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When teen Sarah is forced to babysit Toby, her baby stepbrother, she summons Jareth the Goblin King to take him away. When he is actually kidnapped, Sarah is given just thirteen hours to solve a labyrinth and rescue him.

MPAA Rating PG

Status Released

Release Date 1986-06-27

Runtime 102 minutes

Budget $25m

Revenue $13m


TMDB 7.3


Anita Skop's profile image

anita_skop shared a tip "Spectacular fantasy with a clever plot, gorgeous set and costumes and of course, David Bowie!"

Mya Iannuzzi's profile image

mya_formuoli shared a tip "This. Movie. Is. Amazing. I’ve seen it like 50 times and I’ll watch it again. #netflix #jimhenson"

Asydic Alkalion's profile image

asydic_alkalion shared a tip "Lifelong Bowie fan, with Jim Henson as my idol, made this one of the most replayed movies of my childhood"

Julia Gonzalez's profile image

jgfaith11 shared a tip "Literally my favorite movie. I’ve been watching this movie my entire life and it never gets old. Much love to this entire movie💛"

Erica ThatByouKnow's profile image

ArYka shared a tip "📣📣📣📣NOSTALGIA 📣📣📣📣"

laura_wills shared a tip "Bowie ♥️"

Crissan Martin's profile image

CrissiePooh shared a tip "Everything was amazing. You had to sing along as well."

Bill Dungey's profile image

twitch366 shared a tip "This is my go to movie to watch when I'm sick. To this day still fantastic"

Dorian Adams's profile image

dorian_adams shared a tip "I love the music."

Christie Shipley's profile image

christie_shipley shared a tip "One of my all time favorites"

Michelle Fisher's profile image

michelle_fisher_2110 shared a tip "Fairy magic"

Michael Baseflug's profile image

michael_baseflug shared a tip "Mind freak from the '80s!"

Carolynn Ross's profile image

carolynn_ross shared a tip "Love this movie!!"

Sarah Beth Cagle's profile image

sarah_beth_cagle shared a tip "Favorite cult classic ever. How can you not love Bowie and Ms. Jennifer together?"

Alley Jessup's profile image

alexis_jessup shared a tip "THIS WAS MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE CHILDHOOD MOVIE!!! I’m so excited it’s on HBO Max!!"

Anna 's profile image

anna_378 shared a tip "My most favorite movie of all time!"

Owen Watts's profile image

owen_watts shared a tip "I thought it was awesome and amazing. Particularly because of the music."

Robin Willow's profile image

robin_willow shared a tip "ONE OF MY FAVORITE MOVIES OF ALL TIME"

catherine_leichtenberger shared a tip "A fun, fantasy movie with music and David Bowie!"

Elizabeth Clever's profile image

elizabeth_clever shared a tip "My all time favorite never gets old as many time i watch it you remind of babe"

adventures of j.a.n's profile image

adventures_of_j.a.n shared a tip "Oldy but a great movie"

Evelyne Aubin's profile image

evelyne_aubin shared a tip "I love this movie I watch it every year"

Ian Kelley's profile image

ian_kelley shared a tip "Jim Henson at its finest"

barbara osterholm's profile image

barbieO shared a tip "You will love it.... have you seen the dark crystal?"

The FanFairy's profile image

the_fanfairy shared a tip "It's a trippy movie but good. It's like if Alice and wonderland was written in the 80s. Has Legonds vibes"

Katherine Olivia's profile image

katherine_olivia shared a tip "David Bowie. Enough said."

rebecca price's profile image

rebecca_price_7700 shared a tip "I wish they'd made the sequel. This one is classic!"

Chantal Larsen's profile image

shaunts shared a tip "Catchy music with never before seen characters that will make your kids either laugh or cry!"

Julia Talada's profile image

julia_talada shared a tip "❤"

Missus Robinson's profile image

missus_robinson shared a tip "You remind me of the Babe."

Dana Wiggins's profile image

dana_wiggins shared a tip "Best movie ever #davidbowie"

Alanna Evans's profile image

alanna_evans shared a tip "David Bowie's crotch deserved an award."

dom_9882 shared a tip "Good for movie night with kids. At least our 4yo. #family_movies"

Jenn Nay's profile image

jenn_nay shared a tip "I grew up watching this! My favorite part is the masquerade ball ❤"

Lisa Eicholtz's profile image

mommalisa shared a tip "Time 🙌 less!! Absolutely top 10 on my list!! You might understand if your an 80's kid."

kiya Wilson's profile image

kiya_wilson shared a tip "I watched it since I was six years old and I love listening to the music because it relaxes me and it’s interesting to watch"

Bella Rodriguez's profile image

bellaa.rz shared a tip "favorite movie of all time!!!!"

Candace Lutton's profile image

candace_lutton shared a tip "One of my all time favorites!!!"

Sarah spangler's profile image

sarah_spangler_5059 shared a tip "Classic, awesome screen work for its time"

Julie Cervantes's profile image

julie_cervantes_9516 shared a tip "Idk how I feel about this movie."

Autumn Vanderver's profile image

autumn_vanderver shared a tip "Fantasy, childhood, magical, dreamy, love, friends, 80s, David Bowie, Jennifer Connelly"

hannah mae:)'s profile image

hannah shared a tip "One of my childhood favorites. Such a weird combination of eerie and fun."

andrea_luton_8680 shared a tip "An all time favorite! Fun story and great music. Long live the King."

Nikole Elder's profile image

brooke_elder_5577 shared a tip "One of my all time favorites! Will always love this movie"

kenzie <3's profile image

kenzieb shared a tip "I grew up watching this with my mom!! kinda spooky for a little kid, but turned me into the woman I am today"

Quaisha Ladyboss Thornton's profile image

quaisha_ladyboss shared a tip "One of my favorite 80s movies of all time. I have it on DVD."

Jenny Birdgirl's profile image

jenny_birdgirl shared a tip "Classic!"

timbra 's profile image

asaltysoul shared a tip "the best!! RIP David Bowie"

Allison Cardona's profile image

allison_cardona shared a tip "Best David Bowie songs were created just for this movie! 10/10"

Monalisa M's profile image

mona1287 shared a tip "Classic fantasy"

Victoria Morgan's profile image

victoria_morgan_9393 shared a tip "One of my all time favorite movies! I even have my 2 1/2 hooked on watching it. She calls it the goblin movie 💕"

Shae Lewis's profile image

shae_lewis shared a tip "Classic. There is plenty that is sus, but I was obsessed with it for decade. Oh, David Bowie, my problematic fave"

Jennifer MacDougall's profile image

jennifer_macdougall_2027 shared a tip "David Bowie"

Sarah Speaks's profile image

sarah_speaks shared a tip "Favorite movie of all time. What got me into the enjoying fantasy itself and challenging romances and coming of age movies."

amanda_martin_9201 shared a tip "Favorite of all time!"

Shannah Harding's profile image

shannah_harding shared a tip "It’s a classic!! #firegang #spandexhidesnothing #davidbowie"

cristina_hidalgo_9763 shared a tip "My favorite movie, ever!!!! ❤️"

Emi Widmark-Sundahl's profile image

emi_widmark-sundahl shared a tip "Classic must see"

Rachel Wagaman's profile image

rachel_wagaman shared a tip "I love David Bowie! He was so good in this."

Sarah Clarke's profile image

sarah_clarke_9995 shared a tip "I watch this movie every year on my birthday. Love the feel of it."

Dani Kennedy's profile image

dani_kennedy_1822 shared a tip "Incredible"

Rachael Lindman's profile image

rachael_lindman shared a tip "One of my favorite films."

Jacqueline Giordano's profile image

jacqueline_giordano_630 shared a tip "This movie was my favorite growing up. I've seen it so many times I could recite it word for word."

Talia 's profile image

natalia_jackson shared a tip "Really cool movie that has a great antique feel, awesomely made characters, and is overall a great movie. Do recommend!"

audrey_walters_377 shared a tip "I loved the fashion in this specially her dress at the party. This movie is a classic."

Callie Watford's profile image

callie_watford shared a tip "I loved this!! More need to watch this!"

Kathryn Roth's profile image

kathryn_roth_5738 shared a tip "I grew up watching this! Had a lowkey crush on the goblin king too lol"

Jac Lateano's profile image

jac_lateano shared a tip "It’s my absolute favorite movie :)"

Daniel Turner's profile image

daniel_turner_2696 shared a tip "Awesome fantasy movie without cgi."

Tracee Kearns-Collins's profile image

tracee_kearns-colli shared a tip "I love David Bowie in this, and the muppets characters are great!"

Heidi Jean-Baptiste's profile image

heidi_jean-baptiste shared a tip "One of my all time favorites"

joelle_rosales shared a tip "CLASSIC"

Patti Guevara's profile image

patti_guevara shared a tip "I love this movie! It’s been a favorite since I was a child! Absolutely amazing!"

Danielle Neville's profile image

danielle_neville shared a tip "Davis Bowie's best look 😁😘"

Larissa Diaz's profile image

larissa_diaz shared a tip "It’s really charming.10/10 points"

Rio Madre's profile image

rio_madre shared a tip "It's illegal to not like this movie, right?"

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