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THE MUST-READ MULTIMILLION BESTSELLING MYSTERY SERIES• Everyone is talking about A Good Girl's Guide to Murder! With shades of Serial and Making a Murderer this is the story about an investigation turned obsession, full of twists and turns and with an ending you'll never expect.Everyone in Fairview

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Author Holly Jackson

Pages 400

Publisher Random House Children's Books

Published Date 2020-02-04

ISBN 1984896369 9781984896360


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danielle_henry_6987 shared a tip "Very well done YA murder mystery!"

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skye_edelson-bennett shared a tip "This book was great! Super fun and didn't know what was going to happen. I highly recommend!"

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olivia_tarver shared a tip "Loved the Twist at the End. But I have to be honest, every chapter had a different twist."

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isabella_3524 shared a tip "I’ve read this entire trilogy and omg! I love these books so so much and I 100% recommend them! 5/5 ⭐️"

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loriena shared a tip "A 10 out of 10, a must-read"

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rachel_temp shared a tip "Page Turner, pretty easy read, keeps you guessing until the end."

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imagination_v.s_reality shared a tip "This book was so good! I truly felt like one of the characters. I followed along with sadness, surprise and confusion"

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lilly_skogsberg shared a tip "This book is so good, definitely worth the hype. I did not see the twist coming."

abbie_plaisted shared a tip "Loved it!!"

melissa_allen_730 shared a tip "⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️"

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shanna_1006 shared a tip "5/5 so good enjoyed everything about it"

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Helena_Phillips shared a tip "This was so good! It has to be one of my favorite books ever, I can’t wait to read the next one. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️"

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lavapip shared a tip "LEGIT SO GOOD!! cant wait to read the next one! already ordered it before i was even completely finished."

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kellen_gondo shared a tip "Very interesting and addicting. ⭐️⭐️⭐️"

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tifflovescoffee shared a tip "All time favorite book!"

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violet_chase_3649 shared a tip "The plot twist was amazing !!!"

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livmarie shared a tip "I couldn’t read another book for a week because of how good it was"

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kendall_mcb shared a tip "Very entertaining read. Short and captivating with good plot and characters. Definitely would recommend."

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kenna_1028 shared a tip "This is so good!"

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kenna_1028 shared a tip "So far I love this book!"

rey_walsh shared a tip "it’s cute. it’s scary. what else could a girl ask for?"

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oriana_scott shared a tip "It gave me chills with the amazing writing from Holly Jackson. 10/10 recommend completely!"

alyssa 🪴🍄☮️'s profile image

alyssa_woody shared a tip "i read it in one sitting, enough said."

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gwen_lopez shared a tip "Good twist and turns."

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eden_burleson shared a tip "It was a really gripping mystery! I wasn’t a fan of the language and thematic elements but besides that I loved it!"

naomi_6413 shared a tip "the ending was THE BEST"

rileykinzzzz shared a tip "definitely a great book for a first timer in murder-mystery!"

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mary_dolan_9191 shared a tip "Couldn’t put it down!"

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nahiara_luna shared a tip "Omg this was the best. The amount of plots twist had me think I was going insane"

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kendal_reed shared a tip "AMAZING MURDER MYSTERY. twists and turns through the whole novel. Loved it"

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hanna_1376 shared a tip "I LOVED this book. I could not put it down until I finished it. On to the second one now."

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lauren_brooke_7966 shared a tip "Wonderful book full of twist and turns"

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i_read_books shared a tip "Had me on the edge of my seat. Super creative. You never know which way the story will go next"

madison_bottrall shared a tip "Amazing read Had a shocking ending"

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victoria_lora shared a tip "i annotated alone and solved the mystery with her it def enhanced the reading experience"

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ashlee__ shared a tip "it’s very well written and i loved pip and ravi! <333"

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SharpieFineTip shared a tip "Amazing 🤩"

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victoria_diaz_6776 shared a tip "Addicting writing and characters! Plot is well written and makes you feel apart of the story. Loved it!"

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riley_smith_8235 shared a tip "Love suspense of the book, if you’re into who dunnit tropes, this one is a good one for you!"

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lexi_96 shared a tip "A book that literally has a choke hold on me cant put it down"

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morgan_markus shared a tip "This book is so good I do have to admit I have only read the first one but I want to read the other ones!"

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leilani_farrell shared a tip "Good read."

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sarah_seeling shared a tip "Page turner! Can’t wait to read the next one!"

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allison_weber_2135 shared a tip "Absolutely 100%"

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fabi_.g shared a tip "Good book 👍🏻"

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giovanna_ruvolo shared a tip "This book honestly has some amazing imagery and i never wanted to put the book down."

grace_dimartino shared a tip "It was so good. I couldn’t put it down!"

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aisling_taylor shared a tip "it was very suspenseful"

desteni_botelho shared a tip "so i just finished the first book in the series and the ending was amazing. ravi has my heart. what do u think of it?"

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kaylee_lesmana shared a tip "It is absolutely amazing and it’s impossible how holly jackson was able to fit that much in only 400 pages. Stunning!!!🙌🙌"

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denny_boettcher shared a tip "This story had me on the edge of my seat trying to piece together the puzzle the whole way through!"

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draco_8152 shared a tip "LOVE LOVE LOVE"

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amethyst_obi shared a tip "Satisfying ending, rough ride getting there."

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isabel_zamora_6680 shared a tip "I loved this so much! My brother bought it for me and I finished it in a total of 8 hours and 30 minutes."

madalyn_davis_344 shared a tip "best book by far!!!"

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jakeline_p shared a tip "Currently half way through!!"

erin_l_632 shared a tip "Mentioned 2"

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sadnessisconsumingmyself shared a tip "made me feel less alone and helped me to understand some feelings"

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ava_8755 shared a tip "@avery_vivian_496 do it buy it it’s 100% worth it"

maura_meade shared a tip "Very well written book- highly recommend"

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emem_1320 shared a tip "I LOVEEE THE TWISTS‼️‼️"

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zoie_denton shared a tip "Had me hooked the whole time. Very well written!"

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rachel_modisette shared a tip "This book was absolutely INCREDIBLE so many twists and turns it certainly kept me on my toes!"

violet_deslauriers shared a tip "It had a slow start but got really good in the end. I can’t wait to read the sequel!"

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itzz_beebee shared a tip "great book 10/10 i recently have been trying to find more books to read and this one is amazing!"

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claudia_milinovich shared a tip "Definitely the silent patient by alex michaeldes!!"

amanda_vieau shared a tip "Not a problem 😁"

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kayleen_gupman shared a tip "Suspenseful through the whole thing, keeps you guessing on who did it and how it actually happened!"

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simar_bains shared a tip "What book should I read after I’m done? I’m looking for something really similar just with a happy ending."

fabiola_sanchez_9018 shared a tip "fav series"

muskaan_7540 shared a tip "WAS SOO GOOOD. literally finished it in two days. 10/10"

Camryn Plaxco's profile image

camryn_plaxco shared a tip "Hmm not necessarily a part, but I loved all the plot twists and pippa and sal’s relationship!!"

Kas Docken's profile image

kas_docken shared a tip "I didn’t realize it was YA. It was a little too juvenile for me"

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leland_ervin shared a tip "This is probably my favorite book series I loved it so much"

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ineedtoreadmore shared a tip "Currently It Only Happens In The Movies. It’s a love story, but I haven’t decided if I like it yet."

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ki_179 shared a tip "Bought this cause I liked the cover but MY GOD this one of my favorite books of all time 10/10 would read again"

emily_howe_2100 shared a tip "Loved everything about this book. Cant even explain it."

𝐞𝐥𝗺 🍄🪐's profile image

randomlifeoflm shared a tip "OBSESSED !!!!"

𝐞𝐥𝗺 🍄🪐's profile image

randomlifeoflm shared a tip "just read this lil guy! i loved every second of it🥲"

anika_harmsen shared a tip "It was very interesting and had a good ending twist!"

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katie_moncrief_2896 shared a tip "currently reading this one too!!"

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keona_arelis shared a tip "I (personally) love it, it felt like solving the mystery along with the characters. Would definitely read again."

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jasmine_maya shared a tip "super interesting and intriguing"

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melanie_granda shared a tip "Definitely kept me interested in the book like when i was halfway through, never expected the outcome."

leah_fisher_3575 shared a tip "Its so gripping, I couldnt put the book down"

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mm_life shared a tip "It os sutch a good book@"

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izzy_9945 shared a tip "Such a good book!!"

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erica_nelson_5831 shared a tip "You're welcome 😺"

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naima_midoriya shared a tip "I read that book. It's so good 💗💗"

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annakath shared a tip "finished the series, there’s good girl, bad blood and as good as dead :)"

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macie_m_1452 shared a tip "good mystery don’t like main character"

dasiy shared a tip "MOST UNEXPECTED ENDING..... LOVED IT!!!!"

mya_lee_5137 shared a tip "one of my favorites currently would have to be Unsub by Meg Gardiner."

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harlynn shared a tip "this is one of the most amazing books i have read tbh. like its so good so many plot twists its just wow"

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anna_gagiev shared a tip "So investing, the sequel is so emotional and mind twisting, by far one of my favourite books ever"

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anna_gagiev shared a tip "It was investing and had lots of twists"

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alex_6824 shared a tip "One of my ALL TIME FAVORITE BOOKS!! This book originally got me back into reading!"

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emmareed shared a tip "omg. i couldn't put this down, it keeps you hooked. def reading the sequel."

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henesis shared a tip "I just finished the series and I loved it so much. What did you guys think about these books?"


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iliana_272 shared a tip "it was pretty good a little confusing towards the end."

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saranya_moodley shared a tip "This was an amazing book!"

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squirrel_nest shared a tip "Amazing read! Couldn't put it down"

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chloe_vanderhoek shared a tip "Hello just got a new book and im only on chapter 4 and I already love it I can’t put the book down it’s so good"

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amaya_kotarba shared a tip "I’ve completed reading the whole trilogy but next I plan to read the One of Us Is Lying series 😊"

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hannah_jeanne shared a tip "Pip is a #coolgirl who #isntliketheothergirls. This reads like it was written by a boomer with internalized misogyny. Boo."

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claudia_dmello shared a tip "It has a way to sweep you off your feet"

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lucy_reid shared a tip "Good, definitely better suited for teens."

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Koalathekalala shared a tip "Read it in almost one whole sitting super good and gets really juicy as you go on I was completely captivated"

enny_shonaike shared a tip "Am reading stag right now I heard it’s a good book"

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andre_campos_mendan shared a tip "loved this one sm"

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bavneet_2663 shared a tip "THIS BOOK WAS AMAZING 5/5 ⭐️ HIGHLY RECOMMENDED"

trixie_tuber shared a tip "Twists and turns were perfect i binged it"

kseniia_trotsenko shared a tip "This book was so interesting, I loved it"

ace_leuzinger shared a tip "Just finished this book. Got any recommendations for similar books to read"

madeline_knight_6063 shared a tip "I am finishing the series. Then I am going to read Four Dead Queens"

bookwormer shared a tip "It wasn’t horrible but I felt like sometimes there was too much happening at once."

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keira_potts shared a tip "So addicting! I couldn"

avi_snegirev_9995 shared a tip "It is SOO good! I could not put it down!"

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indra_yunen shared a tip "4/5⭐️"

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hannah_grace_7050 shared a tip "Absolutely loved this book! Kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time"

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xxchristianxx shared a tip "such a good book cant wait to read the other two!"

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emma_c_1443 shared a tip "I loved how it constantly kept you engaged and there was some romance too!"

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alyssa_crowe11 shared a tip "Absolutely loved this book/series !!!"

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slime_unicorn shared a tip "Need more like this now"

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makayla_gonzalez shared a tip "mystery"

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deena. shared a tip "I finished the book, loved it. Just got the second series and I dove right into it."

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josephine_tetteh shared a tip "It was so good😁"

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bookbookboi shared a tip "it was too good! cant wait to read the sequel"

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saturnlikestoread13 shared a tip "Loovveeee"

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sammyc0530 shared a tip "A very entertaining and quick read"

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emily_obrien_5331 shared a tip "I liked the story line, very good writing"

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sarahbel shared a tip "Fantastic read - compelling, emotional, and suspenseful."

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cate_chapman shared a tip "crime investigation"

aubrey_miller_7534 shared a tip "LOTS OF PLOT TWISTS AND KEPT YOU ON YOUR TOES!!"

catherine_lowry shared a tip "very good will definitely read the second book"

taylor_norman_844 shared a tip "I loved the mystery. Such a great book with so many twists and turns!"

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stephanie_ellison_7048 shared a tip "Great start to an amazing trilogy."

lindsey_kitter shared a tip "Such a good page turning book. Didn’t want to put it down. Had to know what was next. Super easy read and hooked the whole time."

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zara_3961 shared a tip "So good! I loved the plot twists and the way the author wrote this book!! 10/10 would recommend."

olivia_st._louis shared a tip "The maps and the whole interrogation part"

Hana Smajis's profile image

immarrypoppinsyall0 shared a tip "Such a good read! Very well written and easy to follow. A great story"

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bookworm68372 shared a tip "PIP AND RAVI 🥹🥹"

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bookworm68372 shared a tip "Pip and Ravi 🥹🥹"

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bookworm68372 shared a tip "PIP AND RAVI ARE LIKE SOULMATES I SWEARRR"

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maryn_foote shared a tip "Soooo good. Absolutely crazy ending."

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kiya_williams_4911 shared a tip "This book was one of my favorites, the mystery and suspense kept me on my seat!"

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honbo shared a tip "This was an interesting read! Kept me guessing and I did not figure out the ending which is always fun!"

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jane_morgan123 shared a tip "100/10, another favorite!!!! MUST read"

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Freckles_reads shared a tip "Omg it was so good?! Literally couldn’t put it down! Pip is literally so cool, love that girl"

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kaylie_knox shared a tip "This book was sooooo good. Definitely for murder maniacs!!"

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beautifulbookworm shared a tip "So Good!!! 10/10"

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bananatheidiot shared a tip "Ravi and Pippa <3 (or should I say sarge)"

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mackenzie_miller_3911 shared a tip "This book was amazing! I was hooked from the very beginning. Pip’s journey was so compelling and I couldn’t stopped reading."

nicole_kolbinson shared a tip "Really enjoyed this one! Wasn’t expecting the ending. Really enjoyed the protagonist. Felt like I could relate to her."

mattily_brumley shared a tip "9/10 loved this book can’t wait to read the next book"

gracecorinne shared a tip "This book was amazing and I could not put it down. The plot twist surprised me so much!"

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punk.cherries shared a tip "OMFG. THIS WAS SO UNBELIEVABLY GOOD."

athena_6609 shared a tip "One of my favorite books, really interesting kept me invested in it! Would definitely recommend to crime lovers<33"

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savsegers shared a tip "Loved it, a must-read! This was the perfect thriller!"

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malia_lambert shared a tip "when i found out who was the murderer i was SHOOK"

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jayne_fraser shared a tip "Just started this book and I am hooked already!!! #crime #sogood #lovepippa"

tanya_3053 shared a tip "It’s a great mystery, thriller, adventure, drama book !"

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madeline_lieser shared a tip "I just got this book. Can you please tell me if it is good?"

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aryann_dailey shared a tip "interesting mystery and great characters. also read it because ravi singh. he is like the most amazing person ever"

Krystle Kelly Madigan's profile image

krystle_kelly_madig shared a tip "Fun easy read! Kept me guessing...Pip is a modern day Nancy Drew."

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brittani_holster shared a tip "Read it in one day. I couldn't put it down."

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morgan___ shared a tip "5/5 Stars"

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basilpesto shared a tip "this was such a good book! I read the whole thing in less than 24 hours (rip my sleep schedule)"

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nightmare_poet shared a tip "It kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time. Plus I was digging pippa!! She was a great character!!"

Carrie Pottle's profile image

carrie_pottle shared a tip "Currently on chapter ten! I AM HOOKED! So far I am invested in the mystery!"

Sophia Marin's profile image

sophia_marin_3300 shared a tip "The beginning of an amazing mystery series."

stella_rose_hoopes shared a tip "I love this book it is so good and I was hooked from the start!"

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elisabeth_rivas shared a tip "I love that one ! So good !!"

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kristina_softball shared a tip "Very good weird but good ending:)"

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sophierae shared a tip "Love the plot twist"

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bobbyhannafey shared a tip "That plot twist near the end!! Excellent book!"

divinity_zoe shared a tip "i loved it! out of the series i think this came in 3rd for me but it was still great."

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isabelle_crespin shared a tip "I am reading this amazing book right now and it is flabbergasting!! Written so well. Great job to the author."

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amelia_stephens shared a tip "I couldn’t put it down!"

Julie Pospíšilová's profile image

julie_pospilov shared a tip "Really liked this book and couldn’t stop reading because I needed to know who was the killer. Not my typical genre to read"

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kayla_sanders_6491 shared a tip "So so good!! 5/5!"

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jillian_robinson_3849 shared a tip "It was written so well. I love that it was kind of difficult to tell how it was going to turn out in the end."

Isabelle Falbala Vigneault's profile image

isabelle_falbala_vi shared a tip "Anyone read the sequal of this book ? Is it worth the read ? Thank youuu 🤍"

Claudia Michalak's profile image

claudia_michalak shared a tip "so crazy, so many twists and the ending was mind blowing"

M 🫶🏻's profile image

mary_austinn shared a tip "LOVED IT!"

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rosa_jung shared a tip "Great book. Incredible plot twists too."

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steamboat_gacha shared a tip "slayed"

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mel_k_2636 shared a tip "Considered YA but I thought it was smartly written, character depth, humor and mystery."

deanna greene's profile image

deanna_greene_1229 shared a tip "One of a three part series. So so so gooood"

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Addiejune shared a tip "I think this is the best murder mystery I’ve ever read! Always keeps you on your toes and has lots of plot twists!"

abby_gulmour shared a tip "it was so good. i dont usually read mystery, but this was amazing and i cant wait to read the other two!"

Essence Heckstall's profile image

essence_heckstall shared a tip "I really liked this book. I did not expect the ending at all! I recommend this book solely for the ending!"

olivia_x_4804 shared a tip "Literally best plot ever and it was so interesting on all levels"

kadence_derochie shared a tip "It was slow in the beginning, but picked up closer to the 25th chapter. I give it a 2.8/5 stars"

Jenny and Lucas Hanson's profile image

jenny_and_lucas_han shared a tip "Great book with a HUGE twist at the end!"

Emily Huynh's profile image

emily.loves.booke shared a tip "the ending was very unexpected and I cried,yelled and danced because of this book! 5/5 highly recommend!"

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decemberlee shared a tip "couldn’t put it down!!"

Bartholemtetakenizngonslayplatoonate 's profile image

bartholemtetakenizn shared a tip "Wow. I honestly did not expect that. I love the way this book kept me hooked. 28/09/22"

arielle_gomez shared a tip "It was so interesting to watch her try and figure out all those murders❤️"

Lonely _Weeb's profile image

lonely__weeb shared a tip "IT WAS SO GOOD"

danielle_amos_2064 shared a tip "probably my favorite book i’ve read in 2022"

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megan_reigle shared a tip "One of the best mystery books I’ve read!"

Luana Costa Campanario's profile image

luana_costa_campana shared a tip "SUCH A GOOD BOOK!!! Nothing I was expecting. Personally though I’m in love with the third one ;)"

s_4002 shared a tip "amazing"

franceska courtemanche's profile image

franceska_courteman shared a tip "Good fun book to read, I liked the characters and was surprised at the end."

asante 's profile image

asantetow shared a tip "couldn’t put this down"

Merilia Villanueva's profile image

meriliajayneV shared a tip "Amazing, very easy to get addicted to."

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ava_parker_9822 shared a tip "LOVE THIS BOOK"

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emmaleee shared a tip "One of my favorite books ever."

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sienna_bell shared a tip "One of the best books I’ve read ever."

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molly_oconnor_4506 shared a tip "LOVE this series!"

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rhia_b_1312 shared a tip "I hate how little empathy pip has, it gets on my nerves how insensitive she is and how little she respects boundaries."

Allie Layton's profile image

allie_layton shared a tip "A really well written book. Could not put it down!"

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scarlett_rivera shared a tip "This book was amazing! I loved the storytelling and it was so captivating! I couldn’t put it down I finished it in 2 days!"

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ToriD shared a tip "So good, one of my first detective novels and I absolutely fell in love 😌🤝"

lorelai_kinzer shared a tip "👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻😀😀😀😃"

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strawberry_pocky_7708 shared a tip "If you love twists and turns in your book, you’ll love this book so much! You grow attach to the characters as well!😁"

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ashly_raya_7026 shared a tip "One of my top 5 favorite, it’s so good!"

aaliyah_flores_8297 shared a tip "my new favorite book, absolutely allures you and keeps you wanting to read. i literally could not put the book down."

serena_hochberg shared a tip "Right now I’m reading cruel prince and so far it’s good"

serena_hochberg shared a tip "And red queen it was really good"

mayha_guilancia_nep shared a tip "It was a wonderful book 🥹😆"

hanna_laska shared a tip "Literally such an amazing book I could not put it down. The plot twists had me so in deep"

Andrea ❤️'s profile image

rea_108 shared a tip "Kept me hooked ❤️‍🔥"

hallie_6431 shared a tip "Best book ever!"

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abigail_blaha shared a tip "The suspense KILLED MEEE😫"

Ella 's profile image

ella_cadorette shared a tip "i loved this book so much, twist at the end was unexpected. i also got really attached to the characters."

christine_finkler shared a tip "Seriously disappointing end. Inconsistent and unrealistic characters."

Lexi T's profile image

alexatilden shared a tip "It’s really good! The other two books are good as well but the first was my favorite!"

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harry_potter67 shared a tip "This book was amazing. One of my comfort books. Could read over and over and still be surprised by the outcome. 10000/10 🥰"

kohana_clem shared a tip "never liked a book more"

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lin_hale shared a tip "Yes the ending is my favorite part of all!"

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abee_sunshine333 shared a tip "I feel in love with this book. Get got me on the edge of my seat. I couldn't put it down. 😍"

andrew_peterson_9591 shared a tip "Because women detective"

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leighelle_johnson shared a tip "SO GOOD SO GOOD SO GOOD!!"

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laney_hawkins_2740 shared a tip "Super easy read! Kept me on my toes the whole time. Highly recommend."

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sarahwoj shared a tip "Just finished! Quick and fun read to keep you on your toes!"

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emmmma shared a tip "Good plot, very similar to pretty little liars. Good plot twists"

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cathy_mccall shared a tip "It was ok. Kind of predictable but still enjoyable"

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mimi_contreras shared a tip "LOVED!!!! Easy read, couldn’t put it down"

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omg_its_herrr shared a tip "my fav book"

jose_7421 shared a tip "Could not put it down! Plot twist! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 5 Stars"

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ellie_moore_4075 shared a tip "Absolutely LOVED the trilogy!!! I am curious, what was everyone else's thoughts on it?"

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thiara_balamurali shared a tip "It very slow in the beginning I wouldn't give it a thumbs down but it was the closes rating"

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elena_hymes shared a tip "what an emotional roller coaster "

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averyg shared a tip "So good!! Very fast paced the whole time, but still easy to keep up with :)"

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katelyn_ashley shared a tip "Really amazing book, lots of unexpected things! Definitely recommend if you like intense and suspenseful mysteries!!"

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sarah_swofford shared a tip "not what i expected but still really good"

ashley_nobles shared a tip "Great story can’t wait to get the sequel"

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cruz_vent shared a tip "it was great! though i did cry near the end, i still loved it. recommend."

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atsui shared a tip "i just got this book today. does anyone know if it's good?"

ainsley_schenk shared a tip "Super good! The ending was just 😳🤯"

sadie_mccorkle shared a tip "Loved it!"

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kayleigh_phillips shared a tip "Amazing book! This was written so well!"

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julia_hobbs_3904 shared a tip "A great book with a captivating plot! I would recommend this book for anyone who loves crime or mystery novels. #crime"

piper_marcotte shared a tip "I liked it because it was scary and wonderful"

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kanieceshia_ward shared a tip "The ending was phenomenal just when you think it’s over it’s not !!"

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ifitsnotabook shared a tip "Don't usually like mysteries, but this was really well written"

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ava_cahue shared a tip "Was very thrilling, made me want to keep reading all the way through!"

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ava_cahue shared a tip "It kept me reading"

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hannah_cannan shared a tip "It was amazing there was enough suspense to keep me on the edge of my seat. I could hardly put it down."

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emma_schechinger shared a tip "Page turner"

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aria_evan shared a tip "Kept me on the edge of my seat! Totally recommend if your looking for a good mystery. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️"

corrina_7115 shared a tip "Couldn’t put this book down"

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piper_7167 shared a tip "This is a great book for people to read that love crime and a good surprising ending"

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ava_dalessandro_8330 shared a tip "Love the mystery and kept me on my toes!"

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liz_beauchamp shared a tip "#wow I loved this book and I am not usually into mystery type books. Lots of suspense!"

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louielouie43 shared a tip "Wow wow wow what an absolute banger of a book! P.S. Ravi is now my book boyfriend"

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Booklover1258 shared a tip "I loved this book. Best mystery!!!! I would highly suggest. Intriguing and thrilling! I would recommend for ages 13+"

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adrian_7798 shared a tip "It's really good! I totally recommend it!!!"

janie_rose shared a tip "This is the type of book that makes you want to read it more, whether you like reading or not. The plot twists are insane."

sydni_stevenson_4284 shared a tip "It kept my on my toes. It was a fast paced book. 10/10 recommend."

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laila_withee shared a tip "So amazing (especially for a debut book) and that twist at the end almost sent me into a coma"

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carli_astacio shared a tip "very good plot with amazing character development and an interesting twist"

yvonne_kimmons shared a tip "Likeable characters and a solid mystery."

kacie_n shared a tip "Can’t wait to read the sequels!"

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winter_07 shared a tip "Absolutely amazing. Im so happy the 4th book of the series just came out!"