Hachi: A Dog's Tale poster


A drama based on the true story of a college professor's bond with the abandoned dog he takes into his home.

MPAA Rating G

Status Released

Release Date 2009-06-08

Runtime 93 minutes

Budget $16m

Revenue $47m


TMDB 8.0


Sonia Burton's profile image

sonia_burton shared a tip "One of the most touching and beautiful stories."

Wilma Williams's profile image

wajwilliams shared a tip "Love Hachi!"

Cheezie Face's profile image

cheezie_face shared a tip "Adoribul and just good"

Erica Love's profile image

eXlo shared a tip "Saddest. Movie. Ever."

Carson Swaboda's profile image

carson_swaboda shared a tip "I haven't seen this in like a decade, but I remember it was a good movie. Sad but good"

Kolika Simmons's profile image

kolika_simmons shared a tip "Don't watch this unless you're ready to cry for a hundred thousand years"

Duck-Duck is My Dog's profile image

duck-duck_is_my_dog shared a tip "Loved this! Hidden gem and fascinating story"

Clara 's profile image

clara.h shared a tip "Truly a touching story. It shows how much dogs can empathize with their owners."

Aaron Blackford's profile image

aaron_blackford shared a tip "Most heart throbbing dog movie I have ever seen."

Heather Sampson's profile image

heather_sampson_5239 shared a tip "A wonderful story of loyalty."

TS 's profile image

ts_ shared a tip "I ugly cried through this movie. It is heartbreaking. Excellent, but only watch if you're ready to be sobbing."

Abby Rexroth's profile image

abby_rexroth shared a tip "If you're ok with ugly crying then watch it, it's beautiful!"

Ashley Ucker's profile image

AshleyPanda shared a tip "Makes me cry everytime. But love this movie"

Tanner Stealey's profile image

tanner_stealey shared a tip "So sad, but so enduring. Love this."

Ruby 's profile image

ruby_1624 shared a tip "Love this movie"

Caroline Garrigos's profile image

caroline_garrigos shared a tip "I'm 33 and I cried. Again."

Addy Nelson's profile image

addy_nelson_3263 shared a tip "This movie made me cry so hard 😭"

Joy Godwin 's profile image

joy_bells shared a tip "Fantastic story of loyalty, dedication and love. ❤🐾🐾"

🌱 Lady M (not Macbeth)'s profile image

sea_mari shared a tip "Make sure to have tissues or a handkerchief in hand at-the-ready!! #heartwrenching #petownerlove #doglover"

Charlie 's profile image

hasu_li shared a tip "Sad movie"

Carla Trigoso's profile image

carla_trigoso shared a tip "I dont know yet! Any recommendations? I love dog movies cause Im a dog lover😍"

anita_clark_1104 shared a tip "It was so good, but it was very very sad."

Megan Nilsson's profile image

megan_nilsson_6266 shared a tip "It was too sad."

miriam_veazey shared a tip "This movie is so sad but so good"

Carrie Harrison-Ell's profile image

carrie_harrison-ell shared a tip "Loved it"

melissa_6949 shared a tip "Fantastic!!! So heartfelt and touching. Also based on a true story."

kathy_2394 shared a tip "Best show there is."

cristian_calcano shared a tip "It’s on Hulu right now"

Lauren Blancas's profile image

lauren_blancas shared a tip "Really sweet movie, would recommend for people who like movies about dogs (It made me cry)"

Noona Juneski's profile image

noona_juneski shared a tip "I'm not a cryer but this movie brings me to tears every time. 😭 Great story of a dogs love and loyalty."

Bug Stewart's profile image

bug_stewart shared a tip "Very cute movie kinda sad"

Jo 's profile image

joooo_king shared a tip "This movie wrecked me."

Guse 0's profile image

guse_0 shared a tip "Saddest story about a dog"

Lucy Louise's profile image

lucy_louise shared a tip "Love the story!!! Made me cry so much"

john_9073 shared a tip "This movie was great! Cast was amazing. Just have a box of tissues handy."

carol_king_7765 shared a tip "Great character story"

Stacey Mulligan's profile image

stacey_mulligan shared a tip "Ugly crying! Excellent movie"

Tammy Birdwell's profile image

tammy_birdwell_1984 shared a tip "One of the best movies. Heartbreaking."

dima_5 shared a tip "Saddest movie ever!! Not exaggerating!!"

dima_5 shared a tip "Everytime I watch it, it makes me cry. But still an amazing movie!!"

Michalynn Lechtenberg's profile image

michalynn_lechtenbe shared a tip "Tear jerker, I cry every time!"

Diane Ramos's profile image

diane_ramos shared a tip "It's nice"

Isabel M's profile image

isabel_m_9062 shared a tip "It's a really good one, definitely a must watch"

Brenda Aquino's profile image

brenda_aquino_4572 shared a tip "This is heartbreaking!!!"

amy_leddy shared a tip "Great heartwarming movie!"

ramona_9981 shared a tip "You are definitely going to cry."

Jason W Harman-Miller's profile image

jason_w_harman-mill shared a tip "Such a heartfelt story"

Tristany Sanchez's profile image

tristany_sanchez shared a tip "Loyalty"

Angela Simon's profile image

angela_simon shared a tip "This movie was soooo sad but it was a great movie to watch!"

Andrea V Clay's profile image

andrea_v_clay shared a tip "Get the tissues ready 😭 it is a beautiful movie"

Sarah Howard's profile image

sarah_howard_2410 shared a tip "An amazing tearjerker"

Jan Hill's profile image

jan_hill shared a tip "Loved this movie!"

E. M. Sturdivant Gallieshaw's profile image

e._m._sturdivant_ga shared a tip "Can't choose one part. Like everything, except the owner's & Hachi's death."

wylie_maxwell shared a tip "Incredible story."

steven_ellowitz shared a tip "Heart warming"

Kim Steffler's profile image

kim_steffler shared a tip "Great movie"

Kathleen Simons's profile image

kathleen_simons shared a tip "Really good movie but reach for the Kleenex....You're gonna need lots of them.😭"

Lydia Chiang's profile image

lydia_chiang shared a tip "Lovely story for the whole family."

Irahkas Swehttam's profile image

irahkas_swehttam shared a tip "It was just so sweet and wholesome 🥺."

Sara 's profile image

sary22 shared a tip "♥️"

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