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In the final months of World War II, 14-year-old Seita and his sister Setsuko are orphaned when their mother is killed during an air raid in Kobe, Japan. After a falling out with their aunt, they move into an abandoned bomb shelter. With no surviving relatives and their emergency rations depleted, S

MPAA Rating PG-13

Status Released

Release Date 1988-04-16

Runtime 89 minutes

Budget $3.7m

Revenue $0.5m


TMDB 8.4


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marsh_6055 shared a tip "Movies that give me crippling depression"

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clowdywings shared a tip "heart wrenching!! please read trigger warnings before watching this! (I wouldn't recommend this to young kids)"

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rando_7630 shared a tip "The visuals are so beautiful but its so sad I was sobbing by the end"

Ross Sauby's profile image

ross_sauby shared a tip "Difficult and powerful watch."

Anne Forte's profile image

anne_forte shared a tip "Just… don’t watch it. It will hurt you for the rest of your life. Just DONT!"

Callie Keisler's profile image

callie_keisler shared a tip "A double shot of depression"

Majo Garza's profile image

majo_garza shared a tip "Started crying within the first 5 minutes. Definitely watch only if emotionally stable :s very touching"

gurotaku shared a tip "Sepressing but good"

Liv ⚢ 's profile image

liviaaa shared a tip "it’s a very good movie worth your watch but be warned it is devastatingly sad"

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madeline_cox_3807 shared a tip "Hot damn he did it again"

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crying.seagull shared a tip "It was fun to watch if you need a good cry, if you want to watch a happy feel good movie do not recommend."

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Grimdesire shared a tip "You want to cry your eyes out? Watch this"

Lex 's profile image

lex_4282 shared a tip "Sad movie that just keeps getting worse 😢 genuinely wish I’d never watched this"

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tatyana_sanchez_1697 shared a tip "Not for the faint of heart. Like really, don't watch this if you're sensitive it is a hard one."

Phil 's profile image

phil_ago shared a tip "Made me cry"

Emily 's profile image

emily_6673 shared a tip "You will cry… a lot."

Waffelz 's profile image

waffelz shared a tip "This movie is breathtaking. It is an experience. Very real."

Greg Stump's profile image

ajaxtheroo shared a tip "Paints a real image of what war can do to the young."

Afi O's profile image

afi_o shared a tip "I first watched this movie when I was way to young to really understand. I must admit, I think it messed me up a little..."

Evan Jermain's profile image

rookierooster shared a tip "😭"

Katie Versace's profile image

katie_versace shared a tip "YOU WILL CRY"

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lindsey_hanna_5760 shared a tip "So very sad"

chaela_carter shared a tip "Sad af"

Emily 's profile image

emily_ford_5157 shared a tip "Don’t watch this unless you have an entire box of tissues ready"

Eva Carlstrom's profile image

eva_carlstrom shared a tip "Really heartbreaking. Maybe don't show it to kids or watch if you're feeling fragile."

Kristin Parsons's profile image

kristin_parsons shared a tip "If you want to cry, this is the movie for you"

Ella The Weeb's profile image

ella_the_weeb shared a tip "Warning: extremely sad"

Viko 's profile image

Indicolite shared a tip "This movie will make you want to curl up in a ball and die"

ingrid_martinez_9757 shared a tip "if you want to cry"

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ariana_unrath shared a tip "Cry :( 💙🫧"

Enrique granados sanders's profile image

enrique_granados_sa shared a tip "Emotional"

Yusuf Ali Shah's profile image

yusuf_ali_shah shared a tip "I never want to feel what I felt when I watched that movie and it was moving and the greatest experience when I watched it"

Audrey Random's profile image

audrey_random shared a tip "A 100% tear jerker. The type of movie that I'd rather watch alone than with someone else. Veryyy sad but veryyy good."

Megan Stanley's profile image

megan_stanley shared a tip "If your ready to cry your eyes out watch this"

Becky 's profile image

windyleaf shared a tip "It was well done, but just too sad for my taste."

Grace 's profile image shared a tip "I bawled my eyes out like a baby,such a beautiful movie."

Lunix 's profile image

Lunix shared a tip "It’s depressing. Just depressing."

lauren_9711 shared a tip "Beautiful tearjerker"

Breanna Mitchell's profile image

Denoia shared a tip "Difficult to watch, but very good. Have tissues."

Atiya Frazer's profile image

atiya_frazer shared a tip "Have tissue 😢"

Jeremy Cervantes's profile image

jeremy_cervantes shared a tip "The horrors of war, not for soldiers, but civilians"

Greg Peterkin's profile image

greg_peterkin shared a tip "If you watch this, keep the tissues handy. Beautiful but sad film."

Catholic Nun's profile image

catholic_nun shared a tip "So moving. A great movie"

squiddie 's profile image

squidward shared a tip "Movie’s sole purpose is meant to make you sad......Yes I cried."

Aaron Morphet's profile image

aaron_morphet shared a tip "I guess I like getting all up in my feelings. This movie will break your heart."

La-Rel Easter's profile image

LastNameEaster shared a tip "VERY impactful film. Don't know if I can watch again."

Isabel Smith's profile image

isabel_smith_5670 shared a tip "this movie had me in tears"

Faith Tabirih's profile image

faith_tabirih shared a tip "This broke my heart 😭"

Ki 's profile image

kianasmol shared a tip "Beautifully done movie, has that beautiful ghibli animation that we all know and love. Definitely a tear-jearker"

mj_3115 shared a tip "Watch this if you are ok with tripling your dosage of antidepressants"

Tammi Lai's profile image

tammi_lai shared a tip "I love this one. But I could only watch it once it was so sad."

Arianah Cotto's profile image

arianahlee shared a tip "I just finished watching this and wow it was good"

Haneul Kim's profile image

haneul_kim shared a tip "If you don’t cry... this movie is a masterpiece however you react, and it’ll definitely touch something in your heart."

Peter Bonerz's profile image

peter_bonerz shared a tip "I’ve seen this movie at least 20 times and cry every single time, 10/10 would recommend"

Britt Wilson's profile image

britterson shared a tip "Saddest movie I have ever seen in my life."

Elizabeth Valcourt's profile image

elizabeth_valcourt shared a tip "I liked it but I hated it too. It will make you cry. I’m still mad at the friend who recommended it to me. 10/10 bring tissues"

Jess C.'s profile image

Sugar_Lobster shared a tip "You will cry."

Lauren Pike's profile image

luna_moon_1567 shared a tip "Gorgeous movie. It’s a tear jerker, so keep some tissues handy."

Lyndsey Miller's profile image

lyndsey_miller shared a tip "Saddest anime movie I've ever seen"

Luigi Kim's profile image

luigi_kim shared a tip "This movie has always and will always make me cry. It makes me value family."

Raven Croft's profile image

raven_croft shared a tip "This is definitely a movie that made me cry. I recommend tissues!"

Janelle S.'s profile image

nellybeanz shared a tip "I was so so sad for days after watching this. It shows the brutality of war and it is absolutely heartbreaking"

Brittney Cunningham's profile image

brittney_cunningham_1203 shared a tip "It really tugs on the heartstrings."

Taetem S's profile image

taetem_s shared a tip "Watch if you want to cry."

Ryan Ward's profile image

ryan_ward_653 shared a tip "I liked the movie but it’s very sad. Can only watch it every so often."

Aidan Baskett's profile image

aidan_baskett shared a tip "I didn't find it as sad as everyone said but it is still a very good movie"

trisha_stearns shared a tip "Beautiful but be ready to cry."

Kaitlyn Oost's profile image

kaitlyn_oost shared a tip "Great but terribly tragic 😢"

elena_3400 shared a tip "Great movie but sad but still my favorite movie"

ada_ shared a tip "Correction, this is the saddest anime I’ve seen"

Daily Meme's profile image

daily_meme shared a tip "It was a lovely film and I loved but it’s a tearjerker and very emotional."

sarah_marrin shared a tip "So beautiful, and relays the sad reality of civilians during war. Beyond that, it demonstrates the loving bond between siblings."

Kyla Foley's profile image

kyla_foley shared a tip "A movie you watch once. You will cry."

grant_2468 shared a tip "Depicting the devastation of wwii from the Japanese perspective. This is BAR NONE the saddest movie I have ever seen."

Hannnah Birttnen's profile image

hannnah_birttnen shared a tip "Need to flush out your tear ducts? Watch this movie."

Nevaeh Austin's profile image

nevaeh_austin_6020 shared a tip "This movie will make you cry then rethink life itself. And, it made me more sad when I realized it was based of a true story."

Serin Chan's profile image

serin_chan shared a tip "EAT YO FOoD #lessonlearned"

Jay 's profile image

jaygopogo shared a tip "**** hurts so bad"

miyu_awan shared a tip "Heart-rending! Miyazaki!"

Jasmin Lopez's profile image

jasmin_lopez_561 shared a tip "A little dark but good"

Nascar 's profile image

stoleanorphan shared a tip "A wonderful movie I will not watch again because I cannot handle that emotional turmoil more than once."

witchchlochlo !!!'s profile image

witchchlochlo_ shared a tip "Heartbreaking but it is still a compelling well-told story!"

evangeline_jowell shared a tip "Have tissues."

kayla_rampersaud shared a tip "Super sad but worth watching!!! Will make you cry"

Kiziku 's profile image

Kiziku shared a tip "3 words box of tissues. You'll need the whole box"

Crazy Badger's profile image

crazy_badger shared a tip "Beautiful art style very emotional"

starilf 's profile image

starilf shared a tip "sad, made me feel things"

FunDip 's profile image

fundip shared a tip "This was so cute and heartbreaking. This is one of the few movies that have made me cry."

HONK BERRYS's profile image

honk_berrys shared a tip "Very sad but I love the movie. If you ever wanted anything sad this is the movie for you."

Steve Gault's profile image

sygault shared a tip "Heart-wrenching but excellent."

Erin McDonnell's profile image

plutogriffin shared a tip "heartbreaking story :)"

Erika Hi's profile image

erika_hi shared a tip "Beautiful and heart breaking. Be ready to cry."

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