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In 2001, Andrew Bagby, a medical resident, is murdered not long after breaking up with his girlfriend. Soon after, when she announces she's pregnant, one of Andrew's many close friends, Kurt Kuenne, begins this film, a gift to the child.

MPAA Rating NR

Status Released

Release Date 2008-10-31

Runtime 95 minutes


TMDB 8.1


𝑹𝒊𝒄𝒐 𝑺𝒐𝒑𝒓𝒂𝒏𝒐 ✪'s profile image

RicoLoveDinero shared a tip "This documentary is so messed up."

Tracey N's profile image

tracey_newhouse shared a tip "Heartbreaking story. So many emotions especially anger at the judicial system. Love for the family and friends."

Smeeta 's profile image

smeeta shared a tip "Mind blowing. Heartbreaking"

Amy Santi's profile image

amy_santi shared a tip "Prepare A Whole Box Of Tissues Expected The Unexpected Expect Lasting Effects From This Documentary"

Rhon 's profile image

wine_bar shared a tip "A huge failure of the Canadian justice system. Heartbreaking"

JoeyMarie 's profile image

joeymarie shared a tip "I first watched this while in CJ101 in college. Absolutely heartbreaking and anger invoking."

Collin 's profile image

collin_1810 shared a tip "I’m usually not the crying type, but this documentary absolutely ripped my heart out"

Alexandra Lazarow's profile image

alexandra_lazarow shared a tip "A must watch. Heartbreaking but also full of love. Do not read anything about this beforehand. Just watch."

Miyoshi 's profile image

miyoshi shared a tip "Best doc I’ve seen in a long time. Powerful from beginning to the very end."

Krista Abbott's profile image

krista_abbott shared a tip "This movie devastating to my whole soul It still hurts just reading the title. I don't think I ever cried so hard"

Emily 's profile image

emily_clark_701 shared a tip "Both heartwarming and gut wrenching. This is a masterpiece and a tragedy. #favorite #documentary #dearzachary"

Deena 's profile image

deena_c shared a tip "A poignant film that may infuriate you, but you'll never forget."

Squidding 's profile image

cory_ag shared a tip "The most maddening devastatingly sad documentry ever 😭😭😭😭😭🤬😡😭😭😭"

 Jenny Jenny's profile image

Jen6Mafia shared a tip "Be prepared to be traumatized after."

Bingust 's profile image

Bingust shared a tip "This movie destroyed me. I loved it and its a master peice, but do not watch it if you are in a bad mental place currently."

leftylimbo 's profile image

leftylimbo shared a tip "A very heart wrenching doc, especially for parents."

Aliyah 's profile image

aliyah_s. shared a tip "Incredibly sad story, but worth the watch."

Keli Webb's profile image

keli_webb shared a tip "Shocking plot twists"

marlena_a._esquivel shared a tip "Completely heartbreaking story about a Completely broken system. And Grandparents who have suffered the unimaginable."

Carmen Bell's profile image

carmen_bell_1316 shared a tip "This documentary started my love for true crimes documentaries. It was definitely a tearjerker"

Nicole Murray's profile image

nicole_murray shared a tip "This one is tough to get through"

Sydney Ugalde's profile image

sydney_ugalde shared a tip "Outstanding."

Samantha 's profile image

d34rp34ch shared a tip "****** up - 90’s quality that takes a little to come together but once it does it’ll piss you off 😆"

Gillian Strahlendorf's profile image

gillian_strahlendorf shared a tip "Not for the faint of heart. Mentally prepare yourself."

Emily Rose's profile image

unfinished_sentenc shared a tip "This documentary wreaked me. The less you know about it the better. Seriously give it a watch."

Bill Shannon's profile image

bill_shannon shared a tip "Warning: This movie will shatter your heart into a million pieces"

Lindsay E's profile image

lindsay_e shared a tip "It's really good actually despite being heartbreaking."

cassidy_chandanais shared a tip "So so so good!"

William Carter's profile image

william_carter_8613 shared a tip "Very well done......that said....Possibly the most disturbing documentary I have ever seen."

Mariah Mowrey's profile image

mariah_mowrey shared a tip "Very emotional"

Jade Chiro's profile image

jade_chiro shared a tip "This made me so upset. I can’t fathom having to go through something like this. It’s just heartbreaking 💔."

deja_swanigan shared a tip "No, it’s so sad I just cry throughout😭"

janglinjack2 's profile image

janglinjack2 shared a tip "A great film if you love crying forever"

Parth 's profile image

_parth shared a tip "Heavily recommend this #documentary."

xXanonymous915Xx 's profile image

xXanonymous915Xx shared a tip "Genuinely managed to break me unlike most, highly recommend it"

Holley Michele 's profile image

holley_michele shared a tip "So we’ll done but also heartbreaking."

Wren Larder's profile image

wren_larder shared a tip "You'll never feel like this over another documentary. Haunting, tragic, beautiful."

Jeremy Cervantes's profile image

jeremy_cervantes shared a tip "Heartbreaking"

Ellena Navarro's profile image

ellena_navarro shared a tip "Have a box of tissues nearby."

Sarah Nestheide's profile image

sarah_nestheide shared a tip "Gut wrenching, but beautiful."

Sasso shared a tip "A beautiful tribute that properly overshadows the cruel selfishness that destroyed innocent lives."

valentine_crouse shared a tip "Heartbreaking, riveting and exceptionally well made. This one will stay with you forever."

Mike Shearer's profile image

mike_shearer_1297 shared a tip ""

Amia Ogieva's profile image

amia_ogieva shared a tip "This story is crazy and heart breaking. What a perspective, a crime story told by someone who loved the victim. Amazing."

Candice 's profile image

candice_9949 shared a tip "Heartbreaking with a twist I honestly didn’t see coming."

Stacey Finegan's profile image

stacey_finegan shared a tip "Shocking and heartbreaking."

Darrel Hicks's profile image

darrel_hicks shared a tip "Easily one of the best docs I have ever seen"

Jill Tilley's profile image

jill_tilley shared a tip "Only if you want to hate all of humanity."

Morgan Nance's profile image

morgan_nance shared a tip "Get tissues ready"

Katie Abbott's profile image

katie_abbott shared a tip "I’ve never cried so hard at a documentary"

kristine_vodon shared a tip "Best documentary ever.. but Incredibly heart breaking"

Alyson Kendall's profile image

alyson_kendall shared a tip "Grab the tissues for this one!"

Cassandra Ramos's profile image

cassandra_ramos_1592 shared a tip "Heartbreaking"

Morgan Barber's profile image

morgan_barber shared a tip "Do absolutely no research before watching. Go in totally blind."

Kaytee Flint's profile image

kaytee_flint shared a tip "Tear-jerking tribute to a friend."

Carrie O'Brien's profile image

carrie_obrien shared a tip "So tough to watch but so well done"

Michelle Shell's profile image

michelle_shell shared a tip "This is, by far, the best documentary I have ever seen! PSA:Have your tissues ready 😭"

vanessa_cichelly_na shared a tip "This documentary is important and embarrassing to Canada speaking as a Canadian."

robbie_melissa_megh shared a tip "So sadly beautiful."

Kara Demetropoulos's profile image

kara_demetropoulos shared a tip "Have tissues handy, this one is a wild ride!"

lullaby_bones shared a tip "This movie will break your heart but it's a story to share to remember those lost."

Deandra Dickson's profile image

deandra_dickson shared a tip "I watched this today. Gut wrenching 😭"

Ron Salas's profile image

ronnie_salas shared a tip "This one will give you a lump in your throat. Heartbreaking"

aututmn_eade shared a tip "I definitely enjoyed it! I recommend for sure!"

Heather Weaver's profile image

heather_weaver_3560 shared a tip "It’s amazing, but ripped my heart out!"

shannon_ryon shared a tip "Gutted at the end…will leave you sleepless!"

makalah_arzola shared a tip "This **** was so wonderful yet so tragic."

sprite (they/she)'s profile image

spriteocus shared a tip "i have bawled my eyes out every single time i watch this, its sooo good"

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