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It is the Taisho Period in Japan. Tanjiro, a kindhearted boy who sells charcoal for a living, finds his family slaughtered by a demon. To make matters worse, his younger sister Nezuko, the sole survivor, has been transformed into a demon herself. Though devastated by this grim reality, Tanjiro resol

Parental GuideTV-MA

Status Returning Series

First Air Date 2019-04-06

Last Air Date 2019-09-28

Seasons 2

Episodes 27


TMDB 8.8


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mya_formuoli shared a tip "Such an interesting anime! It’s a little strange, but I love the story and the characters #anime #demon #demonslayer"

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ricardo_godinez shared a tip "Love the story"

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dyna shared a tip "I would probably say HXH, but if you wanna look for yourself, you can look at some other shounen animes."

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ripleydude shared a tip "Aside from episode 19, I definitely love episodes 11 through 15! Be aware that it's gonna get pretty dark at times 😅"

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osamu_mukiofficial shared a tip "It’s amazing!!!!!"

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cottensilk shared a tip "This is my favourite anime as of now, totally suggest watching it!"

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silvers shared a tip "#anime #action #hulu #weeb #cute #amazing"

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k.jax shared a tip "Just finished it today and absolutely love it!! Totally recommend if you like anime with lots of action"

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im_a_weebo shared a tip "NEZUKO KAMADO"

kaleb_ross_6752 shared a tip "It’s interesting"

zariyah_brittingham shared a tip "So intriguing!"

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abby_quasebarth shared a tip "Absolutely!! It is written so well and you just kind of get sucked in quickly!"

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brittany_scott_6898 shared a tip "Not the biggest fan of Annime but this show I really liked."

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anime_obsessed shared a tip "This one is a bit gory but if you like that kind of stuff this is for you! it's also very exciting"

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rylee_sprabary shared a tip "Literally my favorite anime ever"

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__miss_twisted__ shared a tip "Animation is beautiful"

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kyla_gonzalez_4828 shared a tip "Right!!!!! This is my #1 anime I love"

alex_espinoza_luna shared a tip "Ya"

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alexander_brown_1367 shared a tip "I've been told that "Black Clover" is good."

frances_q shared a tip "It’s soo good! They just released a movie to follow up the season too. It’s honestly really well done."

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froggy_iam shared a tip "yeah its a pretty nice anime i ended up crying during some episodes"

c_s_8883 shared a tip "Great art and quick moving plot"

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amanda_t_8833 shared a tip "This is the best cgi I have seen in an anime. Well put together and can't wait for more!"

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steven_preete shared a tip "Fairly original story. Great engaging characters. Awesome MC that is not totally overpowered."

janessah_davis shared a tip "Its a great anime i love how nezuko is nice to humans and wont eat them!"

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jahnaya_coakley shared a tip "Yeah it’s pretty good"

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hasan_2775 shared a tip "Great anime to binge watch"

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mf_hot shared a tip "i love it, fav anime along with aot"

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ZUFO shared a tip "this is too good!!!"

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taylor_webb_2461 shared a tip "Fast paced and interesting!"

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simrah_q shared a tip "This is amazing!! It is among my favorites, watch it! The animation and story is gorgeous"

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aileen.c shared a tip "Nezuko-chan~~~ :D"

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CrissiePooh shared a tip "I love the bond of family and friends."

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navaneeth_mahadevan shared a tip "crazy graphics and fast paced, quite an adrenaline filled show!"

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demons_studio shared a tip "No game no life 100%"

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lili_sigal shared a tip "It had a good plot and amazing characters and drama"

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leslie_dennis_8072 shared a tip "Inosuke is my favorite. Fight me."

emily_kane_5970 shared a tip "A literal breath of fresh air in the anime scene"

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gachalife_girly shared a tip "What should I watch after demon slayer?"

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livi_i_luv_u shared a tip "This is the new modern classic!"

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sweaty_gamer shared a tip "It awsome"

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majestic_pickle shared a tip "Amazing."

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dirtcowboy shared a tip "damn bruh i just rewatched it and now i’m reading the manga. it really do be good though 👁👄👁"

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robert_furman shared a tip "Drama, humor and heart! This is a series that speaks on so many levels but especially to love and loyalty!"

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chelsea_frisbie shared a tip "The art and storytelling are very compelling. I enjoyed binging this, as well as returning to rewatch. W"

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estefania_estrada shared a tip "Im not going to lie that hard for me but when it comes to anima Naruto was my favorite"

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estefania_estrada shared a tip "You should definitely watch the movie. Just came out in theaters"

sean_olesen_493 shared a tip "Awesome anime"

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mai. shared a tip "Good for binging"

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jazzlyn_gomez shared a tip "Yes it's really good"

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malique_the_gamer shared a tip "Best anime I've seen in 2019"

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our_lord_and_savior shared a tip "Honestly one of the best of the decade."

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Mochio3o shared a tip "I liked it cause it was short and had an amazing plot. I can tell this anime will go far the more it continues."