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For decades, childhood best friends Kate and Tully have weathered life's storms together -- until a betrayal threatens to break them apart for good.

Parental GuideTV-MA

Status Returning Series

First Air Date 2021-02-03

Last Air Date 2021-02-03

Seasons 1

Episodes 10


TMDB 7.8


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sherri_hodges shared a tip "Love love love this Netflix series! Really entertaining and is now one of my favorites This is a must watch in my book!"

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sirena_wallas shared a tip "this is a very good show and it is a addictive show."

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deena_chadwick shared a tip "Well done! I can't stop watching it!"

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deena_chadwick shared a tip "Now I want to read the book!"

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stefani_marie shared a tip "The only thing I didn't like was how plastic Katherine Heigl looked. The plot and characters were great!"

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jennifer_white_8877 shared a tip "I liked this but was really disappointed in how many things they changed from the book. Loved the book"

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tara_molloy shared a tip "This show was good, I personally was a little bored at parts."

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evie_09 shared a tip "A wonderful story emphasizing the importance of a good friendship #bestfriends #women"

kim_weicht shared a tip "On Netflix!"

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natasha_9798 shared a tip "Loved the show, except for the ending. It was abrupt. I thought I skipped an episode or missed something."

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tina_jans shared a tip "I loved this series! Even though I’m not a Katherine Heigl fan, she was really really good in this, as was Sarah Chalke."

lauren_castro shared a tip "Fantastic and relatable. Just enough laughter. Not sappy."

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doncarlo103 shared a tip "The series is good, but the book is a whole lot better."

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kelsie_preston shared a tip "It was really easy to watch. Light hearted and a palate cleanser for all the true crime I usually watch. 🤣"

tori_6983 shared a tip "I found it a great transition between the decades...better done than most in that regards."

Suzy Bee of Sisters of the Spoon 's profile image

suzy_bee shared a tip "Love the interaction between the long time friends. I would say it is a chick flick."

candice_wommack shared a tip "Great storyline. I was invested within the 1st episode."

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kristin_damiano shared a tip "I was pleasantly surprised by this! I can’t wait for season 2!"

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dawn_melanson shared a tip "Well watch"

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amy_yung shared a tip "Best show out right now pulls at the heartstrings"

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briana_harden shared a tip "Binge worthy and I just barely finished episode 2. Already so good and pulling heart strings."

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paula_thigpen shared a tip "Good 👍"

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adamantine shared a tip "Definitely worth the watch"

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shonna_smith-jaggars shared a tip "Such an amazing show is a tear jerker have tissues ready!"

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brenda_williams_montgomery shared a tip "Watched the whole series in one day! Needs to have another season."

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jackie_huth_mulrane shared a tip "One of the BEST shows I have ever seen. I LOVE the way it was filmed,and the music is awsome"

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jackie_huth_mulrane shared a tip "Great show.Hope it gets a second season"

staceymorgart shared a tip "Binged watched it in two days! Awesome show!! Wish there was another season already. It’s that good!"

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char_gibb shared a tip "Best girlfriend show I've ever seen!"

🌻Lili Maldonado🌻's profile image

sweetdreamslili shared a tip "I love they whole concept I cried a lot in some tear jerker moments. Cliffhanger towards the end brought so many new questions."

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christie_larkin_1348 shared a tip "OMg....this was a great series. I can't wait for season 2"

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stacey_bodziony shared a tip "I would’ve liked it better if I hadn’t read the book. The series doesn’t follow the book."

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morgan_hopson_5585 shared a tip "This reminded me of the same format as "This is Us" so easy to watch! Leaves you hanging on for season 2!"

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Tiya_215 shared a tip "Perfect binge watch for a Sunday afternoon while doing laundry."

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dynamite shared a tip "I looooove this show so much can't wait for another season!"

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kelly_lafaille shared a tip "Binged in two days. The flashbacks keep you on your toes and wanting more. 100% recommend!"

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pamela_grigg shared a tip "I love the story line and the characters."

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leeann_w. shared a tip "It's so cute and I love the characters."

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leigh_kalvelage shared a tip "Great story about would mate friendship"

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sarah_carlson_3565 shared a tip "Watched the entire 1st season in one night! Loved the book, liked the show!!"

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allison_oropallo shared a tip "Funny and serious"

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joanne_falcone_3065 shared a tip "This is one of my favorite books...although the series was good the book is so much better."

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lisa_sanford_9169 shared a tip "Loved it. Watched in 2 days"

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abbie_aulds shared a tip "Can't wait for MORE"

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luannwing shared a tip "This series is very well acted and put together. Looking for something to binge and look forward to the new season? This is it."

brbara_zimmer shared a tip "Great heart warming light watch!"

pilar_5717 shared a tip "Friendship 80's nostalgia, simpler times reminder"

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diane_koska shared a tip "Loved this. Good story about friendship. Well done"

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olivia_sather shared a tip "Cute and fun, nothing special and I found the story a bit tired but it's feel good and heart warming."

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rick_schmidt shared a tip "Surprisingly good. Left me waiting for season 2!!"

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brittany_alice shared a tip "If you haven't watched this show yet plan a whole day for it because you will binge it"

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jeanann_tornetto shared a tip "Good girls night binge"

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leander_cooper shared a tip "Not captivating but decent especially when you have watched everything"

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katie_smith_2938 shared a tip "Binged it with the BF and we both loved it. Love Katherine Higel."

hayden_6880 shared a tip "I let me on a cliffhanger"

lana_cicalo shared a tip "Loved it although it ends abruptly with unanswered questions so there has to be a second season."

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caitlin_kippen shared a tip "Only one season :(" <