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Discover the Graceling Realm in this unforgettable, award-winning novel from bestselling author Kristin Cashore A New York Times bestsellerALA Best Book for Young AdultsMythopoeic Fantasy Award for Children's Literature WinnerPublishers Weekly, School Library Journal, Booklist, and BCCB Best Book of

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Author Kristin Cashore

Pages 471

Publisher Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

Published Date 2008

ISBN 9780152063962 015206396X


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jonathan_kent_6341 shared a tip "A great fantasy novel, wasn't sure what to expect,but I really liked it!"

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jonathan_kent_6341 shared a tip "Just a really good book!"

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gaygaybooks shared a tip "Wonderful, beyond words, my love, love this book"

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callie_keisler shared a tip "A great book with strong chemistry"

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sydney_scothon shared a tip "One of my new favorite fantasy books I can't wait to read the rest of the series"

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Vicki_S_WolfsDen shared a tip "#fantasy #youngadult #action_and_adventure #magic #assassin #romance"

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karlee_gong shared a tip "This book pulled me back into reading! I absolutely loved it! Very gratifying and feminist."

Crys Labonoski's profile image

crys_labonoski shared a tip "This one was hard to put down. Katsa is such a strong woman and I love her so much. Definitely one of my favorite reads now."

cara_vest shared a tip "This was a beautiful amazing book with fantastic characters. I loved it so much and I could not put it down."

ฅ⁠^⁠•⁠ﻌ⁠•⁠^⁠ฅ 's profile image

BlerbSunset shared a tip "I felt like it was too focused on expressing an opinion rather than actual plot and development."

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faye_harrington shared a tip "I just couldn’t get into it"

skyler_2006 shared a tip "It’s just so good! It’s my favourite book after someone on this app recommend it"

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allison_kim_2708 shared a tip "8/10. Read it long time ago."

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moth2803 shared a tip "filled with romance and action. the twist at the end filled me wuth excutement and despair all at once"

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idman_abdi_3067 shared a tip "This book is so good"

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kelsey_daoust shared a tip "This book is what got me going again! No 🔥 but romance is still spot on 💕🙏🏻"

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ally_frey shared a tip "This is such a good book!! It has a strong female protagonist who is freaking awesome and a romance to make you swoon!"

Ritu Upadhyay's profile image

ritu_upadhyay shared a tip "Excellent book focusing on her. If you want a female protagonist who doesn’t need a guy, this is the book !"

erin_zurlinden shared a tip "I loved jt!!"

alice_3644 shared a tip "Great plot points, the laterbook bitterblue was my absolute favorite"

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chazz_weigel shared a tip "I loved this book. the romance was amazing. loved the world building"

Melina Saucedo's profile image

melina_saucedo shared a tip "8/10 the ending kinda sucked but the plot was so interesting!"

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jenna_price shared a tip "My new obsession. I want more Katsa and Po in my life"

tōa šawamura's profile image

ta_awamura shared a tip "Can I like the book and not the author ?"

katy_2599 shared a tip "Magic, romance, adventure, and a strong female lead...very good read!"

Caroline Cyr La Rose's profile image

caroline_cyr_la_rose shared a tip "I just reread it after many years, and it’s still a favourite 💜"

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amberlee_peace shared a tip "Feminist, encourages think of relationships beyond the standards"

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courtney_cave shared a tip "Love this!"

Amelia Hudonogov Foster's profile image

amelia_HF shared a tip "My favorite book ever! Perfect mix of action, romance and suspense"

alison Van Troon's profile image

alison_van_troon shared a tip "Yes definitely a favorite now!"

erika_johnson_2569 shared a tip "Not necessarily dystopian but I’m a fan of Marie Lu and enjoyed this one."

Jasmine Richards's profile image

jasmine_richards shared a tip "Really helped to form the person who I am today"

Marissa McCaffrey's profile image

marissa_mccaffrey shared a tip "Have you read it before? I don’t want to spoil anything."

hailey_payne_6104 shared a tip "Yes. I thought the book was well done."

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anika_mcdonald shared a tip "I have re read this book too many times to count!"

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lauren_headrick shared a tip "Loved this series, not sure what age group you are specifically looking for but this is great YA"

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shauna_moore shared a tip "The Wonderfully made world of this book will draw you in.#romance #fantasy"

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meaghan_snyder shared a tip "Definitely the first"

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scott_collins_9403 shared a tip "Loooved it"

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kailey_mott shared a tip "This book had a strong female lead without the main focus being her romantic interest. She's a complete badass in my opinion."

maryann_clark shared a tip "These are my absolute favorite series! I love them and could read them over and over again!"

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emywho15 shared a tip "This whole series is beautiful! Lovely fantasy adventure novels."

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katherine_villarreal_9576 shared a tip "Powerful, unique and beautiful"

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alecia_g shared a tip "I do! She created some great characters!"

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emily_caprio shared a tip "The book that I'm currently reading is The Priory of the Orange Tree! Not even half way through with it and it is amazing!"

savana_6684 shared a tip "This is one of the best books I have ever read!!! Action packed, a touch of romance and twists along the way!Highly recommend!!"

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notmyimfo_jusyforbo shared a tip "I really enjoyed it. So yeah, I think it is worth it."

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ethan_lewis_1929 shared a tip "Best book I read in school"

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maddie_kap shared a tip "I think I was 3 chapters in when I realized that I needed to buy the rest of the series"

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Dezi4Ever1 shared a tip "Hands down one of my favorite authors. All of her books are a MUST read! 📚👍"

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casandra_mcdowell shared a tip "So amazing I would highly recommend. It suprised me many time through out the series."

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katherine_hernandez_2363 shared a tip "Loved the concept and love the cover. One of my favorites."

amanda_2853 shared a tip "I think it is! It's been a while since I've read it, but from what I remember I couldn't put it down."

laila_mulligan shared a tip "Great concept, poorly executed. Definitely geared towards 15 year old straight girls. Which isn’t a bad thing. Just not for me."

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marissa_quinones shared a tip "Amazing"

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claudia_contreras_9196 shared a tip "Another excellent read"

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kennedy_hopkins_1178 shared a tip "I love the storyline and characters"

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t_johnson_7819 shared a tip "❤️❤️❤️"

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