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THE SUNDAY TIMES BESTSELLER AND TIKTOK SENSATIONSOON TO BE A NETFLIX FILM'Riveting, heart-wrenching and full of Old Hollywood glamour' BuzzFeed'This wildly addictive journey of a reclusive Hollywood starlet and her tumultuous Tinseltown journey comes with unexpected twists and the most satisfying of

Author Taylor Jenkins Reid

Pages 400

Publisher Simon & Schuster UK

Published Date 2021-10-14

ISBN 1398515701 9781398515703


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the_sapphic_bookworm_9707 shared a tip "This is one of the best books that I have ever read. It deserves all the praise it gets!"

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carla_jewell shared a tip "Fantastic read!"

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nikita_staskus shared a tip "Honestly probably this one or speak!"

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Belle_11525 shared a tip "This book is an amazing historical fiction I read it in a day"

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audrey_woodall shared a tip "This book was so beautiful. It absolutely broke me"

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monica_cvetkovic shared a tip "this is by far one of the best books i’ve ever read ! #thesevenhusbandsofevelynhugoisthebestbookever"

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shannon_niemi shared a tip "10/10"

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jaime_garno shared a tip "One of my fave books 13/10 would recommend to everyone"

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MtReadermoreRep shared a tip "Great plot and plot progression! Also that plot twist!!"

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tiana_raymond shared a tip "Omg, it definitely is! let me know when you read we can discuss it if you like."

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katie_powell_7959 shared a tip "5/5"

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katie_powell_7959 shared a tip "5/5"

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sonesta_josephsen shared a tip "So so good!"

court_4296 shared a tip "Wow. 🙌🏼"

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faebae shared a tip "I loved this. It is a captivating tale of old hollywood, friendship, fame, with a beautiful but heart wrenching wlw storyline."

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serenity_taylor_5853 shared a tip "elegant wlw loverrrrs"

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carlyn_brooks shared a tip "It wasn’t my favorite read (slightly vulgar), but I defined enjoyed the frequent plot twists!!"

sarah_bench shared a tip "Heart wrenching, funny, relatable, can’t put it down. By far the best book I’ve read this year."

alayna_lallana shared a tip "This book was so good! I finished it in a day. If you have any recommendations similar to this book, please lmk!"

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brianne_wells_7015 shared a tip "This book was amazing. Plot twists and I laughed a lot"

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hannah_damiani shared a tip "Couldn't put the book down! The storyline sucked me in."

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skyla_mccluskey shared a tip "I loved the suspense, and I loved the way she wrote Evelyn!"

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michayla_g shared a tip "you're welcome!!"

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megan_jungers shared a tip "Loved this book, especially for the bi visibility it provides."

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bethann_schrader-gi shared a tip "Fantastic"

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jessica_gutierrez_9193 shared a tip "It’s sooo good! I heard it was turning into a TV movie not sure what happened lol"

nicole_c_3756 shared a tip "Loved this book! Would recommend for sure"

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myla_mcpherson shared a tip "one of my favorite books"

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julia_dougherty_2270 shared a tip "Well written, thought Evelyn was a real person!"

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kellen_gondo shared a tip "⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ intriguing."

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zaynah_bazil shared a tip "It’s a great plot but I had trouble connecting with the book"

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gracie_muncher shared a tip "literally my favorite book I’ve ever read"

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katie_kroboth shared a tip "absolutely amazing storyline, left me asking questions then answered them. the ending was bittersweet in the best way"

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daniella_magana shared a tip "Just finished this book on Audible. I loved it so much and cried more than I would like to admit! 10/10 highly recommend!"

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ren_gaines shared a tip "I really loved it! Never wanted to put it down. I’m not a book crier but this one had me a little teary."

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fenan_zerie shared a tip "I'm thinking of reading "They both die at the end" next"

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kera_barnett shared a tip "This was a great read! Enjoyed reading all about Evelyn!"

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lucy_reid shared a tip "Loved this story! Really enjoyed hearing about her life… much different than what I’ve read before"

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lindsay_lofthouse shared a tip "Such a beautiful story! It made me smile and cry."

tori_rondeau_5096 shared a tip "Beautiful writing."

valerie_dadderio shared a tip "This book made me feel so many things!! 10/10"

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taylor_langel shared a tip "Everything comes full circle at the end. It honestly didn’t peak my interest till the last 100 pages. I’d say it’s a 6/10"

amal_6520 shared a tip "probably either the love hypothesis or not if i save you first"

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sunflowerraindrop shared a tip "Absolutely loved this book!!"

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deIiIah shared a tip "best book ever"

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melissa_simers shared a tip "I loved this book. It was totally not what I expected."

cara_tramell shared a tip "I didn’t connect with the characters in this book as well as I usually do, but it was still a really great story."

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luz_maria_ shared a tip "Loved it!"

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leighelle_johnson shared a tip "My favorite book of all time! Evelyn was so real, I felt what she felt 🤌🏻 5/5"

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emma_trenchard shared a tip "Honestly lived up to the hype, I finished it in two days."

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molly_spears shared a tip "So good"

kacey_feng shared a tip "best book evaaa"

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brooke_dragone shared a tip "not what I was expecting, honestly didn’t like her view of marriage but the ending I did not see coming"

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anna_hernandez_810 shared a tip "I didn't think I'd like it as much as I did, the story was captivating and it felt like a very short read."

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shelby_johnson_5081 shared a tip "Breathtaking and heartbreaking love story that tells of all the different kinds of love’s someone can have 🖤"

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jordyn_silva shared a tip "It was a great story and amazing characters but in the end it can get very sad"

jennifer_hernandez_2346 shared a tip "Great book!"

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kendall_4296 shared a tip "I loved this book I was expecting something different but It was still so good I would read it again"

jenna_hulst shared a tip "One of my favorites!"

leslie_lenhardt shared a tip "Great story line! Twist at the end got me 😳"

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ForTheHonorOfGaySkull shared a tip "i made sure i have a box of kleenex beside me"

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rosa_peake shared a tip "Totally! It’s pretty fast paced which is nice if you are an advanced reader! Super emotional read!"

monica_maday shared a tip "Fantastic writing! This was one I couldn’t put down and stayed up way too late reading. I was sad when this one was over."

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swilson1126 shared a tip "One of my absolute favorite reads!"

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kyrie_p shared a tip "Sapphic, sad, and beautiful"

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amsewell97 shared a tip "Couldn’t put it down! So captivating and so many twists."

avery_obyrne shared a tip "so good, beautiful writing, felt like I was in that time period"

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gabrielle_martin_6160 shared a tip "Mine too! It is such a wonderful book!"

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jackie_k-s shared a tip "Loved it!!!! And I loved Malibu Rising!!! Fell in love with the kids and has Evelyn connections!!"

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kristina_noyes shared a tip "Such a good book!"

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sadie_mallory shared a tip "Very well written with good ending."

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laura_micleusanu shared a tip "leaves you literally sobbing 10/10"

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rachel_trudell shared a tip "This book was beautiful and easy to read. Finished it in two days."