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A James Patterson Presents Novel From the #1 New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of the Stalking Jack the Ripper series comes a new blockbuster series...  Two sisters.One brutal murder. A quest for vengeance that will unleash Hell itself... And an intoxicating romance. Emilia and her twi

Author Kerri Maniscalco

Pages 448

Publisher Little, Brown Books for Young Readers

Published Date 2020-10-27

ISBN 0316428442 9780316428446

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Google 4.5


WitcherSchooloftheFox 's profile image

witcherschoolofthef shared a tip "Too fan fiction-y. Unnecessarily sexy. I might’ve liked the story if it wasn’t so constantly, insultingly *****."

Rylee Elyse's profile image

rylee_elyse shared a tip "Loved it."

malana🤭 's profile image

teddbear shared a tip "i love the first two books, can’t wait for the next"

Nancy Gibson's profile image

nancy_gibson shared a tip "Very slow start. I enjoyed it but not as much as others by this author"

Gaby P.'s profile image

gaby_p shared a tip "#thriller #witches #historical/Italy #female_lead_POV #enemiestolovers 🙌"

Brenda Salvatierra's profile image

brenda_salvatierra shared a tip "Loved it from the beginning, the banter between Emilia and Wrath is great."

Victoria DiNottia's profile image

victoria_dinottia shared a tip "It was really good and twisty. I wanted more spice but otherwise this book was amazing!"

julia_connelly_9340 shared a tip "Dumb"

Erica Catherine's profile image

erica_catherine shared a tip "Amazing! Struggles to put the book down."

Erica Catherine's profile image

erica_catherine shared a tip "Couldn’t put the book down."

Shelly Wyant's profile image

shelly_wyant shared a tip "Absolutely LOVED this book! I listened to it on Audible and the narrator was amazing as well!"

T Elise Robatchka Daniels's profile image

t_elise_robatchka_d shared a tip "Omg is it so good. Is it like a good dark fantasy been waiting to read it but it seems like this is a mix review. Tbr reack."

jasmine_8550 shared a tip "I thought I'd give this a try when in between books and I loved it! Couldn't put it down and immediately ordered the next one."

teresa_2620 shared a tip "Interesting concept and the audiobook has some scene with dramatic music which really adds the tension in those specific scenes."

bookwormjammie shared a tip "Anybody say cannolis? I laughed and shed a few tears during this read it kept me wanting more until the very end"

Colleen Visser's profile image

colleen_visser shared a tip "CANNOT WAIT for book 2!"

Maddie Hutchinson's profile image

maddie_hutchinson shared a tip "Good! Murder and love."

kelsey_markovetz shared a tip "The story has many surprises around every corner. I couldn’t put it down"

Cheryl Wooten's profile image

cheryl_wooten shared a tip "I hope it's not too soon but so far this book is awesome. I am halfway through it and hope it doesn't disappoint."

Brooklyn Sumrall's profile image

brooklyn_sumrall shared a tip "I have read this one it’s so good 🥰🥰"

Jaime Garno's profile image

jaime_garno shared a tip "On to read list"

grey gray's profile image

grey_gray shared a tip "read in one day is great for fans of oddly specific tropes"

sarah_arnold_5438 shared a tip "Original and well written"

Sam Macias's profile image

sam_macias shared a tip "I really like the Cruel Prince series"

liza_abrasaldo shared a tip "I've seen this book all over the place and I'm wondering if it has good 🌶🌶🌶? Or is it strictly YA?"

Kayla Wilson's profile image

kayla_wilson_8750 shared a tip "I haven't actually read it. I will be starting it Tuesday or Wednesday when I am done with "A good girls guide to murder"."

Kiara K's profile image

kiara_k_1548 shared a tip "You should definitely read it , though I warn you it's a rather spicy book,so read on your own accord"

Kiara K's profile image

kiara_k_1548 shared a tip "It's a great book"

Hannah Gunsallus's profile image

hannah_gunsallus shared a tip "The world building is incredible ! The plot line keeps you interested and the characters never fail to leave you wanting more"

Amber Chaleski's profile image

FantasyObsessed shared a tip "Love this book and the second SO MUCH!!! Anybody know when book 3 is coming out?"

KyeLee Chapple Stubbs's profile image

kyelee_chapple_stubbs shared a tip "Love the author"

jackie_2253 shared a tip "Great book! Finished this in two days!"

jos :)'s profile image

jos_ shared a tip "beautifully written"

shelby 's profile image

shelbyy shared a tip "Italy: a scenic retreat known for its fine food, wine, witches, and the vacation destination of the 7 princes of hell."

Madeline Caskey's profile image

madeline_caskey shared a tip "Lots of things going on kept the story going and it wasn’t quite a happily ever after"

cassidy_gibson shared a tip "Absolutely inhaled this book. So eager for the second to be released!"

nesa 's profile image

nesa_1962 shared a tip "SO GOOD"

Di Vellela's profile image

di_vellela shared a tip "I loved the journey! Her style of writing gets you invested very quickly. I would recommend her to first time fantasy readers."

Heather Marie's profile image

heather_marie_9618 shared a tip "Absolutely loved it!!! Mad at the end though I cannot wait to read the next"

Jackie Hachez's profile image

jackie_hachez shared a tip "i read this book and the next one but they are amazing"

Stephanie Cox's profile image

stephanie_cox_6060 shared a tip "I couldn't put it down."

kary marg's profile image

kary_marg shared a tip "Just finished this it was really good"

gillian_merritts shared a tip "READ THIS!!! It’s portrays the 7 Deadly Sins as princes of hell and lemme tell u..... they are FINE. I finished this so fast."

anna_papic_8721 shared a tip "I wish there was a second book it’s so good"

Gabrielle Cook's profile image

gabrielle_cook_2690 shared a tip "I loved this book so much, can’t wait for book 2!!"

alexis_townsend_7661 shared a tip "Read it in two days 🥴"

Megan Williams's profile image

megan_williams_5707 shared a tip "It’s such a good book if you’re going for a aesthetic feel"

Rayann Bentley's profile image

rayann04 shared a tip "You won’t want to put the book down!! 👍❤️"

rachel herrington's profile image

rachel_herrington shared a tip "Read in one night!!! Can’t wait for the next book! If you haven’t read her Jack the Ripper series.... DO!!!"

brooke_9171 shared a tip "Great world building, awesome story line. All around good 1st book to a new series!"

Autumn H's profile image

autumnhall shared a tip "Deliciously addictive romance! Adored this novel and can't wait for the sequel later this year!"

katelyn_2646 shared a tip "It’s fast-paced but you’ll curse the protagonist for being so stupid 😹"

paige_1857 shared a tip "4.5/5, definitely want to own, will reread! Can’t wait for the second novel to come out!"

Hannah Blend's profile image

hannah_blend shared a tip "I couldn’t put it down"

Sabrina Zuniga's profile image

sabrina_zuniga shared a tip "It was an amazing book filled with fantasy, Magic and a romance that keeps you on your toes."

Nyla Edwards's profile image

nyla_edwards shared a tip "Absolutely captivating! The story had me hooked from beginning to end!"

Alien Luna's profile image

alien_luna shared a tip "Love it so much specially on Audible.🥰 MUST GET IT!!!"

Brooke Jacobson's profile image

brooke_jacobson_8875 shared a tip "A wicked page turner that kept me intrigued from beginning to end. Can’t wait for the sequel to drop in October!"

Haneen Mahamdeh's profile image

haneen_mahamdeh shared a tip "One of my favorites ❤️"

courtney_stevens_5930 shared a tip "194 pages in and loving it!"

captains_wife shared a tip "#romance #amazing"

Sofia Morales's profile image

sofia_morales_4144 shared a tip "I need to read the Second book it’s so good "

julia_h_2945 shared a tip "Absolutely loved it! Never finished a book so fast."

asexualsmutreader shared a tip "Really good book strong female lead doesn’t have 🌶 but the second book does 😏"

Casey Decock's profile image

casey_decock shared a tip "EVERYTHING"

Ashley Pilkey's profile image

ashley_pilkey shared a tip "Love"

Audrey Fay's profile image

audrey_fay shared a tip "Love this book and especially this author!!"

Tammy Moody's profile image

tammy_moody_7616 shared a tip "It’s an amazing book!"

shelby_rickman shared a tip "Fantastic"

Ana Elisa's profile image

ana_elisa shared a tip "Omg this book kept me on the edge of my seat. The dialogues are so good!!!"

natalie_francis shared a tip "Same I like how you have to try and figure everything out but I especially like the romance."

brook_3905 shared a tip "It has a murder mystery, romance, magic, and demons 😍 I’m loving this series"

Sammar Ashraf's profile image

sammar_ashraf shared a tip "Italian Fantasy with enemies to lovers and cooking witches"

leslie_llano shared a tip "Absolutely loved this book!!!!"

Megan Yurush-Lahiff's profile image

megan_yurush-lahiff shared a tip "Best book I've ever read! It had everything I like in a fantasy novel!!"

Jasmine Leatherwood's profile image

jasmine_leatherwood shared a tip "A wonderful start for the next book!"

Jennifer Maddox's profile image

jennifer_maddox_3131 shared a tip "So we’ll written! Love love love!"

Sarah Mickelson's profile image

sarah_mickelson shared a tip "This was soooo good. I couldn't put it down!!"

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