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In the deep south during the 1930s, three escaped convicts search for hidden treasure while a relentless lawman pursues them. On their journey they come across many comical characters and incredible situations. Based upon Homer's 'Odyssey'.

MPAA Rating PG-13

Status Released

Release Date 2000-08-30

Runtime 107 minutes

Budget $26m

Revenue $72m


TMDB 7.3


Ian Morris's profile image

ian shared a tip "One of my favorites. Like Lebowski it gets better with every viewing"

Salim Hemdani's profile image

shemdani shared a tip "O Brother"

Maery Deweese's profile image

Maery.Deweese shared a tip "The music is just too good."

J H's profile image

jax89 shared a tip "So beautifully directed"

Megan Green's profile image

megan_green_9650 shared a tip "#classic"

Jason Nuciola's profile image

jason_nuciola shared a tip "Some of the best music in a movie I have ever heard you must hear the Soggy Bottom Boys"

Jamie Malos's profile image

jamie_malos shared a tip "This movie taught me that I like country music when it's in the form of bluegrass."

Vikram Chalana's profile image

vikram_chalana shared a tip "An all-time favorite!"

JC Anderson's profile image

jodilu shared a tip "I laugh each time I see it"

Josh M's profile image

velociraccoon shared a tip "Favorite movie of all time."

Christie Shipley's profile image

christie_shipley shared a tip "Good music, enjoyed the acting performances"

Dont Mind Me's profile image

sonia_mesina shared a tip "If you havent watched this movie you seriously should. Best. Movie. Ever."

Brad Warkins's profile image

brad_warkins shared a tip "Such a unique black comedy"

EVOLVED GAMING's profile image

evolved_gaming shared a tip "One of my favorites!"

geoff_milk1 shared a tip "One of the most underrated comedies ever"

Eric Parkett's profile image

eric_parkett shared a tip "“I’m fixin’ to R-U-N-N-O-F-T!”"

Tamara Sewell's profile image

tamara_sewell shared a tip "George Cluney is absolutely hilarious in this movie. Not his usual role. Music is catchy"

Sad Panda's profile image

sad_panda shared a tip "Makes my top 10 list of faves!!!"

Lenora Barrett's profile image

lenora_barrett shared a tip "This is one of the best movies of all time. I love how it's presented as an epic tale and doesn't disappoint."

Autumn Dark's profile image

autumn_dark shared a tip "It’s an amazing retelling of the odyssey through the deep southern gothic feel to it. Highly recommend!"

Debra B.'s profile image

debra_b. shared a tip "Hilarious"

Kerstin Friel's profile image

kerstin_friel shared a tip "The music is awesome in this movie."

Jimmy Dean's profile image

jimmy_dean_6722 shared a tip "Good movie"

Lana Badan's profile image

lanabadass shared a tip "Great movie and the soundtrack is amazing"

Jay Hodges's profile image

jay_hodges shared a tip "One of the best comedy movies ever made. Loved the acting and the story line."

Jill Spears's profile image

jill_spears shared a tip "I have seen it so many times that I can almost quote all the lines! It is a great movie!!♥️"

Shannon Hensley's profile image

shannon_hensley_5414 shared a tip "Its been a long time but I still remember liking it a lot."

Jamie Lunn's profile image

jamie_lunn shared a tip "I like it! It's super hilarious!"

Andrew Smith's profile image

andrew_smith_35 shared a tip "I’m a dapper Dan man haha"

kiera_posteluk shared a tip "Symbolic with a killer soundtrack."

Suzanne Shaw's profile image

suzanne_shaw_159 shared a tip "Very funny"

John Parrish's profile image

john_parrish shared a tip "Probably my favorite Cohen brothers movie! Hilarious and beautifully told with great acting from a star studded cast!"

William Parsons's profile image

william_parsons shared a tip "Hilarious with great sound track"

elizabeth_stewart shared a tip "One of the Coen Brothers’ most amazing movies. And the music!!"

naryrokobs 1's profile image

naryrokobs_1 shared a tip "Its also very funny. A lot of good humor"

Lani altizer's profile image

lani_altizer shared a tip "@megan_stone the part when they thought he turned into a frog. Or the woman singing"

Shirley Johnson's profile image

shirley_johnson_5616 shared a tip "Loved the music"

Kelly VanHooser's profile image

kelly_vanhooser shared a tip "A must watch movie!"

Likens Heather's profile image

Likens.Heather shared a tip "Heather"

Dennis Tegethoff's profile image

dennis_tegethoff shared a tip "Any Coen Bros. Film is worth multiple viewings. This one NEVER gets old. Revamped retelling of The Odyssey."

Erin Idzerda's profile image

erin_idzerda shared a tip "The first musical I think. You?"

Mallory Swick's profile image

mallory_swick shared a tip "Its funny"

Rachel Van Tassel's profile image

rachel_van_tassel shared a tip "I haven't seen it in years! I just remember really liking it and laughing a lot. What are your favorites?"

Rebekah Faith's profile image

rebekah_faith shared a tip "Very good movie!!! I love the music, great classic!!"

Tawny Haskett's profile image

tawny_haskett shared a tip "It's hard to choose a favorite part but probably when the sirens come out singing But, I've got to say I love the whole movie."

Alice Ryan's profile image

alice_ryan_8438 shared a tip "unique perspective into a time before, funny"

Josie J 's profile image

josie_j shared a tip "It was really funny and good to watch a few times when you have nothing else to do haha. Good for a back up movie."

isabella_gauthier shared a tip "Such a great movie"

Shelly Daugherty's profile image

shelly_daugherty shared a tip "Iconic!"

Emily Skipton's profile image

emily_skipton shared a tip "Storybook like"

Brent Yoder's profile image

brent_yoder shared a tip "Humor, odyssey"

melissa_linardos_762 shared a tip "It is so rich with history and humor. I could watch it over and over!"

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