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An Instant New York Times Bestseller! Winner of the Coretta Scott King - John Steptoe for New Talent Author Award Filled with mystery and an intriguingly rich magic system, Tracy Deonn’s YA contemporary fantasy Legendborn offers the dark allure of City of Bones with a modern-day twist on a classic l

Author Tracy Deonn

Pages 512

Publisher Simon and Schuster

Published Date 2020-09-15

ISBN 1534441603 9781534441606

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Google 4.5


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leo4pbo shared a tip "Is this worth the read ?"

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naomi_james_5101 shared a tip "Own"

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naomi_james_5101 shared a tip "Own"

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brandi_always_reading shared a tip "#Camelot #arthurian #contemporary #fantasy #crossover #magic"

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sarah_a_9102 shared a tip "I LOVED this book. for the first 200 pages the pacing was kinda slow but after that it picked up and I absolutely loved it"

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jenni_2131 shared a tip "Amazing book!!"

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vanilla_lion shared a tip "It was such a good read, I can't wait until the next one! It was hard to contain how much I loved this book 😭"

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ada-eze shared a tip "Yesss! I’m reading The Strange and Deadly Portraits of Bryony Gray next🤭"

cathy_ratedreads shared a tip "Really good!"

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cedar_moss shared a tip "This book is so interesting and angsty in such a good way!"

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toholdandforget2 shared a tip "shadowhunter-like figures. cool magic systems based on aruthian lore. some etl vibes for the next book"

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rebecca_mcfadden_2008 shared a tip "The best Arthurian retelling!! I need the sequel like yesterday!!"

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ariana_mcclain shared a tip "I loved the diversity in this book. The story was well developed and I’m excited for the next one!"

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elisabet_cabrera shared a tip "Probably when Bree finally stood up and said, “because of y’all’s bs, I’m your new king.” Legendary, I tell you."

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deandrea_pugh shared a tip "Haven't decided yet any recommendations"

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andy_morrison shared a tip "Well, I'm focusing on nonfiction now. I'm trying to read about ninjas and ninjutsu."

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andy_morrison shared a tip "Sorry, just read above comment."

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joy_sloan shared a tip "Good ig"

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marisa_pereyra shared a tip "Just finished this bad boy, and can't wait for the sequal!!"

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cynthia_1625 shared a tip "I loved the main character , Bree. The story tore my heart and took me for many surprise turns ! I cannot wait for the next book"

fair_smelko shared a tip "Very important question: Team Sel or Team Nick??"

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jos_ shared a tip "vry much like the mortal instruments but written way better! loved every part of it, the pacing was great and never dragged on"

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nicole_rich_6360 shared a tip "I'm also loving the saint of Steele series by T.Kingfisher"

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allen_kelley shared a tip "This might be the YA book of 2020. Soooo good!"

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ally_vancleef shared a tip "Read it in 2 days. Can't wait for the next book!"

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clickity_clack shared a tip "THE LAST 100 PAGES ARE CRAZY!!! I adore this book ❤️"

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bukkie_cso shared a tip "This book was awesome!"

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kerlizzle shared a tip "Enticing story! Very relatable and well written. Can’t wait for the next one!"

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maylynne_tune shared a tip "Not atm 😌"

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lindsey_b._1022 shared a tip "@chrisflores28 YES. I promise I read this in one 8 hour session. No breaks, just vibes"

cozette_thomas shared a tip "It had so many hidden themes"

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samantha_frizzell shared a tip "Looks cool"

rylee_5724 shared a tip "Favorite book of 2020"

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shaelyn_west shared a tip "Liked it!?! I loved it. Can’t wait until the next book drops!!!"

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charlise_mccall shared a tip "Really good, if you like an urban fantasy with a strong black lead this is the story for you."

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deeja shared a tip "the characters and the emotional complexity is elite"

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amel_hamed shared a tip "Absolutely wonderful"

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mckenna_cape shared a tip "i couldn’t put it down!"

savannah_w-o shared a tip "I love the magic and romance in the book"

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femmegirl shared a tip "A great book#magic"

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ann_marie_mobley shared a tip "Circe and once I'm done Graceling"

brook_3905 shared a tip "Read in two days!!! I adored the MC she is so fierce."

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micaylah_rose shared a tip "I just read How We Fall Apart by Katie Zhao, it is a YA thriller that came out last week. It was pretty great."

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sarcasm_1084 shared a tip "I loved how she built her world and combined real life history into it. I also loved the plot twists."

lilly_barton shared a tip "Omg loved this book so much got me out of a reading slump!!!"

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mj_griego shared a tip "Amazing characters esp Bree. deals with working through PTSD and ancestral/racial trauma. Obsessed tbh"

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alyssalupin_1 shared a tip "I love this book and the cliffhanger is killing me can’t wait for the next book"

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kaylee_renee_5368 shared a tip "Real good book"

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ehicks shared a tip "I'm currently reading the Twisted Tales series. I just finished up Rapunzle’s tale, and it was amazing!"

araceli_quezada shared a tip "It’s actually on my TBR list but I’ve read great reviews."

mitchln shared a tip "Contemporary reimagining of magic and intergeneration trauma. Literally one of the best books I’ve read in a while"

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charmedblu shared a tip "I haven't even finished it but I love it already."

kristen_foley_3594 shared a tip "So good can’t wait for the second book!"

aaliyah_wallace_8298 shared a tip "Omg tell me why I’m going to read it for the third time☺️ can’t wait for the second book BLOODMARKED already preordered it!❤️"

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maria_beasley shared a tip "Amazing Arthurian modern twist! Must read for any Merlin fans"

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danielle_cleveland shared a tip "Was like reading a tv series 👌🏼 great characters that are relatable and leaves you always wanting to read more"

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amberley_becerra shared a tip "Took me forever to get thru but once you hit the middle it’s SO GOOD"

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