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New York Times BestsellerA Summer Reading Pick for President Barack Obama, Bill Gates, and Mark Zuckerberg From a renowned historian comes a groundbreaking narrative of humanity’s creation and evolution—a #1 international bestseller—that explores the ways in which biology and history have defined us

Author Yuval Noah Harari

Pages 464

Publisher Harper Collins

Published Date 2015-02-10

ISBN 0062316109 9780062316103

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Ian Morris's profile image

ian shared a tip "This is a must-read book. Great perspective on so many things that it reads like fiction"

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shemdani shared a tip "Hands down one of the best books I have read. How does one top it? A must read 📖 ..."

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legauntt shared a tip "Discovered this through Likewise. Falls under "just one more chapter...""

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mco shared a tip "Intriguing"

Sheldon Rapoza's profile image

sheldon_rapoza shared a tip "To me, this is THE definitive book of human history and evolution. This is essential reading."

Damien Scott's profile image

damien_scott shared a tip "I’ve read this multiple times. So interesting, informative and thought provoking."

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PousseLananas shared a tip "Fascinating, and mind opening. Essential reading."

Ian Osborne's profile image

ian_osborne_3530 shared a tip "Neanderthals were smart, and wheat domesticated us. If you’re looking for a new perspective on humanity then here it is"

▪︎Angie▪︎ 's profile image

angiebayy shared a tip "📌"

Alexander Toledo's profile image

alexander_toledo shared a tip "Amazing next to **** Deus. What a great book explaining our past. Idk how this isn’t on required reading for high school."

Joelle Nole's profile image

heyjoelle shared a tip "Sobering."

Ahmad 's profile image

ahmadpirani shared a tip "Gives you a lot of insight about our origins."

Prateek Bhargava's profile image

prateek_bhargava shared a tip "Reading 12 rules for life at the moment. What are you reading?"

Laura Castillo's profile image

laura_castillo shared a tip "Lighthearted, witty, and a little dark."

Sofi Varon's profile image

sofi_varon shared a tip "Completely agree with this recommendation. I think about this book every day."

Abid Saifee's profile image

abid_saifee shared a tip "Broad scope with a brutally honest perspective on humans. Gotta reread it!"

salim_patel shared a tip "A must read"

Michael Robertson's profile image

michael_robertson_3212 shared a tip "Free Will by Sam Harris, The Selfish Gene by Richard Dawkins, and the novel Replay. What are favorites for you?"

Sukhmani Kohli's profile image

sukhmani_kohli shared a tip "Yes, many actually!!😃 one of them is In order to live by yeonmi park"

daniela shared a tip "Thought-provoking first read of the summer!"

ozcan_aktas shared a tip "Absolutely! Great summary of human history. I found it interesting from start to end."

kasia_dupuis shared a tip "I'm excited to read it when I get around to it!"

nipa_thakker shared a tip "A thousand brains! .. Code breaker!"

Shai Cisco's profile image

shai_cisco shared a tip "“This ability to speak about fictions is the most unique feature of Sapiens language."

Ahmed Wassimy's profile image

itswassimy shared a tip "Mind shifting"

Tye Gnass's profile image

tye_gnass shared a tip "Mind blowing and very eye opening. Yuval is an extremely talented writer with tremendous insight"

chintangandhi17 shared a tip "Nice" 's profile image shared a tip "This book is high on my list of must-read books."

Daniel Zamudio's profile image

daniel_zamudio shared a tip "Why we do what we do from an evolutionary standpoint. Our instincts aren't so innocent, but are very simple."

Jeremiah Brady's profile image

jeremiah_brady shared a tip "Applies many alternative ways of thinking of the world and how we take part in it"

Steve Zink's profile image

steve_zink shared a tip "I liked Where the Crawdads Sing."

Kiley Southall's profile image

kiley_southall shared a tip "4.43/5"

Vishnu Prasad's profile image

vishnu_prasad shared a tip "Definitely. You won't be disappointed."

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stephen_barton shared a tip "Wow.. the app bleeped out h o m o from h o m o deus."

britney_hankins shared a tip "Listened to the audio book"

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jessdarke shared a tip "A great audio book!"

Brayden Klein's profile image

brayden_klein shared a tip "Absolutely!"

Marco D'Auria's profile image

marco_dauria shared a tip "Uno dei migliori libri che ** letto."

jack_jones_7880 shared a tip "And I can't believe it just censored H-O-M-O Deus😂"

jack_jones_7880 shared a tip "Yes. **** Deus. I think I enjoyed that more. A glimpse into the future"

Maisa B's profile image

maisa_b shared a tip "I thought I didnt like History until I read this book."

Thomas Harris's profile image

thomas_harris_7231 shared a tip "I was skeptical how long a book like this would hold my attention, but it totally captivated me!"

parker_schoch shared a tip "Very thought provoking"

Allyssa Wall's profile image

allyssa_wall shared a tip "Insightful and thought provoking"

BiancaEstella de la Rocha's profile image

biancaestella_de_la shared a tip "Educational yet entertaining. A fun read!"

annie_9583 shared a tip "My fav book of all time"

andrew_foster_6735 shared a tip "I'm reading Jordan Peterson 12 rules for life right now. Quite interesting"

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kimberly_morris_5965 shared a tip "I have to say yes definitely 😃"

Wahab Sadeqi's profile image

wahab_sadeqi shared a tip "Loved this book. Great read with many great facts"

Grace Old's profile image

grace_old shared a tip "It was an interesting read!. It sparked an interest in anthropology. I hope to find similar books soon."

Adam Tyson's profile image

adam_tyson shared a tip "Accessible and comprehensive look"

suzanne_allemeier shared a tip "It’s excellent."

Summer Sun's profile image

summer_sun shared a tip "In this genre, I've also enjoyed Guns, Germs, and Steel by Jared Diamond."

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joe_not_exotic_3880 shared a tip "Amazing read for anyone interested in knowing how everything around us came to be the way it is"

Ed Autry's profile image

ed_autry shared a tip ""Where the Crawdads Sing""

mai_trivedi shared a tip "Great perspective on the history of humankind. Highly recommend. 8.5/10. 👍🏼"

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sarah_odgers shared a tip "Such a good read"

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susan_shaw_4558 shared a tip "Dan Heath Upstream"

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susan_shaw_4558 shared a tip "What are you reading?"

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tha_chain_snatcher shared a tip "One of the best reads ever"

danielle_ceccanecch shared a tip "Enjoy!🥰"

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erika_vargas_8269 shared a tip "So good!"

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