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As Mexican-American Tejano singer Selena comes of age and realizes her dreams, she and her family make tough choices to hold on to love and music.

Parental GuideTV-PG

Status Ended

First Air Date 2020-12-04

Last Air Date 2021-05-04

Seasons 1

Episodes 18


TMDB 7.5


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Likewise shared a tip "Part 2 Streaming 5/4"

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becca_sangwin shared a tip "I enjoyed the first season! I didn’t know much about Selena’s life before it, so it was very interesting and addicting."

𝑹𝒊𝒄𝒐 𝑺𝒐𝒑𝒓𝒂𝒏𝒐 ✪'s profile image

RicoLoveDinero shared a tip "I liked this show I learned a lot I didn’t know about Selena"

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oharnela shared a tip "So good! I was crying at the end"

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SistaTiph shared a tip "Very Good Show. But They needed to give that girl a butt lol Selena was Curvy"

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janay_lindsey shared a tip "Ready for part 2"

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destiny_c._horne shared a tip "Super cute"

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aziz_hanifa shared a tip "Not bad. J lo did an excellent job in the movie. Let's see how the show wraps up!"

ren_1695 shared a tip "I always liked the Jlo original was afraid this would be dumb but I really liked it! Looking forward to next season."

auna_shaw shared a tip "FAVORITE by far!! It has music, LOVE and drama!#romance #netflix #musicians"

jon_fuller shared a tip "The story is great but im really tired of a puerto rican always being cast in a Mexicans role."

melanie_armijos shared a tip "I loved this series. It was awesome and gave so much detail into selenas life."

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jada_caudillo shared a tip "so good"

vanessa_garcia_4322 shared a tip "Really good tells the selena stiry"

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zoe_de_lira shared a tip "It stays true to selena’s life story and makes all the characters more relatable"

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cora_hufault shared a tip "I love Selena!"

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larissa_diaz shared a tip "To me this docu-series tells a little more about the one of the most popular Hispanic/mexican singers"

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danyael_graham shared a tip "Love true stories"

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courtney_thompson_3457 shared a tip "Selena is life."

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amanda_palacio shared a tip "More detailed than the movie."

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natalie_avila_8171 shared a tip "I love how it showed Selena's rise to fame 😁"

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karina_ocampo_marti shared a tip "#selenaquintanilla #anythingforSelenasss"

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chantell_green shared a tip "Just a really great series overall - thoroughly enjoyed it!"

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hailey_fernandez shared a tip "SHE IS A ICON SHE IS A LEGEND #selenaquintanilla"

skylar_haley_9926 shared a tip "It gave much more details about her than the movie and gave me more music to listen to :)"

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kelsey_vingino shared a tip "the fact that she seems like she didnt give up!"

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samantha_gonzales_4841 shared a tip "The last one, guess that's supposed to be that way. Getcha hooked and waiting"

naomi_4679 shared a tip "It tells her story and how much they had to work, people are saying the actor doesnt look like her but that doesnt matter"

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crystal_johnston_4147 shared a tip "Spent more time on the brother and dad in this version"

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linda_ropson shared a tip "It was an intresting show she was awesome at singing"

chloe_downum shared a tip "Grow up whatching he a love her music"

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mia_abanes shared a tip "the storylineeee"

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onya_moriarty shared a tip "I loved it but it left a cliffhanger"

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laura_inman shared a tip "Its very interesting. A story I really didnt know.."

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patricia_emmons shared a tip "Gave more details than the movie"

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karen_bonilla_2230 shared a tip "I loved it"

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kayra_otoole shared a tip "Christian Serratos!"

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jane_mulkern shared a tip "So interesting to learn anout Selena"

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khloe_mustafa shared a tip "Beatiful love it"

jordyn_thomas_9512 shared a tip "I love this movie sooooo soooo soooo much"

lilly_hennessy shared a tip "it was a traumatic series all about selena"

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nancypolanco shared a tip "It was okay but, wish that Selena was the actual focus of this series. #selenaquintanilla"

dany_stanton shared a tip "I loved it #selenaquintanilla #mexican #music #spanish"

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kristen_johnson_7677 shared a tip "Got more out if this than the movie"

jasmyne_9668 shared a tip "I love anything selena"

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juanita_ventura shared a tip "Got to see another side of selena and how she got to where and who she became"

Isabelle Emery's profile image

isabelle_emery shared a tip "I actually favored it so I could watch it because I loved the movie! I haven’t started it yet!"

sonia_mccormack_7607 shared a tip "Great look into the depth of Selena’s life more than a singer!"

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tanya_backstrom_mar shared a tip "Great movie!!"

alicia_mitchell_4588 shared a tip "Great show more in debth than the movie. Which was my fear."

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joan_rivera_4884 shared a tip "Loved it ❤️"

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amber_wise shared a tip "I LOVE Selena!!"

tonya_roozen shared a tip "Anything for Selenas"

shilo_9837 shared a tip "Inspiring. Transported you with its storytelling"

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savonnah_price shared a tip "Sad😭"

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toykilra_perkins shared a tip "Loved it"

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shanias_story shared a tip "#drama"

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cheryl_t_lorenz shared a tip "Very good acting."

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maratesa shared a tip "Can't say I had a favorite. I just loved her growing up so its interesting to watch"

stuwey mayorga's profile image

stuwey_mayorga shared a tip "Everything"

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lauren_pruett shared a tip "i love the story behind Selena & who she was. such an amazing story! love her!"

hope_sullivan_4682 shared a tip "Music and entertaining"

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stephanie_gutierrez_8544 shared a tip "Binge watch!"

zinnia_zuniga shared a tip "True to the real Selena"

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martin_sadow shared a tip "I thought well done"

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jessica_mansfield shared a tip "She is a good singer"

jennifer_romero_8489 shared a tip "Wonderful!!! Cried like a baby."

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tristany_sanchez shared a tip "Loved!! It shows more to her and her legacy. I wish Chris was more involved to be able to show their love story more."

adrian_cramer shared a tip "ITS AMAZING but that may be cause I love Selena tho is is kinda different than the movie"

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mark_krug shared a tip "Well played and does justice to her story"

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jessica_goff_4836 shared a tip "It was good because I like Selena... but the some of the acting, wigs, and the car scenes were TERRIBLE!"

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deona_loughney shared a tip "Classic and timeless. Great attention to details."

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trisha_shirley shared a tip "Amazing show. Shows more in depth of how her life was and what she could have felt during it all."

cailley_chella shared a tip "Wish I could watch it all over again!"

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starlight_adams shared a tip "😍😍😍😍 do I even need to explain"

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LESBIANBARBIE shared a tip "okay it's nice I just miss her okay rip sel's"

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