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In his quest for a bride to break his immortal curse, a 939-year-old guardian of souls meets a grim reaper and a sprightly student with a tragic past.

Parental GuideTV-14

Status Ended

First Air Date 2016-12-02

Last Air Date 2017-01-21

Seasons 1

Episodes 16


TMDB 8.8


Sandra 's profile image

miss.sunshine shared a tip "My favorite kdrama of all time 🥰🧣have you folks seen this?"

Kayla 's profile image

kayjzz shared a tip "cried at the end… so good."

zal shared a tip "Only thing that got me was the ending 😭 sad ❤️❤️"

tor_tor_2994 shared a tip "million reasons but best soundtrack ever"

Joana Adu Gyamfi's profile image

Ama2J shared a tip "My favorite Drama so far. I watched it like 3 times🙈"

Caroline Gordon's profile image

lilthyme shared a tip "Love"

Caroline Gordon's profile image

lilthyme shared a tip "Good story!"

Camila Noelia's profile image

lisa_noelia_7209 shared a tip "It's the bet Korean TV show ever!"

Shawna Braswell's profile image

shawna_braswell shared a tip "would die for every single one of them"

Kat Grove's profile image

kat_grove shared a tip "literally weeped and sobbed 😭"

Bryony Diaz's profile image

zoehascurls shared a tip "Best. Just best. Prepare to feel all the feelings."

Ritika 's profile image

ritika_3100 shared a tip "SOLID TEARJERKER"

rosie 's profile image

taeyeon shared a tip "literally the best kdrama ever <3"

MRSciara682 's profile image

mrsciara682 shared a tip "You'll love it! I really enjoyed Mystic Pop up Bar and Touch Your Heart. It has some of the same actors."

Kim Johnson's profile image

kim_johnson_9275 shared a tip "Hands down.. one of the best!"

Deahn C. Brown's profile image

deahn_c._brown shared a tip "Omo! , The Best Kdrama. #loveloveGoblin❤️"

Deahn C. Brown's profile image

deahn_c._brown shared a tip "Love, love, love...❤️"

carol_8166 shared a tip "This is a beautiful show, from the characters to the actors, to the soundtrack. Every Moment Shines."

Cynthia Wiley's profile image

cynthia_wiley shared a tip "One of my all time favorites. So freaking good!"

Yulissa Rubio's profile image

yulissa_rubio shared a tip "I have never cried so hard watching a drama.... I loved it! One of my favorite OST's"

Tara Ho's profile image

tara_ho shared a tip "One of my favorite KDramas. I def cried."

elzsg 's profile image

elzsg shared a tip "I couldnt look away when I was watching it. Just finished it and loved it."

Kathy Noble's profile image

kathy_noble shared a tip "Yes very good one of the best Kdrama ever"

Amy Gammon's profile image

amy_gammon_5504 shared a tip "I loved this series! It made me cry and laugh all at the same time! Defiantly a must watch."

Casandra De La Cruz's profile image

candi4185 shared a tip "The first k-drama I watched and haven’t been able to stop watching them since"

Hannah Smith's profile image

hannah_smith_1075 shared a tip "This is my all time favorite kdrama. 10/10 would recommend. Warning you will cry."

Maryann Kral's profile image

maryann_kral shared a tip "Best Korean"

Maryann Kral's profile image

maryann_kral shared a tip "Has everything from laughs to tears, love, hate, torn, ghosts, immortal God's and Grim Reapers"

liz_ruork shared a tip "One of if not my Favourite drama"

maryam gholami's profile image

maryam_gholami shared a tip "i love goblin and i watch it again and again"

Bethany Leineke's profile image

bethany_leineke shared a tip "This is one of my absolute favorite dramas. It's such a beautiful well woven story"

fearlessreader shared a tip "Perfect and well directed"

Angel 's profile image

whitemoonprincess shared a tip "my all time favorite #loveGoblin"

Stephanie W's profile image

stephanie_w_1924 shared a tip "I laughed and cried through this whole series."

Jamie Ruano's profile image

jamie_ruano shared a tip "It was an amazing drama and overall it showed how strong love can be despite all hardships you come across in life."

danae robbins's profile image

danae_robbins_536 shared a tip "You might also like scripting your destiny and are you human too"

Bubble Boo's profile image

bubble_boo shared a tip "Best kdrama ever!!!"

beckz shared a tip "Emotional rollercoaster BUT WORTH IT!!!! Also, one of the best OSTs around ❤️❤️❤️"

mj_7681 shared a tip "One of the greatest love stories, classic."

cyn shared a tip "Loved this one, everything about it was so well done."

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no_fanks shared a tip "Just amazing…watch it."

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areej_nawaz shared a tip "SA"

Jessica Acevedo's profile image

jessica_acevedo shared a tip "One of the best dramas of all time! This is on my k-drama starter pack for those who are starting to get into them."

Loa Ledbetter's profile image

loa_ledbetter shared a tip "I watch this one over and over again."

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embrace_the_bright shared a tip "The female lead behaviors so cute! It has 2 handsome male leads. The romance between the ML and fl is so sweet."

brandy_5226 shared a tip "Love love love this show"

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mia_2822 shared a tip "8.5/10 The cast truly carry the show. Definitely an amazing starter Kdrama."

elo_6347 shared a tip "It’s a must!!!!"

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