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REESE'S BOOK CLUB PICK | A New York Times bestseller!“An eerie, atmospheric novel that had me completely on the edge of my seat.” —Reese Witherspoon“This spine-tingling, atmospheric thriller has it all… and twists you’ll never see coming.” —Richard Osman, New York Times bestselling author of The Thu

Author Sarah Pearse

Pages 400

Publisher Penguin

Published Date 2021-02-02

ISBN 0593296672 9780593296677

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Leighanne’s Lit's profile image

leighanneslit shared a tip "Pretty decent thriller, loved the setting and atmosphere - didn’t love it as much as I wanted to, but worth a read!"

Non Wor's profile image

non_wor_8729 shared a tip "Definitely on my list"

hallie_amen shared a tip "The ending wasn’t as jaw-dropping as I expected it to be, but it was still a great read!"

denise_l_929 shared a tip "Twists all the way through the story."

Samantha Bergman's profile image

samantha_bergman shared a tip "Great chilling mystery"

Laura Murray's profile image

laura_murray_6946 shared a tip "Paints a beautiful visual while managing to hold a “The Shining”-esque eeriness."

Courtney Prygocki's profile image

courtney_prygocki shared a tip "I liked this book. Had twists and turns that I didn’t see coming. Elin felt strange and awkward to me tho. Would give 3.5⭐️"

andrea_jaffray shared a tip "Creepy and atmospheric"

Kathryn Lazzaro's profile image

ktotheat shared a tip "I loved the element of being in one place."

Grace Anne's profile image

grace_anne_6284 shared a tip "Cliff hanger at the end of every chapter. Such a good read!"

Nikki King's profile image

nikki_king_133 shared a tip "Good! Has a lot of twists and she is so descriptive in the crime scenes, makes your hair stand up"

Brittany Lynn's profile image

brittany_lynn_1038 shared a tip "Slow start but Suspenseful and worth the read! I couldn’t put it down once I got 50 pages in!!"

K Millarez's profile image

k_millarez shared a tip "Definitely didn’t see that ending. Could NOT put this book down!"

Megan O'Hanlon's profile image

megan_ohanlon shared a tip "This book was horrible. Save yourself some time and skip it."

Lindsey Clark's profile image

lindsey_clark_2776 shared a tip "I enjoyed the suspense and trying to figure out who the killer was along the way."

Jaime Dickinson's profile image

jaime_dickinson shared a tip "Excellent read- could not put it down - finished it in a day!"

brittany_mulcahey shared a tip "Riveting! I couldn’t put it down! Really enjoyed the authors writing style as well."

Ashley Houston's profile image

nashvillewifestyles shared a tip "Yes i do!"

Sarah Newman's profile image

sarah_newman_7454 shared a tip "It’s a quick binge read with a vivid landscape and a cliffhanger that keeps you wondering."

crystal_napper shared a tip "Great read. Kept me guessing."

Kaiti Earnhardt's profile image

kaiti_earnhardt shared a tip "Loved this book. Just finished. Author was always one step ahead of me I never guessed the killer"

kerri_demichael shared a tip "Good debut novel. Good suspense level. I have a feeling this might be the start of a series:)"

katie_murray_6456 shared a tip "It’s different and unique"

Connor Davis's profile image

connor_davis_100 shared a tip "Once you get past the world building and set up, the plot is gripping and very suspenseful"

Amy Mullens's profile image

amy_mullens shared a tip "Meh"

teri_hanson_9215 shared a tip "Loved this book!!!! Great atmosphere and plenty of suspects!"

dominique_caudill shared a tip "It was good, though the ending felt a little lackluster. Overall enjoyed it."

Sarah Daigle's profile image

sarah_daigle_2565 shared a tip "I read this in 2 days! Hopefully a movie can be made from this novel!"

annabel_reardon shared a tip "Keeps you guessing!"

roz_troutman shared a tip "I enjoyed this book. It’s a solid B/B+. It’s definitely worth the read. It kept my interest throughout. I recommend it."

Astrid Weismann's profile image

astrid_weismann shared a tip "Clever mystery albeit a bit strange"

Courtney Magee's profile image

courtney_magee shared a tip "I couldn’t put it down. It kept me guessing until the end."

Lindsay Hampton's profile image

lindsay_hampton shared a tip "It was an exciting thriller for 90% of the story but the end was disappointing."

lissette mercado's profile image

lissette_mercado shared a tip "Finally finished! Not bad!"

tanya_3053 shared a tip "It has a good beginning and then it falls apart."

Lowell Thomas's profile image

lowell_thomas_542 shared a tip "I actually enjoyed it a lot"

Caitlyn Szymkowiak's profile image

caitlyn_szymkowiak shared a tip "Opens up with a great creepy feeling."

Terri Spurgin's profile image

terri_spurgin shared a tip "Too many!"

Ashley Bird's profile image

ashley_bird_5842 shared a tip "Loved this one. It was a page turner for me. And there will be a 2nd in the series in 2022! I highly recommend this one."

Lyndsey Plyler's profile image

lyndsey_plyler shared a tip "If you enjoy twisted tales with a constant question of who is behind the crimes, you will love this book!"

judy_adair shared a tip "Suspense and thrills"

Jessica Powell's profile image

jessica_powell_2023 shared a tip "So good! Great page turner that keeps you on your toes every step of the way."

tanner_strodtman shared a tip "The build up to the end was incredible"

Lisa Lombardo Fullerton's profile image

lisa_lombardo_fulle shared a tip "Good book… not my favorite but worth reading"

Rebekah Powers's profile image

rebekah_powers shared a tip "Loved the twist and turns of this book!"

Brittany Smyser's profile image

brittany_smyser shared a tip "Very atmospheric, loved the mystery"

kayla_lynn206 shared a tip "Absolutely loved this book! Fast paced and kept me guessing till the end! Nothing predictable!"

becca cole's profile image

Becca.C shared a tip "Currently 42 pages in and it is chilling and gripping. I can already tell i will like this one!"

Annie Rainville's profile image

annie_rainville_7697 shared a tip "Totally!"

Kimberly Jackman's profile image

kimberly_jackman shared a tip "Lots of intrigue. Wasn’t overjoyed with the ending but I’d say it’s still worth a read."

Brittany Dunseith's profile image

brittany_dunseith shared a tip "A chilling read that definitely held my attention!"

Diane Morello's profile image

diane_morello shared a tip "I no longer trust Reese’s book selections"

rachel tenbergen's profile image

rachel_tenbergen shared a tip "Couldn't put down this thriller."

Caitlyn Barnett-Flesher's profile image

caitlyn_barnett-flesher shared a tip "That ending….!"

heather_gallagher_5593 shared a tip "Amazing! Kept me on the edge of my seat. And the ending...well, I can’t wait for her next book!"

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