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AN INSTANT NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER!From the # 1 New York Times bestselling author of Eat Pray Love and The Signature of All Things, a delicious novel of glamour, sex, and adventure, about a young woman discovering that you don't have to be a good girl to be a good person."A spellbinding novel abou

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Author Elizabeth Gilbert

Pages 480

Publisher Penguin

Published Date 2019-06-04

ISBN 1594634734 9781594634734


Google 3.5


mary-grace_rees shared a tip "I like female friendships and stories that all come together at the end"

Élodie Chayer's profile image

lodie_chayer shared a tip "Bien écrit (belles métaphores). Côté historique. Avancements féministes."

Lyndsey Plyler's profile image

lyndsey_plyler shared a tip "Read in one sitting...couldn't put the book down!"

KL 's profile image

KrisMich shared a tip "Loved loved loved this book, I couldn't put it down. It was so fun and charming. I'm sad to be finished."

mady_thompson_3573 shared a tip "A little bit slow at parts, but a wonderful story"

caitlin_evers shared a tip "10/10"

Nina Turovskiy's profile image

nina_turovskiy shared a tip "Absolutely love this book!! From the first couple of lines I knew this was going to be my favorite."

Brooke 's profile image

brooke_3708 shared a tip "My new favorite book!"

gina_maness shared a tip "Omggggg, one of the best reads this year! Laughed and cried❤️"

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ashlyn_spilde shared a tip "Loved the audio book specifically!"

Krista Pappas's profile image

pappas shared a tip "another good historical fiction book. It is about an independent-minded woman navigating the crosscurrents of cultural upheaval."

Coop M's profile image

coop_m shared a tip "I haven't read this one yet but I saved it. Right now I'm reading Everything Sad is Untrue."

Mary Thurston's profile image

mary_thurston shared a tip "Yes, I thought it was a great read. It's long but good. I was sad when it was over."

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mariah_johnson_1333 shared a tip "I’m about to start The Cherry Robbers by Sarai Walker ☺️"

Jessica Fuhrer's profile image

jessica_fuhrer shared a tip "I'm reading greenlights right now!"

Candy Santos's profile image

candy_santos shared a tip "Loved this book. I couldn't put it down."

Candy Santos's profile image

candy_santos shared a tip "The interesting and strong women characters"

Joanne Lisosky's profile image

joanne_lisosky shared a tip "This was the best quarantine book I've read. Took you to another time...with costumes!"

Corrinne Gentile's profile image

corrinne_gentile shared a tip "The narrator is insufferable but the people who surround her are an incredibly charismatic lot"

Kelly Gilbert's profile image

kelly_gilbert_8748 shared a tip "I did i thought It was cute"

hope_corizzo shared a tip "One of my favorites of the year. I bought it for my mom, grandmother, and daughter to read. It hits different for every age."

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rebekah_tower shared a tip "Hilarious"

Kelly Pruett's profile image

kelly_pruett shared a tip "This was a great book. Nothing that I assumed would happen happened! ❤"

Kelly Theis's profile image

kelly_theis shared a tip "It was different than what I normally read. I enjoyed it. The descriptions were wonderful."

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jeanine_howard_5069 shared a tip "Maya Angelou"

Elyse Maxwell's profile image

elyse_maxwell shared a tip "Seeing New York through the eyes of a young woman finding her own identity during the 1940s was magical."

Rachel Rice's profile image

rachel_rice shared a tip "It was a slow start but then it hooked me!"

Aubrey Aldana's profile image

aubrey_aldana shared a tip "Femininity, promiscuity, & the pursuit of happiness"

jenna_hulst shared a tip "My favorite book"

taylor_liggett shared a tip "Did not finish. Kept waiting for the plot to happen."

Jilian Rose's profile image

jilian_rose shared a tip "So addictive and stunning to read"

Mary LeMier's profile image

mary_lemier shared a tip "Fun book. Interesting characters. I missed them when the book ended."

Aleana McMurray's profile image

aleana_mcmurray shared a tip "I haven't, but after reading this I want to read all of them!"

Elvia Vasquez's profile image

elvia_vasquez shared a tip "Yes.👍👍"

Mona Arseneau- Bak's profile image

mona_arseneau-_bak shared a tip "My favorite book in the last year!!!"

Lorna Loch's profile image

lorna_loch shared a tip "Beautiful, snappy, fun, portrayal of women and our expected roles in society."

alexis_deagle shared a tip "I listened to the audio book. It was fabulous. Colorful and entertaining, and very well written."

misty_rogers shared a tip "Yes! I really enjoyed it!"

Laura Bombace's profile image

laura_bombace shared a tip "Loved it !! Quite long but worth the read."

Gabriela Arroyo's profile image

gabriela_arroyo_5591 shared a tip "Awesome read! So unique and written so sassy."

samantha_6846 shared a tip "Loved it!!! ❤️"

Ophélie Courtial's profile image

ophlie_courtial shared a tip "Loved reading this book on the beach this summer"

Holly Rasmussen's profile image

holly_rasmussen_7305 shared a tip "Love, love LOVE this book!"

Paula Wallingford's profile image

paula_wallingford shared a tip "Yes, a lovely and intriguing read."

rachel herrington's profile image

rachel_herrington shared a tip "I sure do - Crave series by Tracy Wolff - it’s a departure from what I normally read but lots of fun"

Jennifer Desmarais-Longiaru's profile image

jennifer_desmarais- shared a tip "I hope you like it!"

kristy_casey shared a tip "Loved the era!"

kristy_casey shared a tip "Have you ever read The Paris Wife by Paula McLain?"

Sylwia Pola's profile image

sylwia_pola shared a tip "I don't read this book yet.But, I will read it."

deb_876 shared a tip "Loved"

kathy_nicholson shared a tip "Great complexed story"

Rachel Pederson's profile image

rachelpederson shared a tip "Entertaining to no end."

holly_kaz shared a tip "So smart"

Kelly Laycock's profile image

kelly_laycock shared a tip "So good! I've flown through it without even realizing!"

Shan Marie K's profile image

shan_marie_k shared a tip "I would definitely recommend it. It was one of my top reads this year."

Marianne Wilson's profile image

marianne_wilson_5854 shared a tip "This book made me fall in love with my city all over again…"

Kayla Mueller's profile image

kayla_mueller_4257 shared a tip "Fun read!"

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shannon_alexander_6021 shared a tip "This is fabulous on audiobook! I love being immersed in 1940’s NY theatre scene!"

Seynabou Diaite's profile image

seynabou_diaite shared a tip "I think so, I haven't read it yet."

Seynabou Diaite's profile image

seynabou_diaite shared a tip "I also added it to my reading list."

kelsy_7354 shared a tip "Great storytelling! Keeps you entertained and wanting more of the story! Easy read and loved the 1940’s era!"

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