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Jennifer Walters navigates the complicated life of a single, 30-something attorney who also happens to be a green 6-foot-7-inch superpowered hulk.

Parental GuideTV-14

Status Ended

First Air Date 2022-08-18

Last Air Date 2022-10-13

Seasons 1

Episodes 9


TMDB 6.7


christina_paz shared a tip "Just finished the first episode can’t wait for more"

christina_paz shared a tip "Just finished the second episode can’t wait until next week"

christina_paz shared a tip "Just finished the third episode can’t wait until next week"

christina_paz shared a tip "Just finished the fourth episode of season two can’t wait until next week"

christina_paz shared a tip "Just finished episode five from season one can’t wait until next week"

christina_paz shared a tip "Just finished episode six from season one"

christina_paz shared a tip "Just finished episode seven from season one"

christina_paz shared a tip "Just finished episode eight from season one"

christina_paz shared a tip "Just finished episode nine from season one"

Marcus 's profile image

mco shared a tip "Okay, admittedly I don't hate it, but there is going to be no new personal depth from it."

Rob Paul's profile image

rob_paul_4714 shared a tip "The worst of the MCU Disney spin-offs."

Jennifer Montalement's profile image

jennifer_montalement shared a tip "It was really good until the finale in my opinion"

Tram Ly's profile image

trameeee shared a tip "This show is a giant snooze fest. I’m sorry but it’s boring…🤷🏻‍♀️"

Coobs 's profile image

coobs shared a tip "I don’t know how I feel about it. It had cute parts but story part kind of lame."

Katie Lynn Gesch's profile image

katie_lynn_gesch shared a tip "Enjoying that every Thursday brings in a new adventure"

Vivian Engel's profile image

vivian_engel shared a tip "Horrible story and plot. Too much fx and hated the whole breaking the fourth wall"

Sarah Holloway's profile image

sarah_holloway_3728 shared a tip "I loved this show, but the ending wasn’t my favourite but still good."

Eggy 's profile image

eggy_4107 shared a tip "Completely off the rails. Usually my style but this just sucked. Not to mention the intense pandering."

diris_ramos shared a tip "Best show ever. Being a woman is like this every single day. They nailed it, super powers or no."

I'mperfection x-underground's profile image

imperfection_x-unde shared a tip "It’ll grow on me I’m sure :)"

Aug8 's profile image

aug8 shared a tip "."

lizagna 's profile image

elizabeth_imperiale shared a tip "I don't recommend bc it's disappointing and unsatisfying"

Emma Jun's profile image

emma_jun shared a tip "Had a couple of good episodes but it was too light to enjoy the concept. More screen time needed to develop the legal battles."

Carson Swaboda's profile image

carson_swaboda shared a tip "It's so absurd and dumb. Feels like it was written by a preteen."

stacy_j._roberts shared a tip "Loved it. I hope her and Daredevil come back together in the new series."

Zero P. E.'s profile image

zero_p._e. shared a tip "Awesome show! 👍🏾"

Carla Craddock's profile image

carla_craddock shared a tip "Ignore the critics. Ignore the reflexive hate from some men. It’s light. It’s funny. Enjoy."

veronica_monzon shared a tip "Very funny… getting some Deadpool vibes"

Zephyr Deliee's profile image

zephyr_deliee shared a tip "Poor writing, contrived set pieces, and a third act fourth wall break that overrides the plot."

Sugarmoon 's profile image

mintfrxppe shared a tip "Highly disappointed that they made a joke out of something that should have been serious, I mean the entirety of it is pure trash"

Tyler King's profile image

warriorelyon shared a tip "Just another bad Marvel show; I hate that it’s bad cause they have some good shows"

Mia Brenner's profile image

mia_brenner_7215 shared a tip "the first episode was amazing!!"

Rev 's profile image

Rev5797 shared a tip "From what I have seen it looks like hot garbage"

Andrew Coma Stegall's profile image

andrew_coma_stegall shared a tip "Funny mindless show like a sitcom more then anything else in MCU"

Ectoplasmic Toast's profile image

caspers.ectoplasm shared a tip "Tatiana Maslany. That’s it."

shasta_haddock shared a tip "The first episode is great. I love the continuation from Marvel. I can’t wait to see more."

midajah hayden's profile image

midajah_hayden shared a tip "Liked the first episode, but after that it started getting kinda boring. Gave up in the middle of episode 4."

remember me's profile image

remember_me shared a tip "Didn't really want a genderbent Hulk. Why does her hair get long and straight when she transforms?"

james_garland_8221 shared a tip "Fun comedy super hero easy watching show. Math not required."

rjjo755 shared a tip "Witty comedy, female centered plot"

Alipio 's profile image

alipio shared a tip "Lol"

sophie_breton shared a tip "I love it it was very good #comedy"

Hobie Henning's profile image

hobie_henning shared a tip "MoonKnight if you want more Marvel. Law and Order if you want more court room drama"

Joey Nordick's profile image

joey_nordick shared a tip "Boring"

Jill Goldie's profile image

jill_goldie shared a tip "I started watching it I think it’s funny"

Sean Harkins's profile image

sean_harkins shared a tip "So bad. Usually I like the super hero stuff and I'm not expecting anything great but this was just terrible."

Harris Jhayan's profile image

harris_jhayan shared a tip "J💪💪💪🧠"

Isaac Soler's profile image

dailyvibez shared a tip "Bro this is gonna steal the show"

Mari Martinez's profile image

mari_martinez_9797 shared a tip "Boring"

Love Labrador Puppy's profile image

love_labrador_puppy shared a tip "Yes it is a good series"

Krystal Dragon's profile image

krystal_dragon_3053 shared a tip "Surprising funny 😁 reminds me alot of the 2000s comic series. Almost like a PG Marvel Ally Mcbeal."

Jim Dunlap's profile image

jim_dunlap shared a tip "This makes me think of you🥸"

Ted Laurent's profile image

ted_laurent shared a tip "Hilarious! Great finale."

Alicia Holmes's profile image

tyrone002 shared a tip "Absolutely terrible. What the hell is Disney doing man."

eric_moccio shared a tip "Lame. No villain"

rachel_shupp_5435 shared a tip "Love EVERYTHING about it and more!!"

Ben Hughes's profile image

benhugh3s5 shared a tip "Awful"

derek_welter shared a tip "Best marvel show yet."

karen_wianecki shared a tip "Just dud"

Amy Hutchinson's profile image

amy_hutchinson shared a tip "Different but interesting"

jermane_superman_mo shared a tip "It’s shows the range marvel is trying to take in breaking the forth wall seeing as she hulk was the first to do so"

David Freeman's profile image

david_freeman_609 shared a tip "Just bad."

awesome_user_442829 shared a tip "Funny show."

Sarah Whitt567's profile image

sarah_whitt567 shared a tip "Love it"

Abdi Faisal's profile image

abdi_faisal shared a tip "It is probably going to be very good"

Philip Daniels's profile image

philip_daniels shared a tip "I feel like I'm gonna be in the minority of people who love this show while everyone else hates on the CGI"

Tashunda Mallory's profile image

tashunda_mallory shared a tip "It’s ok. Not horrible but not all that good either. JMO"

Deej Denise Jans's profile image

deej_denise_jans shared a tip "My best friend's son was the director of animation for this show, looking good Daniel!!"

katelyn_2337 shared a tip "Minus Jenn narrating in every episode and the season finale it's a good show."

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