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A #1 New York Times bestseller!Sarah J. Maas's brand-new CRESCENT CITY series begins with House of Earth and Blood: the story of half-Fae and half-human Bryce Quinlan as she seeks revenge in a contemporary fantasy world of magic, danger, and searing romance. Bryce Quinlan had the perfect life-workin

Author Sarah J. Maas

Pages 648

Publisher Bloomsbury Publishing USA

Published Date 2020-03-03

ISBN 1635574056 9781635574050


Google 4.5


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anna_6792 shared a tip "I'm really tempted to read them all."

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gaby_baeza shared a tip "Obsessed!"

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kasey_ziegler shared a tip "Sure a beautiful story that will have you staying up all night to finish. Can’t wait for the next one"

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maddie_hutchinson shared a tip "It’s the best tbh. Romance and action!"

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maddie_hutchinson shared a tip "Read read read"

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daniele_calcagno shared a tip "@lauragarcia1 it’s hard to pick just one part. I loved the whole book it was so hard to put down while reading it haha"

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daniele_calcagno shared a tip "@lauragarcia1 how about yourself?"

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samantha_bergman shared a tip "Amazing! Can’t wait for the second book ❤️"

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starry_101 shared a tip "Favorite fantasy book! Ever! Absolutely amazing!"

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samanthaamberr shared a tip "EPIC"

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isabella_nesheiwat shared a tip "If you can get through the first 30% of world-building info dumps, i swear it is 100% worth it."

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cassandra_ramos shared a tip "Throne of Glass series ?"

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ariel. shared a tip "Hands down my favorite adult fantasy ever"

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idkwhy shared a tip "love thissss"

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hannah_m_9435 shared a tip "I love this book. Sarah J Maas did not disappoint. It was an emotional ride."

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ashleighbrown shared a tip "ONE OF THE BEST BOOKS I’VE EVER READ."

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sarahsbooks shared a tip "The perfect book. The best book."

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keiana_c shared a tip "Wasn't my favourite SJM book but it's definitely promising. Sets up for a further series. Next ones out in January 2022"

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delenasstilinski shared a tip "This book is my absolute favorite that I’ve ever read! Highly recommend!"

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sarah_elick shared a tip "Great story, loved the main character"

nickie_deffinbaugh shared a tip "it took a minute to get in to but worth the read"

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kelsey_liedel shared a tip "Very interesting book after the first few chapters"

keila_1172 shared a tip "Ok so like I said on my other post about this book... total ploy twist! I love this book. All her books are amazing to me!"

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andrea_blas shared a tip "Can’t wait for the second book!!"

ailyne shared a tip "Too many descriptions of her “voluptuousness” but the plot twist was good."

kat_boyd shared a tip "Just finished this book and had tears streaming like the last 100 pages. Beautiful 😭♥️"

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anna_li_8708 shared a tip "Even better if you forget to read the book back"

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courtney_sawkins shared a tip "So good! It’s a slow start but I couldn’t put it down once it started getting good."

mara_utterback shared a tip "Amazing world building and heart-wrenching storyline"

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kinzie_edgeworth shared a tip "Slow at the beginning but it's worth it. Can't wait for the next."

lara_ozden shared a tip "My fav book recently"

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marissa_boyne shared a tip "Probably the best book I’ve read this year"

coralie_richer shared a tip "It is! The first half is a bit slow but after that I could not put it down!"

ian_piers shared a tip "Great world building. It’s a lot of fun and keeps you hooked in throughout. Excited for book 2! 🦦🦦"

calli_mcmanus shared a tip "Definitely a new favorite! Can’t wait for the second one to come out!"

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emily_leal shared a tip "It was slow in the beginning but I ended up really loving it!"

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mira_may_1753 shared a tip "If you want a boom with a bunch of genres in one. READ THIS!"

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eden_best shared a tip "Just yes! Can’t wait for the next one!"

tammy_peredery shared a tip "I liked the book"

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alysa_marin shared a tip "Fantastic!!"

brian_strong_7504 shared a tip "I liked Sarah's first venture into adult fantasy. Looking forward to the next book."

meredith_duke shared a tip "While having fantasy, it was also a bit of a mystery- when I thought I knew who the bad guy was, it was not them! Great book"

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rachel_leon shared a tip "This so far was my best 2021 read - book of the year for me!"

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gracie_grant_5345 shared a tip "If you love the ACOTAR series you will love this next series that SJM has wrote #fantasy #romance #crime"

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morgan_tymchak shared a tip "I just finished this last night.. and cried sad tears, and happy tears. I need the next one to come out soon!"

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thalia_messmer shared a tip "Unreal"

sarah_gieseke shared a tip "I loved this book, It has such a good story line and amazing characters. I can not wait for the second book to come out!"

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kerry_finnamore shared a tip "Longest book on TBR - bonus"

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alexis_gregory_5062 shared a tip "i dont even have words to describe it"

madeline_carlton shared a tip "Love her books! I can’t wait until the second one comes out!"

tanya_conway_dale shared a tip "Like the characters and story line."

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angelika_kerepesi shared a tip "If you love Acotar or Tog.. you might like this"

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christy_quach shared a tip "Soo good!"

shelby_bennett_779 shared a tip "I absolutely LOVED this book! 11/10 would recommend!"

hunter_cermak shared a tip "Too modern"

gabrielle_bishop_1389 shared a tip "its amazing , i love how she transitioned to adult fiction i cant put this down"

lauren_rinehart shared a tip "This was… okay. I’m still a little confused at all the twists and turns it took but I’m happy with the book as a whole. 8/10."

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jessica_miller_2922 shared a tip "Either Lehabah or Danika."

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vicki_parsons shared a tip "This is the only from the series that is currently out but this is one of my favourites from the author"

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kaitlyn_comer shared a tip "Urban High Fantasy. Read for a 2nd time and Liked it even more. Starts off a smidge slow for me but once the plot gets going 😘"

sophia_438 shared a tip "So sweet and yet hot romance. Sarah does it every time with her characters. The plot was unpredictable"

lauren_weeks shared a tip "Strong female lead!! Badass bitch alert!"

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allison_nixon shared a tip "Fantastic. Wonderful. Chef's kiss."

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nina_lake shared a tip "Loved it!"

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carson_rampelberg shared a tip "Finished in a week, and it’s 800 pages! So captivating! Everything I could want in a book"

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emma_austin_4153 shared a tip "Best book!! Doesn’t disappoint and is the next best series by Sarah"

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tanya_bos shared a tip "A bit of a slow start but it is SO worth it and really gets you into the character’s heads, stick with it, it picks up! :D"

luciana_6087 shared a tip "My favorite Maas novel. Thriling and hard to put down."

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jeanelle_malbeuf shared a tip "Such a good start to a new series by Maas. Can’t wait for more"

lauren_ramey shared a tip "This is the first in this series! I'm hoping the next book comes out next year!"

tabethia_romer shared a tip "This was an amazing story! I was hooked and drawn in from the begining with the plot and the twists! I wabt more!"

julia_gass shared a tip "It is written by Sara J Maas, what more is there need to say."

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run_ofakind shared a tip "Seriously my all time favorite book! I am in LOVE."

rylee_5724 shared a tip "My favorite first book SJM has written"

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wendy_little shared a tip "Great story with action & adventure."

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tyla_daniels shared a tip "The A Court of Thorns and Roses series! It's my favorite series from her."

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miranda_mangum shared a tip "This book was incredible i am excited for the second book"

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miranda_kyles shared a tip "There is only one so far.."

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elisabeth_dombrosky shared a tip "One of the best reads in 2020 could not put it down!"

belisa_sherrer shared a tip "SJM is my favorite Author, if you love faeries, vampires, humans in a modern world this is for you."

illiana_beverly shared a tip "Slow start building the world but absolutely worth it."

sousana_hanna shared a tip "Absolutely amazing book, the world was well developed and loved the characters!"

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roisin_austin shared a tip "Wondering when the second book will be out"

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ashleyreads shared a tip "@ifixler so far it's just the one book. Next one's coming out in november I believe."

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lily_welch_4738 shared a tip "@gloria_montes Hunt, without a doubt. I’m a simple woman, okay? Who’s yours?"

lily_tom shared a tip "When I tell you this book had soooo many plot twists!!!!! I read all 900 pages in two nights - I couldn’t put it down!"

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kaelyn_hutchinson shared a tip "Great combo of fairytale and modern day that I’ve never seen before. Great read. Can’t wait for book 2."