTV-MA

Status Ended

First Air Date 2014-07-04

Last Air Date 2018-12-25

Seasons 4

Episodes 48


TMDB 8.4


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sally.butterfly shared a tip "Don’t know how to feel about this anime… it was good but not great… a little overhyped"

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Yolken shared a tip "Very good until Re skips ahead by a heap of chapters."

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fr_5754 shared a tip "It was good until his bestie died… never came back again lol"

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oharnela shared a tip "Loved it"

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elizabeth_harder_7719 shared a tip "Gory"

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insomnyaCat shared a tip "I only liked the first two seasons."

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lily_emmanuel shared a tip "Goes down hill after first few seasons really good though"

kassie_t_4474 shared a tip "emo"

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abbasy_ali shared a tip "It's nice!"

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MoshiMoshi shared a tip "Glad I could help!"

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deku_bnha_4_life shared a tip "One of my favorites"

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sophia_johnson_3692 shared a tip "There is no second season in Ba Sing Se..."

grace_ruark shared a tip "Amazing"

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clawhunter2608 shared a tip "Want should I watch next"

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cookie_cookiton shared a tip "Big part of my childhood, loved it so much it has a place in my heart"

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hayley_maurer shared a tip "Don’t like anime"

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trae_mosoiu shared a tip "Thriller and anime. It was dark in with still great character development."

hailey_carranza shared a tip "One of the best animes ive ever seen!!"

mags_s_ shared a tip "i love animes w/ some gore to them just wish kaneki had some more depth"

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fiona_chau shared a tip "Boring"

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non_business shared a tip "I liked season one I didn’t really like the other seasons"

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daylin_m shared a tip "The show was so good but it also wrecked me completely. I also Ryan Lawless. The art or the animation should I say."

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yadi.xx shared a tip "my absolute favorite anime🖤"

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Nazirya shared a tip "If you like gory anime with a good story..."

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james_lakejr shared a tip "Tokyo Ghoul is my favorite"

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wolf_night279 shared a tip "Very intense but amazing 🤩"

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rabbit_corpse. shared a tip "Really cool show! I loved this! 10/10" 's profile image shared a tip "If you haven’t then please watch it it’s amazing!!"

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ethoslab shared a tip "the anime is Not worth it, read the manga"

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mar. shared a tip "Loved it"

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toxicninja shared a tip "Why can’t I watch"

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mim_gaming shared a tip "One of my favoriteS"

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pedro_bustamante shared a tip "It Skip too much from the manga that it made huge plot holes"

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alexis_roby shared a tip "One of my favorites!"

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t_gly shared a tip "Amazing you’ll enjoy it 🤟"

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alex_curmon shared a tip "Thanks"

rebeka_caca shared a tip "Yes"

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shay1 shared a tip "Unpopular opinion: The third and fourth season were good..."

katie_dominguez shared a tip "An absolute masterpiece that both humanizes and demonizes both sides"

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kevin_ellis_3137 shared a tip "Reading where the first S1 left off in the anime in the Manga"

🧡cora🤎 's profile image shared a tip "Anime!!!"

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strawhatsailor shared a tip "Seriously in love with all the gore and action in this show but it could really use some character development.."

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marisol_curiel shared a tip "Love this anime!! Its the best.. ❤️"

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marisol_curiel shared a tip "Must watch ❤️❤️❤️"

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chloey_poitras shared a tip "complete adoration"

adrain_polite shared a tip "Not for the weak minded"

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oh_no_not_canola_oil shared a tip "Probably S2 E12. It's a perfect conclusion to the first part of the anime!"

Sara Castaneda's profile image shared a tip "I loved this show, I binged all In less than two day. Totally recommend. Can be watched on hulu."

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madison_5165 shared a tip "I love these kinds of anime."

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maniya_johnson shared a tip "Great show but don’t watch season 3 just read the manga."

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raidenphotos shared a tip "Over rated. If you oike interesting chars and powers you might still enjoy it but, the story is forgettable."

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james_cannon_3794 shared a tip "H"

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james_cannon_3794 shared a tip "H"

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penda_seck_7658 shared a tip "Ken"

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your_daily_lazy_person shared a tip "LOVE IT L O V E"

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leonardo_miller shared a tip "Compelling storyline"

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____4200 shared a tip "Everything about this is epic seriously!"

justin_butler_8757 shared a tip "First season is outstanding"

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Awkwardbean23_3 shared a tip "Don't know much about the manga but it was definitely interesting. 1st season and from my knowledge so was the 2nd season"

aiden_padilla shared a tip "Yes I loved it def recomend"

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chloe_fliearman shared a tip "Absolutely 💯"

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spookysoy shared a tip "It may be edgy and cringe but I keep coming back to it."

matthew_cosgrove shared a tip "The first two seasons are the only ones worth watching"

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yellowbird05_. shared a tip "Such a unique anime"

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julian_barnes shared a tip "Read the manga"

alyna_antonia_desindes shared a tip "ok so how do i watch it tho????"

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paola_m shared a tip "My favorite anime u should watch it"

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brianna_ware_6203 shared a tip "I like all of them what's yours ?"

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slovaki_kanzaki shared a tip "Ken Kaneki"

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flame_blade shared a tip "This is a great anime except for season 3"

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nico_navarrete_lopez shared a tip "The owl"

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ismail_ali shared a tip "When the Mc became a ghoul. Without doubt, that was the most insane thing i've ever watched."

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lr_rose_dokkan shared a tip "Kaneki"

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campbell__star shared a tip "How the plot of the story changes as the show pogresses and how in the end they all are happy"

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jays_world_vlog__etc shared a tip "I just how crazy they get."

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limited_clipss shared a tip "i ljked it bitch"

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ocean_tshimbalanga shared a tip "Season 1 is the best season"

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john_hardy_7482 shared a tip "Dark gritty flashy and one of the best ops ever made."

grace_chisholm shared a tip "i haven’t watched it yet but my friends keep telling me it’s really good"

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officials shared a tip "So good"

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officials shared a tip "Recommend really good"

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blake_fortner shared a tip "Honestly I just liked Kenakis development, it was insane"

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miguel_garcia_6802 shared a tip "It's a perfect show to watch"

kashia shared a tip "I don't have one"

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johnny_reppe shared a tip "Its one of the best animes I've ever watched"

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lord_light_1 shared a tip "My fav character is Uta."

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dazani_szewcik shared a tip "The first and last season are amazing but the second was ok but useless to story/plot"

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dante_thomas shared a tip "It’s good"

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heather_t_2383 shared a tip "It's the perfect anime to watch."

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lanna_5169 shared a tip "yes"

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Astro1011 shared a tip "Its a great show that will throw your emotions around at the end"

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elizabeth_wells_1333 shared a tip "Only watch the first season, the rest is bad to say the least, quality dropped a lot."

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blanca_alvarado_1555 shared a tip "My favorite anime ever! The character growth of kaneki is one of my favorites to watch!"

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justinnr_zellet shared a tip "I would recommend death note for pure mystery, and then mirai nikki for a combination of romance and mystery."

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glowinq.doll shared a tip "No😐"

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grim_creepz shared a tip "Black butler, dororo, black clover, attack on titan, jujitsu kaisen, and lots more lol"

jake_sample shared a tip "The best"

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kawaii_sisters_904 shared a tip "The fight scene at the end of season 1 is fire"

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tyler_johnson_8309 shared a tip "I believed it was worth watching."

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-_8122 shared a tip "Read the manga"

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amanda_piper shared a tip "Dark, engrossing, gory"

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michael_torres_247 shared a tip "#anime AMAZING by far my favorite anime!!"

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halym_hwang shared a tip "honestly one of my favorites! the character development is great throughout the seasons and the animation is beautifully done!"

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noni_lee shared a tip "#gorey"

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shaun_decuir shared a tip "The first season is for sure"

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Iuzha shared a tip "A real unique anime"

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aichatou_traore shared a tip "Loveeee"

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rylee_sprabary shared a tip "A great classic that everyone should watch at least once"

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oynx shared a tip "I recommend gangsta, death parade or black butler."

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osiris_gaming shared a tip "It was good but season 2 isn't amazing but it saves itself in the end if you ride it out"

emily_ripley shared a tip "It was one of my first anime’s, very good, but be warned about the last season."

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excargo_jr shared a tip "It's good, but unlike the manga it tends to be all over the place."

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naleen_mounlathep shared a tip "Currently waiting for chainsaw man :( blue Exorcists is pretty good!!"