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A special 25th anniversary edition of the extraordinary international bestseller, including a new Foreword by Paulo Coelho.Combining magic, mysticism, wisdom and wonder into an inspiring tale of self-discovery, The Alchemist has become a modern classic, selling millions of copies around the world an

Author Paulo Coelho

Pages 208

Publisher HarperCollins

Published Date 2015-02-24

ISBN 0062416219 9780062416216

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Sheldon Rapoza's profile image

sheldon_rapoza shared a tip "There is something for everyone in this short story. Its a journey about following your dreams and self awareness."

Dylan Sanders's profile image

dylanjs shared a tip "A classic"

Aritz Banuelos's profile image

aritz_banuelos_3500 shared a tip "Searching for your own life treasure"

Regina Simmons's profile image

regina_simmons shared a tip "“And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”"

Sleepy 's profile image

Sle4e2p0 shared a tip "Must read!! Amazing book!"

Cate 's profile image

cate_1830 shared a tip "Simple storytelling, yet complex. It’s a nice easy read and should be read whether you prefer the genre or not."

Diane Morello's profile image

diane_morello shared a tip "Snore on a camel"

brianne_jones_8968 shared a tip "10/5 ⭐️! Absolutely loved this book. So many great lessons in just a few pages! Will definitely be rereading a few times!"

Mari Parker's profile image

mari_parker_1336 shared a tip "This book made my heart burst."

Carol Blakley's profile image

carol_blakley shared a tip "One of my favorites!"

caroline bloom's profile image

caroline_bloom shared a tip "5/10"

Isabella G's profile image

isabella_g_6702 shared a tip "Honestly had to read this for school and had no clue what was going on for 90% of it"

LosAngalex 's profile image

LosAngalex shared a tip "I don’t remember the last time I cried so much. This book really struck something in me. I loved it."

Shannon McManus's profile image

celticgirl shared a tip "I love how lyrical this is written."

savannah_slusher shared a tip "Not my vibe, jumps around too much for me. Leaves a lot of loose ends"

Tatiana Noval's profile image

tatiana_noval shared a tip "My favorite book!"

Brad Ungar's profile image

bradley shared a tip "I reread this one regularly!"

Mariah Simler's profile image

BigDreamer913 shared a tip "This is my all time favorite book!! It's my classic and the book that really speaks to me!"

Olivia Heredia's profile image

olivia_heredia shared a tip "Yes! The end!!!! I love surprise and wisdom bomb 🙂"

Brenda Hudson's profile image

brenda_hudson shared a tip "Actually changed my outlook on how I viewed things in life. Love his writing style."

Jayla Metzler's profile image

jayla_metzler shared a tip "Quick read"

Brittany Euerle's profile image

brittany_euerle shared a tip "Sue : March 2022"

grace_guarin shared a tip "Currently re-reading Uglies by Scott Westerfield and The Poppy War"

Kalina Holzapfel's profile image

kalina_holzapfel_8087 shared a tip "Definitely not my type of book."

Satoshi Seth's profile image

satoshi_seth shared a tip "Timeless and valuable for readers of all ages. If you feel listless, read this!"

Sam V's profile image

sam.v shared a tip "Follow your road, your journey, your calling, but look around because the riches you seek, might not be what you think they are."

Heather Dawn's profile image

heather_dawn_7992 shared a tip "I get something different from it every time i read it"

Connor Gleespen's profile image

connor_gleespen shared a tip "worst book"

Christian Rodriguez's profile image

christian_rodriguez_7587 shared a tip "Philosophical yet folksy."

Luke Zez's profile image

luke_zez shared a tip "Read it. NOW!"

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alainamnt23 shared a tip "From Ms. McKeever"

Narah Holland's profile image

narah_holland shared a tip "@harperbrownca I just finished NightBitch by Rachel Yoder. It was amazing!"

Danielle Tinen's profile image

danielle_tinen shared a tip "One of the best books and such an easy read!"

deanna_lamb_9602 shared a tip "Moving"

roberto m's profile image

roberto_m_6815 shared a tip "4h book"

mildred_cardona shared a tip "Great read."

Neomi Elbaz 's profile image

neomi_elbaz shared a tip "Favorite book. Opened my mind up"

Valentina Sanchez's profile image

valentina_sanchez_8481 shared a tip "Amazing book filled with lots of wisdom, 10/10 suggest to read.#wisdom_literature #spiritual_growth"

Michelle Williams's profile image

michelle_williams_9187 shared a tip "You’re welcome!"

Emma Pierce's profile image

emma_pierce_5821 shared a tip "Beautiful written, changed my entire perspective."

seraaaa shared a tip "Amazing."

jean-claude_coomer shared a tip "A personal favorite!"

gurtej_sekhon shared a tip "Story is timeless. Started and finished on the same day"

Megan Cheslock's profile image

megan_cheslock shared a tip "I haven't yet, any recommendations? I have my eye on The Zahir and Eleven Minutes though."

Big Neck giraffe 's profile image

big_neck_giraffe shared a tip "Life changing"

pat_oconnor shared a tip "Great book about being present through stories."

Tamara Wilson's profile image

tamara_wilson_9089 shared a tip "Loved it."

Samantha Garcia's profile image

samantha_garcia_3999 shared a tip "Short but amazing! Loved it!"

Joanne Kim's profile image

gia_kim_922 shared a tip "#fantasy #dreams"

Kelly Ann's profile image

kelly_ann_7097 shared a tip "One of my favorites!"

Heather Stewart's profile image

heather_stewart_5059 shared a tip "Uplifting,motivating, vivid story, one of my favorite books."

Trusti Patel's profile image

trusti_patel shared a tip "Yes it is"

Alcqueline Dixon-Berry's profile image

alcqueline_dixon-be shared a tip "This is my least favorite book at all time. However, people love it. So, try it out."

Ellis Sidel's profile image

ellis_sidel shared a tip "Absolutely loved this book, Paulo Coelho’s writing is just beautiful"

jessica_toledo shared a tip "I keep re-reading this and re-reading it. The most amazing book that you can take lessons from during all point in your life."

alex_ryan_3147 shared a tip "One of my all time favorites!"

Amanda Cheney's profile image

amanda_cheney shared a tip "Really compelling story in an unusual setting. I also enjoyed the lesson behind it."

Nadya Ayres's profile image

nadya_ayres shared a tip "Such an easy read. Inspiring and relatable while transporting you to a different time and place. Read it many times."

valerie_jasmine shared a tip "im currently reading normal people!"

stephanie_jean_4468 shared a tip "Amazing and inspiring story"

Hamza 's profile image

hamza_6536 shared a tip "100% yes"

Anna Lizarova's profile image

anna_lizarova shared a tip "It has a good moral."

Abbey Fabian's profile image

abbey_fabian shared a tip "I think everyone should read this at least once!!"

amanda_wood_5546 shared a tip "An amazing book; I think everyone should read it."

Sheri Fish's profile image

sheri_fish shared a tip "I like this one cause it makes you think and self reflect"

Dario Melendez's profile image

dario_melendez shared a tip "It’s a short read but it’s a book that you will carry with you forever. A truly inspiring tale."

april_davulcu shared a tip "I could read again and again"

Nat Haywood's profile image

nat_haywood shared a tip "I read this like 20 years ago, but I remember highlighting some little gem on almost every page. 💖"

kirk_mathers shared a tip "Love this book for many reasons, it gave me the push I needed to fulfill me life dream."

Carlos De Souza's profile image

carlos_de_souza shared a tip "Personal favorite"

Samantha Elvington's profile image

samantha_elvington shared a tip "Absolutely!"

Bianca Ettenhofer's profile image

bianca_ettenhofer shared a tip "I couldn’t stop reading it! So many lessons to take from it."

Jacklyn Monique Gonzalez 's profile image

jacklyn_monique_gonzalez shared a tip "Absolutely."

holly_frisch shared a tip "Such an incredible book. Really changes the way you think about life."

Demi Leon's profile image

demi_leon shared a tip "inspired me to pursue my personal legend ✨"

Nikki Casey's profile image

nikki_casey shared a tip "Everyone should read this book once."

bella.loves.sloths shared a tip "It was deeply philosophical and mesmerizing. It gave a new insight into how and why we live. It was quite the wonderful read!"

kacie_olson_778 shared a tip "It made you think and appreciate life."

Andrew Johnson's profile image

andrew_johnson_9274 shared a tip "This book is my guide to life."

Faiza 's profile image

faiza_3548 shared a tip "Adventurous and life lessons worth reading."

raneem_afram shared a tip "Definitely"

brianna__6571 shared a tip "One of my favs, absolutely love"

Jamie Danielle's profile image

jamie_danielle shared a tip "A lovely captivating quick read"

najah_pratt_9424 shared a tip "Was reading Will Smiths book and he stated this was the most influential book he had ever read. I see why… great read!!"

Fran 's profile image

fran_kirman shared a tip "Have you tried The Shadow of the Wind by Ruiz Zafon?"

ethan_nixon_8864 shared a tip "Great for adventure, life tips, motivation, and a great learning experience for viewing things from a new perspective."

Carla Pantoja's profile image

carla_pantoja shared a tip "Love!"

benny_hof shared a tip "Very eye opening, moving book for your mind and outlook"

hannah_hagen_971 shared a tip "in love with this book"

Jess Figueroa's profile image

jess_figueroa shared a tip "Beautiful book to help you remember to be present."

elena_orozco_571 shared a tip "One of my all time favorite books. It is very powerful"

Staci Pack's profile image

staci_pack shared a tip "3/5"

Adrianne Gore's profile image

adrianne_gore shared a tip "One of my favorite books ever! Always want to reread it too."

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