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A dog goes on quest to discover his purpose in life over the course of several lifetimes with multiple owners.

MPAA Rating PG

Status Released

Release Date 2017-01-19

Runtime 100 minutes

Budget $22m

Revenue $0.2b


TMDB 7.6


Jordan 's profile image

jordan_7332 shared a tip "This movie was good but made me cry."

Emme 's profile image

emme_T shared a tip "Love the happy ending ❤️✨"

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ashleyb161421 shared a tip "Great movie, I loved it. It was a beautiful and well put together movie. Had me crying by the end."

Wilma Williams's profile image

wajwilliams shared a tip "I believe in the magic. 🐕"

gia 's profile image

gigi9 shared a tip "also made me sob"

Manny 's profile image

manny_4397 shared a tip "Yup. First time I ever cried because of a book"

Jennifer 💗's profile image

jennifer_n. shared a tip "Sweet and emotional movie especially for dog/animal lovers."

linda_sherrin shared a tip "Loved it! I cried!"

ains 's profile image

_ains_ shared a tip "made me cry sm"

Death 's profile image

I.love.me shared a tip "Almost made me cry and very good loved it."

Megan Lee's profile image

megan_lee_666 shared a tip "can be sad heartwarming movie and if your a dog lover I recommend"

Olive 's profile image

olive__ shared a tip "Watched it so many times and cried each and every time- it never gets old"

Reed Gutner's profile image

reed_gutner shared a tip "I saw👀this and it was really good👍"

Patsy Fisher's profile image

patsy_fisher shared a tip "it was an ugly cry for me, but loved it."

Mary Hiemstra's profile image

mary_hiemstra shared a tip "This is a very sad movie and if you don't like sad movies dont watch this movie"

Charlie B's profile image

charlie_b shared a tip "Really deep and moving."

jackie_dugan_2582 shared a tip "Ugly crying. So much ugly crying."

Ivneet Kataria's profile image

ivneet_kataria shared a tip "I watched Protege, not an animal movie but action movie.Go for it if you like some thrills!!"

kimberly_pederson shared a tip "I think you will enjoy it."

Garrett Dylan's profile image

garrett_dylan shared a tip "@stephen_totemeier i didnt even click the like button on that movie😂"

lisa_9468 shared a tip "Wow, that's hard to say. I don't know that I really have a favourite, it mostly depends on the mood I'm in"

lila_j shared a tip "A beautiful story on love and what it may mean to be reincarnated."

Ryan Nyberg's profile image

ryan_nyberg shared a tip "Be prepared-its emotional 😢"

Ashley Blackwell's profile image

ashleyb1614 shared a tip "Great movie, I loved it. It was a beautiful and well put together movie Had me crying by the end."

Fayth Allen's profile image

fayth_allen shared a tip "I love this movie but I love the next one even better"

Lauren Blancas's profile image

lauren_blancas shared a tip "Such a sweet movie but, it will make you cry"

paula_vaughn shared a tip "Not yet, my youngest son loves the movies and of course I cry every time I watch them. I need to read the book."

Lilac Roleplays's profile image

lilac_roleplays shared a tip "Yes very tempting.. It will 100% make you cry.. But I think the ones that make you cry are the best... just my opinion."

Kory Honey's profile image

kory_honey shared a tip "This was adorable. I love the concept of what happens when a dog dies. Not to mention the beauty of the dogs life. Amazing."

Jay Riot's profile image

jay_riot shared a tip "A heart warming story about man's best friend"

Madisynne Gwalter's profile image

madisynne_gwalter shared a tip "Watched this a few years ago and was OBSESSED. Watched it in theaters twice🤭"

shawna_6694 shared a tip "Loved this heart warming story. Was given as a gift to me by my son. A gift I will always cherish."

casey_heenan shared a tip "I love Dennis Quaid, puppies, and Josh Gadd. I haven’t cried this much since Marley and me but in a good way"

michelle_costa_8970 shared a tip "Dogs! Sweet"

Sara 's profile image

sara_8507 shared a tip "One of the few movies that made me cry cuz I'm a major animal lover"

Samantha oliver 's profile image

findmeinUnderland shared a tip "10 things I hate about you but I’m a sucker for a family film like this one!!"

chris_8188 shared a tip "One of my favorites"

flower Hour's profile image

flower_hour shared a tip "yes queen lets kill people today!! i like to make......friendss.....???????"

flower Hour's profile image

flower_hour shared a tip "mommy"

Harmehar Singh's profile image

harmehar_singh shared a tip "It is kind of emotional but it is mostly happy"

Dillon Tyndall's profile image

dillon_tyndall shared a tip "This is a movie that you will 100% cry"

karen_l._belgrave shared a tip "A real tear jerker. But wonderfully so."

katharine_6812 shared a tip "Idk if I have a favorite part in my opinion all the parts of the movie made this film so special I also love the second one"

Caitlyn ONeill's profile image

caitlyn_oneill shared a tip "This movie is a great pick if you ever wondered what dogs are saying in their head."

Lauri Garza's profile image

lauri_garza shared a tip "Loved this movie"

mila_bostick shared a tip "its a good movie and its a tearjerker."

Rebekah Faith's profile image

rebekah_faith shared a tip "Very good tearjerker!! I love dogs!!!!!!!!!"

Simonne V's profile image

simonne_v shared a tip "If you are a dog lover, have plenty of tissues handy! But despite that, it is still a feel good movie!"

Mena Scuc's profile image

mena_scuc shared a tip "Hatchi, Marley and Me"

Heather Taylor's profile image

heatherdtaylor shared a tip "Very touching movie. I cried and laughed. Perfect for us dog lovers."

tia_canty shared a tip "You will #cry"

randy_4448 shared a tip "I love the message of this movie and I also love dogs"

Heather Russo's profile image

heather_russo shared a tip "I thought it was really good"

judith_rice shared a tip "My favorite all time movie is Good Will Hunting"

Jennifer ASMR's profile image

jennifern. shared a tip "Sweet, moving"

Catherine Megan Fay's profile image

catherine_megan_fay shared a tip "It's good and sad and funny . Etc."

emma_traxler_2391 shared a tip "It was sad but happy at the same time."

Amelia Chang's profile image

amelia_chang shared a tip "I don't have a favorite movie"

Shann dru's profile image

shann_dru shared a tip "I cried through the whole movie!!"

Allie Torres's profile image

allie_torres_7752 shared a tip "Definitely I enjoyed it."

Ciara 's profile image

ciara_fen shared a tip "I love this movie so much! It always makes me emotional, but it tells a really good story."

Jana Blocher's profile image

compelled_designs shared a tip "it’s so sad"

Jolene._ shared a tip "HAD ME IN TEARS"

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