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See the Grishaverse come to life on screen with Shadow and Bone, now a Netflix series. Discover what comes next for heist trio Kaz, Inej, and Jesper - and the star-crossed Nina and Matthias - in the #1 New York Times bestseller Six of Crows, Book One of the Six of Crows Duology. Ketterdam: a bustl

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Author Leigh Bardugo

Pages 320

Publisher Henry Holt and Company (BYR)

Published Date 2015-09-29

ISBN 1627795227 9781627795227


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jonathan_kent_6341 shared a tip "Just a very well written book from beginning to end, check it out!"

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maren_mcguire shared a tip "Love every character!! they are all just so interesting :)))"

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avery_755 shared a tip "Loved this book. Fav character has to be either Jesper or Wylan. They have such a great flirty relationship too"

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avery_755 shared a tip "Finally finished this book. Took me a whole month but I’m done and on to crooked kingdom"

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leah_3170 shared a tip "Someone convince me to reread this in one sentence. The first time I tried to read it I got bored."

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pumpkinpie13- shared a tip "yes kaz’s backstory! WHERE DID THE TANK COME FROM?!"

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samanthah shared a tip "Hard to follow but love"

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cate_1830 shared a tip "I thought this book was amazing and I loved the detail and multiple perspectives."

arianna_simpson shared a tip "It's definitely the next one I'm reading!"

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crimson_sparrow shared a tip "Fantastic characters in this well-told fantasy heist. It puts the Shadow and Bone books to shame."

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to_be_continued shared a tip "Love love love this book! That first chapter kind of throws you off, but it gets really good the further into it you go"

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sarah_russo_5325 shared a tip "This book is great! I am glad you enjoyed it! I am currently reading A Shadow in the Ember by Jennifer L. Armentrout."

lily_bright shared a tip "One of my favorite books ❤🥰 loved it"

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embry_oliver shared a tip "Yes! it's one of mine too!"

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avery_vale-cruz shared a tip "LOVED this book so much! Twists and turns and so much thrill. Recommend to anyone."

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brady_parkin shared a tip "Just picked up Piranesi ☺️"

sarah_ottinger shared a tip "thrilling, romance, epic fantasy. i couldn’t put it down."

teresa_3048 shared a tip "Right now I’m reading For Whom the Bell Tolls."

michaela_steward shared a tip "You should! It’s really entertaining. If you end up reading it, let me know what you think!!"

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sophia_3_osmon shared a tip "I loved how it was written and the complex charterers I actually own the series"

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laura_carolina shared a tip "I don't know why people don't talk about this book, it's just the best thing I've ever read 😭😭😭❤️‍🩹"

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mouseymonroe shared a tip "I loved this book so much! It started a bit slow, but got really good really fast. I highly recommend"

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piper_landon_3074 shared a tip "Amazing, so many different perspectives, personalities, and backgrounds. The banter between characters is hilarious."

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awesome_user_566394 shared a tip "Overall interesting book, I enjoyed reading it."

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brenna_luevano shared a tip "So good! Even better than the original series"

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budsnbooks shared a tip "⭐️⭐️⭐️"

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JustSierra shared a tip "One of my top ten all time favorites ❤️"

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bookworm68372 shared a tip "Kaz and Inej 💖💖"

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bookworm68372 shared a tip "Kaz and Inej <3"

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bookworm68372 shared a tip "Found Family"

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lexy_writes shared a tip "Loved this book"

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l.h.k. shared a tip "tolerate it = wylan 😀"

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scarecrane shared a tip "found family my beloved"

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allison_harding shared a tip "Everything about this book is a MASTERPIECE! 10/10 ❤️"

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booklover_4 shared a tip "Omg guys read this!!! 10/10!!!😆"

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under_aqua shared a tip "I love planned heists and people who know what they’re doing lmao"

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isabella_982754 shared a tip "Amazing book"

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l0v3r_tae shared a tip "Kaz and inej are my favorite characters and no one can change my mind"

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decemberlee shared a tip "Sosososo good! Very likable and diverse characters."

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thebeeofthebubble shared a tip "It was good but overrated"

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lightshade_the_fox shared a tip "It was good but there is a crap ton of plot building and there isn't much actions until the end"

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Jen6Mafia shared a tip "Such a phenomenal writer."

maddie_2308 shared a tip "so good"

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sky_lark shared a tip "One of my favorite reads the author is so obviously talented"

ainsley_schenk shared a tip "Soo good!! Loved this series, and the characters are all amazing!"

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dhuha_88 shared a tip "Omg I can’t wait for u to read the second one💀"

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destiney_8809 shared a tip "Thoughts please!"

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bree_thompson_5998 shared a tip "Babel"

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sydney_nuerberg shared a tip "This is probably my second favorite book right now"

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ava_lumpkin shared a tip "✨️Kaz✨️🤌"

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brandy_ellison shared a tip "Not my jam…"

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kylie_1112 shared a tip "Love character build up in this book"

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emma_freeman_3767 shared a tip "Amazing Characters super entertaining plot by far one of the best books I’ve read all year"

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brie_elizabeth shared a tip "I fell in love with the characters and the story kept me guessing the entire story."

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diandra_repato shared a tip "Love the start of this duology. On to the next book!"

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ruby_terry shared a tip "I love this book with all of my heart"

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keira_reed_7541 shared a tip "Incredible character development. Her other books are just ok, but this is a masterpiece"

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candace_celestine_8577 shared a tip "One of my favorite authors & her best book in my opinion!"

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alexa_palladino_8104 shared a tip "One of my favorites"

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yabookaddiction shared a tip "Helnik!"

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bukkie_cso shared a tip "🔥"

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mckeekers shared a tip "5/5"

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krista_marie_reads shared a tip "Read it...very good"

jessi_6597 shared a tip "I enjoyed the plot and the characters to a new level."

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sandra_el-faki shared a tip "Epic. So epic."

paige_pressler shared a tip "Love love love this book!"

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abaegale shared a tip "I LOVE this book. I read it in less than 24 hours and loved every moment. Fantastic."

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grey.clouds shared a tip "heist, friends, romance"

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tianna_hope shared a tip "I like the first one"

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kyler_tolbert shared a tip "i lovedd this book. its confusing at first but gets easier to understand as you go."

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nyia_marohl shared a tip "Super good!!!"

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meagan_souza shared a tip "I read this book in a couple of days and I loved it. Can’t wait to read Crooked Kingdom !"

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abby_zuder shared a tip "Amazing book, couldn’t put it down!"

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ali_anderson shared a tip "The book itself is a great work of when 6 people who all need each others skill sets come together and work as a team is great"

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kaykay_hill shared a tip "I loveddd this series"

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si3nna shared a tip "is this book worth reading??"

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idkwhy shared a tip "this is everything. this is the type of book that u want to read again and again and again"

shelby_carter_6828 shared a tip "I just love the Grishaverse and the characters Leigh comes up with!"

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kristi_smylie shared a tip "Excellent, fast-paced read. Definitely leans towards a YA audience, but still good."

navya_sharma_6225 shared a tip "This book is just so good!"

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emily_english_6656 shared a tip "It’s so addicting and i love the characters so much i would die for them. I love kanej so much omg i can’t even express it"

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luca_eves shared a tip "At the start of the book I was a little confused of where it was going but the more you get into it the better it gets! So good!!"

awesome_user_259891 shared a tip "Chefs kiss the found family !!!"

megan_parker_9580 shared a tip "I went backwards and read the whole Grishaverse series. Now I’m on to the bone season by Samantha Shannon"

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katie_powell_7959 shared a tip "3.5/5"

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kellen_mcconn shared a tip "best duoligy ever"

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jess_catron shared a tip "Do yourself a favor and read the Shadow and Bone trilogy BEFORE you read this."

mayj shared a tip "this one’s beautiful"

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devyn_rhodes shared a tip "The multi POV is amazing and I love the action and plotting!!"

abby_8888 shared a tip "I haven’t, sorry it was just on a summer reading list."

rose_doria shared a tip "You’re going to fall in loveeee"

lexi_251 shared a tip "I have not yet read this book if you have leave a comment please"

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lana_fair shared a tip "LITERALLY YES"

jack_stevenson_7698 shared a tip "Different genre, but Song of Achilles is phenomenal!!"

eva_dardamanis shared a tip "one of my favorites! i absolutely ADORE this book."

carter_hudson_7200 shared a tip "Great characters and action. Awesome conflict"

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valentina_lily shared a tip "I’m now reading These Violent Delights!"

lily_dolan shared a tip "Loved the characters and the plot. One of my favorites."

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miagrace_delfini shared a tip "LOVE! So good. Inej is my favorite character. I also love Kaz and Nina."

liz_g_1030 shared a tip "First book or second?"

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hannah_shvets shared a tip "Just finished this book! It was really good!"

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kw09 shared a tip "absolutely amazing"

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rebecca_combs_6507 shared a tip "Amazing! That's all I have to say."

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gabriela_garcia_7835 shared a tip "I loved this book so much!!"

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simra_shahab shared a tip "This book was AMAZING"

maddy_2658 shared a tip "Can not even begin to explain how much I love this book!!!!"

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mavenstoothbrush shared a tip "Queen Leigh Bardugo wrote this SO WELL the plot is amazing and I love all the characters #favduology"

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sierra_rasmussen_8895 shared a tip "TBR - have heard great things (Duology)"

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hadley_phillips shared a tip "Loved it!! You will definitely need to read King Of Scars and Rule Of Wolves after to finish off the Grisha series!!"

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ariana_neal_9271 shared a tip "Couldn’t finish unfortunately…"

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emily_markham_3016 shared a tip "Absolutely love this duology!!! I will be rereading these for a very long time!"

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bolohat shared a tip "It's been a while since I've read it, but I always remember liking the opening scene where Inej watches Kaz negotiate with Geels."

ashwaq_hersi shared a tip "Every character in this book makes you fall in love with them…I love how well written they all are."

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eva_nine shared a tip "Fantastic"

missy_daning_7673 shared a tip "Loved the characters"

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PixelTree shared a tip "One of my favorites! I love the author and I felt like I was in a different world while reading"

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sasha_hedges shared a tip "I think I like the second best! Have you read them?"

ecaterina_vihodet shared a tip "Best book I’ve ever read would recommend to YA Fantasy readers and those who love plot twists ongggg"

sn_8129 shared a tip "i loved it, amazing!!"

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rohan_revoori shared a tip "Yes, I have read most of her books!"

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lea_astarjian shared a tip "One word AMAZING!!!!😂"

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dana_walker_5318 shared a tip "Heists"

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leah_walton shared a tip "HIGHLY recommend reading the other books in this series including its sequel and the Shadow and Bone trilogy. 10/10 - all of them"

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liar_ shared a tip "EVERYTHING"

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margret_mcglinch shared a tip "I felt this book was hyped more than it should but it was still a good read. I would recommend this to friends."

valerie_king shared a tip "Love this whole series! Read them so quickly, kept my attention the whole time!"

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olivia_langbehn shared a tip "pain, actual pain."

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laura_scoggins shared a tip "Magic and a heist? Who wouldn’t love this book?!"

aeljane shared a tip "Yes!!!"

aeljane shared a tip "Yes!!"

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smell_thesunflowers shared a tip "All the characters were so fleshed out and relatable."

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sasha_wittebrood shared a tip "OH MY GOD READ IT RIGHT NOW."

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princess_sammie shared a tip "Head over to my Instagram account to check out my review my_world_book_blogger"

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lil-farrah shared a tip "8/10"

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beth_trumm shared a tip "Absolutely amazing, love all of the characters and the diversity of experiences and talents to the crew."

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nic_.d shared a tip "it's absolutely worth the read! I hope you like it :)"

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jason_anderson_3382 shared a tip "A cool versión of gangs from different countries."

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hopehelen shared a tip "Obsessed"

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gillian_king shared a tip "So so so so good"

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chloe_shirley shared a tip "It's very energetic and very fast pace that's why you like it"

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zavier_rogers shared a tip "gets boring at some parts but overall great character build up."

kat_vel shared a tip "I loooved the end! Wbu?"

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karsyn_voss shared a tip "One thing… JESPER AND WYLAN."

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alia_serrano shared a tip "Love the characters!! Definitely one of my favorite series so far this year!"

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kennedy_wheller_4869 shared a tip "Such a great book with lots of twists and turns and just keeps you on the edge of your seat!"

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carey_song shared a tip "1.8"

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luna_reclipse1 shared a tip "Full of action, mystery and super binge-worthy once you find the plot."

samantha_raychok shared a tip "It’s an amazing book abut 6 unlikely friends trying to pull off the worlds most difficult heist."

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miraclesnow shared a tip "Characters so well written that I can't help but appreciate them all."

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bracklinn_norah shared a tip "I would give up my left hand to be friends with the Crows. My right hand? Lemme think about it."

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casey_fletcher shared a tip "Says young adult but I’m typically not a YA reader, I loved this and it’s sequel. Does not read like a YA"

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abby_vogt shared a tip "Create new adventure"

mason_yarbrough shared a tip "Took me a while to get through(read it durning junior year) but it js def one of my foat"

haley_elizabeth_twi shared a tip "Its very diverse and has an amazing plot line ❤"

jaydin_gentile shared a tip "So so so intriguing. A action packed, low-key comedical, almost-mystery. Loved it."

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bailey_reed shared a tip "Yeah, it was so good"

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dedra_tullison shared a tip "This slid a great heist book. Such flawed but likeable characters."

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aimee_greatbanks shared a tip "Heist, but in fantasy Russia 🤷🏼‍♀️"

kat_5988 shared a tip "An all time favorite"

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kayla_moore_175 shared a tip "I absolutely adored this book and the second one in the series!"

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madelyn_wilke_3820 shared a tip "A great storyline with memorable characters, and relationships that grab your attention!"

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penny_pope_2893 shared a tip "So. Good."

marissa_flynn shared a tip "This will always be one of my favorite books. I love the characters and the details are perfect. I highly recommend!!"

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barbara_de_rosa shared a tip "Such a well written book about a likeable group of deviants and an impossible heist!"

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flemingo shared a tip "takes a bit to get into, especially if you haven't read her other trilogy, but it's definitely the best series i've ever read"

treighton_martin shared a tip "Fun, action packed, main character seriously makes you want to see more"

angela_dater shared a tip "Could not put down this fantasy heist!"

fabie shared a tip "The characters were well written and the plot was intriguing."

jo_arm shared a tip "Thrilling, unpredictable heist novel with witty, well rounded characters, what’s not to love!"

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kat_appel shared a tip "ITS SO GOOD"

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ka100118 shared a tip "If you like adventure thriller books. I feel like you would like this one.#thriller"

delilah_5824 shared a tip "The worldbuilding in this book is UNREAL!! One of my favorite reads"

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lol_lol_8027 shared a tip "It was very good. I was kinda worried that it would be bad (despite the hype), but I was very pleasantly surprised."

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holly_bursey shared a tip "Great characters, a little dark and a little funny, but the story it’s building towards is addicting. Definitely recommend!"

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daisy_sullivan shared a tip "Love this book!"

tori_hirsch shared a tip "Good book for when you have some time because you won’t want to put this book down!"

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rocio_briseno shared a tip "Very distinct characterization, 3 different ship dynamics"

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bella_headrick shared a tip "Loved this book. Lead me to Shadow and bone which I adored. Definitely recommend."

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kdes_aaf shared a tip "Amazing world and i fell in love with characters along with ms. bardugos writing style 💙"

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alex_sammons shared a tip "One of my favorites! Absolutely love this series. Couldn’t put it down!"

Amelia Addicott's profile image

amelia_addicott shared a tip "Amazing character development and crazy twists. One of the best books I’ve ever read!"

natalie_raff shared a tip "absolutely brilliant, beautiful characters and world-building and thrilling plot!"

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sara_peterson_9205 shared a tip "Loved this! Exciting and interesting characters 😍"

angela rueda's profile image

angela_rueda_6791 shared a tip "Very interesting."

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dylan_murray_5288 shared a tip "Very entertaining fantasy/crime novel. Loved all the characters!"

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blaine_padgett shared a tip "Great story, the characters are well developed. Found this by accident and loved it"

gloria_chavez_2801 shared a tip "Currently reading the Night Circus, probably will become my favourite!"

Renee Born's profile image

renee_born shared a tip "##lgbtq"

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rheanna_8935 shared a tip "Right now, I'm reading the Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer! I'm on the second book, Scarlet."

Koreena Young's profile image

koreena_young shared a tip "i’m reading a couple of books right now. the cruel prince series and history is all you left me. they’re honestly amazing."

Koreena Young's profile image

koreena_young shared a tip "history is all you left me is pretty sad though but it truly shows the effects of grief."

Andrea Sanderson's profile image

andrea_sanderson shared a tip "Dark, cruel, cunning! Overall fantastic."

madi_179 shared a tip "Best book ever"

grace_4705 shared a tip "character personalities and development were so good"

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kylie_parker_2804 shared a tip "I COULDT PUT IT DOWN this book was truly a masterpiece"

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miley_ringuette shared a tip "This book was a great addition to the grisha verse! I would recommend reading shadow and bone before reading six of crows."

Cierra Summers's profile image

cierra_summers shared a tip "The characters are perfectly flawed and there is so much tension between them! I am in love!"

Rachael Seedall's profile image

rachael_seedall shared a tip "One if my favorite books is Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas"

Kamryn McDonald's profile image

kamryn_mcdonald shared a tip "I just finished the captive prince series and it was fun!! It’s 18+ but has good Character development :)"

Jasmine Khaira's profile image

jasmine_khaira shared a tip "Kaz Brekker."

Ori m's profile image

ori_m shared a tip "Kazzzzz"

Stacie Laird's profile image

stacie_laird shared a tip "This is the best book I have ever read, it had an amazing plot and amazing characters with great backstories."

norianna_sickels shared a tip "bardugo’s character work so impressive. read this!!!!!"

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alia_sponheimer shared a tip "Literally amazing"

mcrae evans's profile image

mcrae_evans shared a tip "One of my favorite Books I’ve ever read"

Ezra Gonzalez's profile image

ezra_gonzalez shared a tip "yesss when they were driving the tank"

LIBERTY VUE's profile image

liberty_vue shared a tip "I love Throne of Glass series by Sarah J Maas as well as The Darkest Minds series."

miranda_edmonds shared a tip "Story building was amazing"

Sarah Stoflet's profile image

sarah_stoflet shared a tip "It was good! A little overhyped but I’m currently reading Crooked Kingdom and I think the second might be better!"

Paetyn 's profile image

paetyn_schlicker shared a tip "found family, and a little bit of enemies to lovers. i love the banter and adventures"

zeeig shared a tip "Awesome read with amazing characters"

bookwormmmm shared a tip "Absolutely amazing, i couldn’t stop reading it once i started it"

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lisa_paglicci shared a tip "It’s perfectly paced, written, and all around a great read."

Connie Gonzalez's profile image

connie_gonzalez shared a tip "No problem! Let me know what you think!@harperbrownca"

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anna_fetterolf shared a tip "I’m a sucker for fantasy books and this one really was amazing. 10/10 recommend if you are into fantasy"

bearpagesl shared a tip "Many characters, lots of world building yet love their interactions like fight scenes!"

Alejandra Alvarado's profile image

alejandra_alvarado_8968 shared a tip "Great plot, a world of magic, amazing characters, and an impossible quest. Nothing beats that!"

Kimberly White's profile image

kimberly_white_1861 shared a tip "It's the best of all worlds!"

Amelia Ackerman's profile image

amelia_ackerman shared a tip "This book was amazing from start to finish. There is a lot of really good character development!"

Melody Clark's profile image

melody_clark_6971 shared a tip "Yes, but it will make more sense if you read the Shadow and Bone books first."

brianna_jane_fleming shared a tip "Six of Crows is one of my favorite books. I totally recommend it!"

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livlively shared a tip "Characters are all anime like and have their own personalities."

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lilly_turk shared a tip "This is my favorite book of all time nothing will ever surpass it. I have no complaints."

Isabelle Reid's profile image

isabelle_reid_8624 shared a tip "Most definitely, wonderful characters and a fun plot, I highly recommend :)"

maia_c_6210 shared a tip "It’s the best book i’ve ever read!"

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natalie_smith_6879 shared a tip "A wonderful adventure and great story."

kenzie_saulnier shared a tip "It’s a really different story, that’s what I like so much about it, very original!"

Christine Bruce's profile image

christine_bruce_1239 shared a tip "A heist with well fleshed out characters and world"

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mary_pat_dailey shared a tip "Flew through this book. Couldn’t put it down!"

olivia_rcr 's profile image

olivia_rcr shared a tip "idk bro it’s just hot"

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mackenzie_noland shared a tip "I finally found a book with a world I feel like I belong in."

sandra_1088 shared a tip "Absolutely!!!"

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beatriz_buelna shared a tip "Loved the dynamic between the characters🖤"

sarah spencer's profile image

sarah.spencer shared a tip "Loved the duology so much"

awesome_user_865773 shared a tip "finally! high fantasy with great multiple character development!!"

St0rmingR4in 's profile image

st0rmingr4in shared a tip "Best book i have evwr read"

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hannah_knapp_2087 shared a tip "A slo burn but I’m glad I read it. Can’t wait to read the second in the series"

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awesome_user_319036 shared a tip "It was amazing, the book gave the drama that i needed"

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EpsilonCygni shared a tip "guys guys I need to know if this is enemies to lovers pls"

kylee_martinez shared a tip "Omg this book! Loved it, the second one was amazing too!"

binie shared a tip "My fandom"

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drew_ivester shared a tip "my favorite book. and that’s saying something"

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amanda_franco_2645 shared a tip "I love the Watsons go to Birmingham"

Conner Campbell's profile image

conner_campbell shared a tip "Slow build but great cliff hanger for second book."

hunter_burrows shared a tip "One of my absolute favorite books of all time"

lunie shared a tip "Found family"

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jamjins shared a tip "the grace year and The Mermaid the Witch and the Sea are my current favorite books!"

smith_davis shared a tip "disappointed this wasn’t a trilogy ha."

cameron_u shared a tip "New favorite book!!! I was hooked and loved it all"

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bailey_kutzner shared a tip "I bought this because everyone liked it but literally cant read it every time i try. it’s so confusing"

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grace_anderson_8639 shared a tip "One of my favorite it really does have amazing characters"

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annette_porcaro shared a tip "It's was also recently turned into a TV series on Netflix as well"

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jiyongs_tosies. shared a tip "yes"

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shawn_parra shared a tip "I can’t say much I only read the first book and it was a few years back"

destin_williams shared a tip "An emotionally heavy duology that is absolutely worth the read. Phenomenal character development and an equally amazing story"

jasmine_1116 shared a tip "The characters were good idk"

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alex_peterson_5187 shared a tip "I love Leigh Bardugo so much. This was a fun extension of her Grisha universe!"

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veroncia shared a tip "MY FAVORITE BOOK EVER PLEASE READ"

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elyse_mclintock shared a tip "We love a misfit group of friends."

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bumble.bee shared a tip "Amazing, complex plot with an attention grabbing heist and 6 criminals with trauma who just want their money and revenge."

mallory_julian shared a tip "Bit of a slow start but SO GOOD!!! Full of adventure and just a really great story! Can’t wait read the Crooked Kingdom!"

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