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The life of Christ through the eyes of those who encountered him called The Chosen.

Parental GuideTV-PG

Status Returning Series

First Air Date 2019-04-21

Last Air Date 2023-01-15

Seasons 3

Episodes 24


TMDB 8.5


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Trbl shared a tip "Absolutely amazing 👏🏽"

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tonni shared a tip "Season 3 episodes are amazing. Things are getting serious as Jesus sends out his apostles. Such great acting & writing!"

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positivewriter shared a tip "1x03"

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positivewriter shared a tip "1x04"

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aneesah_mahasin shared a tip "Love it! 😍🤩"

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eden_burleson shared a tip "A really cool depiction of the life of Christ- helps me visualize parts of it! #thechosen"

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ashley_sparrow shared a tip "Season one was GREAT, It was confirmed that they are still filming through the pandemic."

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bookwormalli shared a tip "So good can't wait for season 3"

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michelle_frazer shared a tip "Spectacular telling of the Gospels through the eyes of those who walked with Christ."

heather_8174 shared a tip "BEST show I have ever seen! It feels like you are there with Jesus! He has met with me every time I have seen this!"

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aaronlaustin shared a tip "Season one is amazing, it's an all around great show."

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Kara-Baxter shared a tip "Sooooooo good"

lisa_ziarnik shared a tip "It’s a great show that reveals not only Jesus as God but shows his human side too. Highly recommend!!"

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stardust shared a tip "Amazing. Can’t wait for season 2!!"

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j_glass shared a tip "Religious or not this story is told very well. The acting is top notch and the production values are as well."

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esther_mason shared a tip "I absolutely love this show! Cannot wait for season 2!😍"

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joeylaurel shared a tip "It's actually a tv show, and it's very well done"

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j_j_37 shared a tip "Powerful show a must watch"

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autumn_barela_7767 shared a tip "Best show out here"

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kk_youngblood shared a tip "JESUS!!!"

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leo_shuder shared a tip "Probably my favorite show right now!"

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megan_callea shared a tip "So well made."

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anna_a. shared a tip "Its so good! Its so relatable and I am so grateful for it!"

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kelly_oneill shared a tip "Awesome!"

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samantha_simon_4338 shared a tip "We are watching it right now! My children LOVE it as much as we do! Easy to understand and follow!"

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melissa_koval shared a tip "Bingeworthy and makes the characters come alive. SO good!"

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sean_abrams shared a tip "Fantastic depiction of Jesus and his followers. They really captured his humanity in a refreshing way!"

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kay_dee_7292 shared a tip "Season 2 is free on the app and on YouTube. Season three will be out this year."

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sandra_munsters shared a tip "Helps me set a mental stage for all the Bible stories I have heard and read. Learned so much about the gracious love of God."

megan_elizabeth_2021 shared a tip "Beautiful!! Inspiring! Honest"

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emily_jacobs_1486 shared a tip "AMAZING. Tear jerking and heart wrenching beautiful rendition of the story of Jesus and his disciples! :) 🤍"

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haley_malone shared a tip "My all time favorite ❤️"

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katherine_darnell shared a tip "Best Jesus based show I’ve seen. Dialogue and storyline is great because they are taking their time and want to do 8+ seasons."

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nicole_todd_5341 shared a tip "Brought the bible to a new light for me. My teens even loved it."

Samantha Remy's profile image

samantha_remy shared a tip "I highly recommend!!!"

kendra_8418 shared a tip "I absolutely love season 1 and season 2! Everyone needs to see this series! I can't wait till more seasons come out!💕💕💕💕"

megan_landau shared a tip "Favorite show of all time! Every episode makes me cry! Great for believers and nonbelievers to watch"

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alishia_michael shared a tip "Ik this is a show but it brings me a sense of peace and comfort when I watch it."

deanne_diedrich shared a tip "It is absolutely amazing!"

nathaniel_brown_6643 shared a tip "Not cheesy. An actually professional (in the way it was made) and emotional speculation on the life Jesus."

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sarah_awwesome shared a tip "This show is AMAZING! Best film depiction of Jesus's life to date! #mustwatch #comeandsee"

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trajan_clark shared a tip "Brilliant in so many ways."

emily_nelson_2999 shared a tip "This is an amazing show!!! Incredible! It's something the whole family can watch! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ #mustwatch #thechosen #family #history"

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castiels_wings shared a tip "Just watch it it's great"

rachel_9035 shared a tip "Because it makes the Bible become alive. You feel like you know all the different people and you realize who Jesus really was."

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basiclee_brandon shared a tip "Best tv show about the life of Jesus, and his disciples. A must watch for bible believer's, and those who are just interested."

shawnee_reller shared a tip "Amazing!"

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ire_kobayashi shared a tip "Amazing, Just amazing. A must watch."

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ashley_gordon_1044 shared a tip "1. I love this program because it gives me a new idea about who the disciples were 2. It's filmed in Texas"

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hayden_willis_7173 shared a tip "Amazing! Constantly makes me happy cry! Bless everyone who contributed to this!"

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bethany_waiss shared a tip "So cool to see the life of Christ"

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samra_nelson shared a tip "Best show about the life of Jesus Christ!"

jessica_8544 shared a tip "So very good"

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erin_tellman shared a tip "Where do I find season 2? I watched the 1st season on Peacock."

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coreycflanagin shared a tip "Outstanding"

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gee_kelly shared a tip "This series is awesome, can't wait for season 3."

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