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A small town girl is caught between dead-end jobs. A high-profile, successful man becomes wheelchair bound following an accident. The man decides his life is not worth living until the girl is hired for six months to be his new caretaker. Worlds apart and trapped together by circumstance, the two ge

MPAA Rating PG-13

Status Released

Release Date 2016-06-01

Runtime 110 minutes

Budget $20m

Revenue $0.2b


TMDB 7.9


Cortney K's profile image

cortney_k shared a tip "Grab your tissue boxes ladies, this one is for you! If you need a good cry, then you need to watch this movie."

Bubba Petty's profile image

bubbapetty shared a tip "Sad and Romantic but the best movie EVER!! I’ve watched it so far only 10times!!"

Lily Naert's profile image

lily_naert shared a tip "love this movie. really sad but really heartfelt :("

Isabella Magestro's profile image

bellabye shared a tip "Best movie to watch when you feel like you want not to much romance. You might cry a a little."

Judy Mosley's profile image

judy_mosley shared a tip "I love this movie so much!"

Steve Barr's profile image

steve_barr shared a tip "Great romance. That's all you need to know, right?"

Drake Lloyd's profile image

drake_lloyd shared a tip "Emilia Clarke 👏🏻"

HippieGal 's profile image

kcmess57 shared a tip "My favorite romances are when they don’t ride off into the sunset for happily ever after. That is a big tell!"

Juanita 's profile image

just_juana shared a tip "I loved this movie. Emilia Clark does the character so much justice. The love story is beautiful."

katelynn_stafford06 shared a tip "Beautiful movie! Love the actors, also side note: this movie will make you cry"

megarina _'s profile image

megarina__ shared a tip "Such a sappy movie but I loved it!"

Kelly Hendry Cotting's profile image

richmondmom shared a tip "Be ready to cry"

Aggie Butler's profile image

aggie_butler shared a tip "One of my all time favourite movies!"

Lisa 's profile image

lisa_3456 shared a tip "Absolutely love this move. Louisa Clark ❤️"

kelly_8911 shared a tip "Was a good movie , book was much better but they did a nice job of it"

glasswingbutrfly 's profile image

glasswingbutrfly shared a tip "This one is amazing, have tissues handy!!"

Lily Browning's profile image

lily_browning shared a tip "nice wheels"

Sabrina 's profile image

sibbysbooks shared a tip "Yes I loved this book so much !!"

Addy Nelson's profile image

addy_nelson_3263 shared a tip "This movie had me in tears 😭"

danielle_reid_9951 shared a tip "My favorite is Pride & Prejudice!! How bout you!"

karen_smith_5150 shared a tip "Such a sweet story with a likable, relatable female character. This book causes to examine your beliefs."

Chaya Fried's profile image

chaya_fried shared a tip "The notebook!"

Arianna Lee's profile image

arianna_lee_7460 shared a tip "It’s a beautiful movie!!"

velvet_rose_965 shared a tip "Makes me cry every time but I love it!"

Jenny Liang's profile image

jenjn shared a tip "😭😭😭"

Tamea KBH's profile image

tamea_kbh shared a tip "LOVED THIS MOVIE SO MUCH!"

Gabrielle 's profile image

gabbyonelove shared a tip "It was just as good as the book!"

Tammy Harvin's profile image

tammy_harvin shared a tip "Would like to see her others books done"

robie bibb's profile image

robie_bibb shared a tip "such a wonderful and captivating movie. so good!"

Katherine Chung's profile image

katherine_chung shared a tip "Soo good and makes u wanna tear up. The books are better"

molly_3025 shared a tip "It’s really good but be ready to have the tissues"

rose_moreau_2341 shared a tip "Never saw it yet but I want to I have the book though"

Sam Mm's profile image

sam_mm shared a tip "yeah me too and I love the part they go to the Alicia's wedding togegher"

Cathy Tisdale's profile image

cathy_tisdale shared a tip "Loved - loved it- Had to read the book after it!!"

lisa_ruttan shared a tip "The wit"

Luis Fuentes's profile image

luis_fuentes_9721 shared a tip "It's super good, If you like this one you.should check Last Christmas"

Ry L's profile image

ry_l shared a tip "It's not your usual happy end romance. It's a lot more realistic when it comes to long term disability/illness."

Jen Knodell's profile image

jen_knodell shared a tip "Liked the story but didn’t like the idea that once you’re paralyzed, suicide is a reasonable or expected conclusion."

bianca_osne shared a tip "It was sad they didn’t end up together in end."

Abby Prohs's profile image

abby_prohs shared a tip "Cry every time homies, great movie if you love being sad"

Sandra Garcia's profile image

sandra_garcia_4196 shared a tip "Can’t recommend this enough. Make sure to keep your Kleenex near :,)."

Linda Killeleagh-Blyth's profile image

linda_killeleagh-blyth shared a tip "Wonderful movie great book"

louella adams's profile image

louella_adams shared a tip "Really good if you like tearjerkers"

stephanie baldwin's profile image

stephanie_baldwin shared a tip "I loved the way it ended. He did what he thought was best for her in the end because he loved her."

Ang Ela's profile image

ang_ela shared a tip "Laughed and Cried. Exactly what I needed tonight"

Victoria Gonzalez's profile image

spac3_c0wboy shared a tip "One of my favorite romance movies. The characters and dialogue are awesome and it's such a touching story."

Lizzie 's profile image

adamantine shared a tip "☹️"

Liz K's profile image

liz_k_989 shared a tip "Have not, is it better then the movie?"

Sharmila Raj's profile image

sharmila_raj shared a tip "Love the books and the movie didn’t disappoint"

Amanda Lammers's profile image

amanda_lammers shared a tip "I love the actors in this, Emilia Clarke is amazing and Sam Claflin is no different."

SARAH ELLEFSON's profile image

sarah_ellefson shared a tip "Fantastic movie!"

Kaela 's profile image

hellokaela shared a tip "The movie is so sweet, the book takes you deeper, highly recommend"

Shelby W's profile image

shelby_w_8726 shared a tip "It's a wonderful movie. It shows how you need to think of people on an intellectual level not just looks for love."

casey_heenan_spino shared a tip "Loved the book...loved the movie even if it left some key parts out!"

Kasey 's profile image

Kasey_G shared a tip "Yes I’ve seen five feet apart, it made me cry. I’m a big romance movie lover."

Grace Elizabeth's profile image

graceeliizabeth shared a tip "stop"

Zara Rawoof's profile image

zara_rawoof shared a tip "Best movie ever!!! Bring tissues."

Joanna Burr's profile image

joanna_burr shared a tip "Yes! Did you? They are very close. They did leave out a little bit of her past abuse from the book."

morgan_52 shared a tip "It’s a wonderful love story that brought me to tears."

Minho Lee's profile image

minimax shared a tip "Great casual movie; makes me reflect on love and disability."

Kira Johnson's profile image

kira_johnson_2161 shared a tip "It’s a good movie, but prepare for water works"

Courtney Channel's profile image

courtney_channel shared a tip "This movie was recommended to me I still haven’t seen in"

Shania Zarza's profile image

shania_zarza shared a tip "Watch this! Man this is the best movie I have seen all year, seriously watch this"

Francesca Carter's profile image

francesca_carter shared a tip "I loved the witty humor and brutal honesty. Beware, it is a real tear-jerker."

Losaline Kamitoni's profile image

Hanseojunswifey shared a tip "Its so cute🥺 Must watch‼️"

Marlene Tinajero's profile image

marlene_tinajero shared a tip "so sweet and beautiful amazing actors too i loved everything about it"

Jenn Rosillo's profile image

jenn_rosillo shared a tip "Yes it is. I really love it. The charm and chemistry between Clarke and Clafin really bought it together"

Tristen Lee's profile image

tristen_lee_829 shared a tip "😭❤️"

Charisma Iman's profile image

charisma_iman shared a tip "Absolutely adore"

Heather Taylor's profile image

heatherdtaylor shared a tip "Heartbreaking!"

emily.m shared a tip "Heartbreaking, yet absolutely beautiful"

Angelica Mejia's profile image

angelica_mejia_316 shared a tip "You can tell in the movies she was into trying new things, but she fell for him and he was the same everyday and she stayed."

kelalah_armstrong_8661 shared a tip "This movie is absolutely amazing. Makes me cry like a baby every time!!"

August C's profile image

august_c shared a tip "I loved this movie. I read the book and was really excited to watch it. It was really sad but so sweet and enjoyable to watch"

awesome_user_514637 shared a tip "******* yikes my dudes"

celine_ith shared a tip "It ripped my heart out and left me in tears, but this movie is stunning. #romance #saddestmovieever"

sophia_schnur shared a tip "This movie was so cute throughout and the ending was so good even though it was sad I would 100% recommend"

Sumera Muzaffar's profile image

sumera_muzaffar shared a tip "It's the best movie ever"

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