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Carl Allen has stumbled across a way to shake free of post-divorce blues and a dead-end job: embrace life and say yes to everything.

MPAA Rating PG-13

Status Released

Release Date 2008-12-09

Runtime 104 minutes

Budget $70m

Revenue $0.2b


TMDB 6.6


Caleigh Knight's profile image

caleigh_knight shared a tip "Yeah. . .this just fell short"

onelonelyplanet 's profile image

onelonelyplanet shared a tip "One of the best #inspirational movies I’ve seen. Reminded me the book “Year of Yes” by Shonda Rhimes"

Crystal Hammond's profile image

crystal_hammond_6284 shared a tip "Jim Carey’s finer moments in acting."

Craig Koffler's profile image

craig_koffler_114 shared a tip "A hilarious comedy that shows even after all these years Jim Carrey can still make you laugh out loud"

Connor 's profile image

The_Gingerbread_Man_phd shared a tip "Weird movie. not terrible by any means just kind of all over the place."

jess_ica_9043 shared a tip "Sort of a hidden gem ! Gets better the more times you watch it!"

Adam Phillips's profile image

adam_phillips_2522 shared a tip "Hilarious movie!"

Dylan Mosher's profile image

ddillybarss shared a tip "funny and just a good movie"

MikeBarbre 's profile image

mikebarbre shared a tip "Great message packaged in just the right way."

taylor vigfusson's profile image

taylor_vigfusson shared a tip "such a cute rom com"

Lily Naert's profile image

lily_naert shared a tip "super funny and great story!!"

Vanessa Cruz's profile image

vanessa_cruz_3804 shared a tip "Jim Carry is so brilliant and hilarious! Absolutely loved this movie."

Riccy Kinard's profile image

riccy_kinard shared a tip "One of my favorite Jim Carrey Movies ever. In my top 5 at least"

Heather Muessel's profile image

heather_muessel shared a tip "Such a funny movie!! Had me rolling in tears!!! Love @JimCarrey!!!! My Favorite actor!! He can’t make a bad movie!!!! Xoxo"

Ilana Poznanski's profile image

ilana_poznanski shared a tip "You cant go wrong with Jim Carrey"

Christina Harnden's profile image

christina_harnden shared a tip "Ohh let me count the ways! Thid is a really great movie & those 2 are so freaking cute lol!"

Tyler Atwood's profile image

shimloo shared a tip "Loved it, american classic"

Jaclyn Songstad's profile image

jaclyn_songstad shared a tip "A silly but very fun, light-hearted movie. Funny and entertaining"

Michael Maldonado's profile image

michael_maldonado_6663 shared a tip "Can't wait for the "No Man" sequel. I heard it's approximately 12min long. The main character says "no" and it ends."

John Kilian's profile image

john_kilian shared a tip "I liked when he began saying yes to all the weird bank loans. What about you?"

Rylee Cummings's profile image

rylee_cummings_3280 shared a tip "Its so so so funny and how weird Carl is"

Leigh Harvley's profile image

leigh_harvley shared a tip "Who doesn't like a good Jim Carrey movie?"

Daniel Sykes's profile image

daniel_sykes_3087 shared a tip "It’s such an amazing premise & reminds me of a more adult Liar Liar!"

Wabi Sabi's profile image

wabi_sabi_6380 shared a tip "Great movie for when your life is in a boring slump. Reminds you to go out and live."

Stefany Wayne's profile image

stefany_wayne shared a tip "Jim Carey is the best 💖"

blue blue's profile image

blue_blue_7285 shared a tip "It was a light hearted, feel-good comedy"

angie_e_9778 shared a tip "Your typical rom-com but worth watching."

Dominic Frechette's profile image

dominic_frechette shared a tip "This is a cute couple movie. An interesting way to bring positive changes in your life"

Larry McCollum's profile image

larry_mccollum shared a tip "Funny and inspirational, a couple parts are not PG-13 by going past innuendo."

KOsprings 's profile image

kosprings shared a tip "Interesting. Dramedy that reaches into philosophy. I recommend to any single middle aged man"

Melissa Stroud's profile image

melissa_stroud_6687 shared a tip "Inspiring."

randy_cash shared a tip "One of my favorite movies ever."

Brianna Hawkins's profile image

brianna_hawkins_8830 shared a tip "Laugh out loud funny, just absurd enough for me, it kept catching me off guard in the best ways!"

Megan Benoit's profile image

megan_benoit_5071 shared a tip "Jim carry just makes any movie"

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