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THE INSTANT #1 BESTSELLER IS NOW AVAILABLE IN PAPERBACK! FEATURED ON 60 MINUTES and FRESH AIR "So surprising and moving and true that I became completely unstrung." - The New York Times Named a best book of the year by: The New York Times, NPR, TIME, Wall Street Journal, Boston Globe, Entertainment

Author John Green

Pages 320

Publisher Penguin

Published Date 2019

ISBN 0525555374 9780525555377

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Megan  Sterling's profile image

ohjeezmeg shared a tip "Great book. Easy reading."

riley_m_bollman shared a tip "mhm mine too!"

Karalee Sabo's profile image

karalee_sabo shared a tip "I really appreciated the way this book dealt with mental health"

Casandra K's profile image

casafrass shared a tip "This book bettered my understanding of anxiety"

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samantha_sls shared a tip "Anything by John Green is good."

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datgirl_faith shared a tip "#ocd"

Emily Colsen's profile image

emily_colsen shared a tip "Very real and relatable insight to mental health. Nothing like anything I have ever read. Very inspiring."

Cassie Pignataro's profile image

cassie_pignataro shared a tip "This is another book that I would read over and over again!"

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ray_jordan_7831 shared a tip "Great book that deals with OCD and mental illness."

Caroline Stehle's profile image

caroline_stehle shared a tip "Beautifully written"

Phi Thai's profile image

phi_thai shared a tip "Such an amazing book😭 I loved it so much"

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grace_nichols_21 shared a tip "brilliantly portrayed mental illness with captivating plot"

Zoey :D's profile image

zoey_3 shared a tip "AMAZING BOOK. my all time fav by him"

Hannah Suzanne's profile image

hannah_suzanne shared a tip "This was a very real and relatable novel! I absolutely loved it."

adrianna3005 shared a tip "Currently reading All The Bright Places and loving it!!"

mia_6659 shared a tip "john green never misses. my new favourite"

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spiritualandpowerful shared a tip "I am working on Chomp by Carl Hiaasan. It is just a nice and relaxing read. I recommend if you want a calm and easy read."

Alex Zarycka's profile image

alex_zarycka shared a tip "This book made me sad but also taught me a lesson at the end. That's what I like about this one"

Kaitlyn Lightfoot's profile image

kaitlyn_lightfoot shared a tip "Mental health conveyed in a way I loved"

erin_cooper_6306 shared a tip "This book describes anxiety and thought spirals in a way that feels incredibly real."

Madi Lycklama's profile image

madi_lycklama shared a tip "Really great look into mental health and the charactors were very relatable and felt so real"

Sydney Williams's profile image

sydney_williams_1012 shared a tip "beautiful book that shows how struggling with mental health can be"

sophie facciolo's profile image

sophie_facciolo shared a tip "SO GOOD"

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leslie_danehower shared a tip "This book was a wonderful surprise. Great read."

Abbie Smith's profile image

abbie_smith_8295 shared a tip "LOVE. thats all I have to say!!"

Julie Baklashev's profile image

julie_baklashev shared a tip "Favorite of John Greens"

Natalie Walker's profile image

natalie_walker_189 shared a tip ""—and no one ever says good-bye unless they want to see you again," —John Green, page 286."

Julia Betini's profile image

julia_betini shared a tip "Adventure, romance, and mental health"

avery_young_4915 shared a tip "my favorite book"

amberly_briskin shared a tip "Hands down one of the best books I have ever read!"

Natalia 's profile image

natalia_959 shared a tip "Loved it! Eye-opener to the struggles of living with OCD. #turtlesallthewaydown #johngreen #azaholmes #ocd"

Rosalene🌸 's profile image

rosalene shared a tip "I loved this"

Mer:) 's profile image

meredith_kroupa shared a tip "i loved it it is my new comfort book"

Michelle Millet's profile image

michelle_millet shared a tip "I think so! I like John Green's characters."

Luxie Belle's profile image

luxie_belle shared a tip "I loved this book it will always be my favorite, John did an amazing job talking about the struggles of OCD ."

Kaitlyn Berry's profile image

kaitlyn_berry_9859 shared a tip "I don't have one. Never read anime."

isabella_oneal_204 shared a tip "This is amazing!"

angelina_jeong shared a tip "Lots of cuss words but i would recommend only if you can handle mature content and adult realistic fiction"

Jordan Leeder's profile image

jordan_leeder shared a tip "Great tip to understand the depths of anxiety and how it makes people feel"

elayna schimanski's profile image

elayna_schimanski shared a tip "absolutely. read it in one sitting"

nyaomi_johnson shared a tip "A lot♡"

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m_s_7109 shared a tip "one of my top 5"

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m_s_7109 shared a tip "one of the best books i've read!"

alaina h's profile image

alainamarie_h shared a tip "YESYESYESYES"

bina_rieser shared a tip "Loved the way it made me feel. Really gives a realistic look in to specific OCDs. Loved the way it was written. Had a good cry:))"

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ryanisvgay shared a tip "FR THIS WAS SO GOOD"

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hoot7777 shared a tip "I LOVED THIS BOOK"

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tiny_edits shared a tip "A very awesome book to read over the summer"

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jake_smith_1494 shared a tip "This is such a good book highly recommend it"

Madeline Neyenhaus's profile image

madeline_neyenhaus shared a tip "Will Grayson, Will Grayson is my favorite! He technically co-wrote it, but it’s fantastic."

kate_hockenbury shared a tip "Not your typical teen love story much more interesting and complex"

Haley Strassburg's profile image

haley_strassburg shared a tip "I've read his other books and he is an excellent author. I have yet to read this one, I just wanted to mark it down"

alley_otto shared a tip "It did such an amazing job portraying the feeling of anxiety and ocd. John Green is a truly amazing writer."

aspin_sanders shared a tip "I loved daisy. I related to her home life and attitude."

hope martin's profile image

hopem3077 shared a tip "Recommended by my college roommate. this book was very relatable and touching. i highly recommend this book!!"

Cami Fischer's profile image

cami_fischer shared a tip "It’s a beautiful and daring take on mental illness. Also, an intelligent out look that love doesn’t always last. Truly stunning!"

Lily Kurtz's profile image

lily_kurtz_7792 shared a tip "perfect for people who think no one understands what they’re going through (mental illness)"

Brianna Jackson's profile image

brianna_jackson_2353 shared a tip "I am so so in love with this book!"

Alana Kaniecki's profile image

alana_kaniecki_3027 shared a tip "this book was SO GOOD! it is probably one of my favorite books. it will make you laugh and cry all at once. beautiful read <3"

Zoe Green's profile image

zoe_green_6811 shared a tip "i love the way it captures mental illnesses. well written."

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