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Twenty-eight days after a killer virus was accidentally unleashed from a British research facility, a small group of London survivors are caught in a desperate struggle to protect themselves from the infected. Carried by animals and humans, the virus turns those it infects into homicidal maniacs --

MPAA Rating R

Status Released

Release Date 2002-10-31

Runtime 113 minutes

Budget $5m

Revenue $86m


TMDB 7.2


Lyle Groniger's profile image

lyle_groniger shared a tip "I’d rather watch this 9 times than sit through 9 seasons of crappy Walking dead"

Carla Craddock's profile image

carla_craddock shared a tip "The invention of FAST ZOMBIES takes this sub genre to a whole other level!"

Wolfman Jack's profile image

wolfman_jack shared a tip "Fast zombies make for a wild ride!"

Regina 's profile image

regina1026 shared a tip "A very edge of your seat movie. I felt this captured pretty realistically what the zombie apocalypse might be like."

Joker 2E's profile image

Joker2E shared a tip "Of of my top 3 zombie movies."

Emily Rose's profile image

unfinished_sentenc shared a tip "Loved this zombie movie. The music produces anxiety still. 😆"

Michelle Love's profile image

RaRaLilMonster shared a tip "Im critical of zombie movies but this is one of the best"

Robert Myatt's profile image

robert_myatt shared a tip "A disturbing take on the "zombie apocalypse" trend. Made zombies scary again."

anthony wright's profile image

anthony_wright_6502 shared a tip "One of my all-time favorites"

Farra Mones's profile image

farra_mones shared a tip "Arguably one of the best zombie movies ever made. Adrenaline pumping and beautiful."

kerry_fischer shared a tip "The greatest!!!"

Carla Crauswell's profile image

carla_crauswell shared a tip "I've watched it a o many times I've lost count."

Chantii 💜's profile image

oxSTUNNAxo shared a tip "Haven’t watched this in soo long!! Can’t wait!"

Mariah Zion's profile image

mariah_zion shared a tip "My favorite zombie movie!"

alaa_alaeddin shared a tip "Thrilling and exciting alternate reality the best zombie movie"

Greg Elder's profile image

greg_elder shared a tip "Definitely great movie.!"

madison_murphy_5955 shared a tip "Very scary one of my fav zombie movies for sure, loved it"

franniegirl shared a tip "Love this movie"

Zachary Woessner's profile image

zachary_woessner shared a tip "Masterpiece"

moops 33's profile image

moops_33 shared a tip "The most zombie movie ever, normal"

Song Morris's profile image

song_morris shared a tip "One of my absolute favorite Zombie movies."

roger_5052 shared a tip "Zombies"

Aliyah 's profile image

aliyah_s. shared a tip "One of my favorite zombie related movies. I like the cinematography."

Kat Q's profile image

katrina_quiachon shared a tip "From an entertainment standpoint, it's great. From a science standpoint, it's garbage."

Nykkie Murray's profile image

nykkie_murray shared a tip "My guilty pleasure"

Hannah S's profile image

hannah_s_1549 shared a tip "One of the scariest zombie movies I've ever seen"

Clari Stella's profile image

clari_stella shared a tip "Best zombie movies of all time! This movie put Cillian Murphy on the map way before peeky blinders! Love this movie"

Brad M's profile image

brad_m_5225 shared a tip "Don't forget to watch 28 Weeks Later after this."

blake hurlburt's profile image

blake_hurlburt shared a tip "My favourite zombie movie no other zombie movie compares"

Clare LaMont's profile image

clare_lamont shared a tip "One of my favorite movie ever"

Kevin Marley's profile image

kevin_marley shared a tip "Amazing zombie film"

connor_cornelius shared a tip "A perfect balance between thriller and storyline."

haydn_farrell shared a tip "The first horror movie I’ve ever seen. Very graphic, scary and thrilling."

Nikki Michael's profile image

nikki_michael_6024 shared a tip "My all time favourite zombie film. The sequel is just as amazing"

Julio 's profile image

JulioCarRosales shared a tip "I like the second movie better but ok"

H Berke's profile image

h_berke shared a tip "The BEST apocalypse movie ever!"

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