Little Women poster


Four sisters come of age in America in the aftermath of the Civil War.

MPAA Rating PG

Status Released

Release Date 2019-12-25

Runtime 135 minutes

Budget $40m

Revenue $0.2b


TMDB 7.9


Becca Sangwin's profile image

becca_sangwin shared a tip "My favorite movie of 2019! I was sobbing and laughing the entire film. Definitely motivated to read the book now."

Sherri Arney's profile image

sherri_hodges shared a tip "Loved this movie but I love the older version better. Still a TIMELESS story!"

Gabe 's profile image

pug shared a tip "Might watch this"

Katie Harrison's profile image

katie_harrison_9823 shared a tip "I never thought anything could top the original movie for me, but this one does! My daughter and I both love it so much!"

Sara Schirer's profile image

sara_schirer shared a tip "I watch this movie @ 3 times or not more actually"

Bianca Tailor's profile image

bianca_tailor shared a tip "This movie was amazing I could not say enough good things. This may be one of my favorite movies"

Tanzene Ali's profile image

tanzene_ali shared a tip "Loved this adaptation of one of my favorite stories growing up!"

Bettis Morelock's profile image

bettis_morelock shared a tip "A near perfect film!"

Stephen Taylor's profile image

stephen_taylor shared a tip "It was so good!!"

Maggie 's profile image

maggie_osieja shared a tip "All time favourite"

Obada Abdullah's profile image

obada_abdullah shared a tip "جدا جميل / انا بكيت شي 5 مرات"

Abby Donovan's profile image

abby_donovan shared a tip "It’s good I liked it a lot"

kitkat reads's profile image

kitkat_reads shared a tip "I loved seeing Amy as an adult!"

Veronica Levaggi's profile image

veronica_levaggi shared a tip "I saw this in the theater the day before Covid19 brought everything to a halt. It’s part of my dvd collection now!"

Corey Howard's profile image

corey_howard shared a tip "Could've used more time for certain aspects to really strike a cord"

Addie Anderson's profile image

addie_anderson_6277 shared a tip "4/5"

sophie_shapiro shared a tip "Coraline!! Gave me nightmares when I was a kid but I love it now!"

Sophia H's profile image

sophia_h_3339 shared a tip "omg this. movie. is. so. good."

Ryan Marsh's profile image

ryan_marsh_3340 shared a tip "Way exceeded my expectations, a great film."

Mic 's profile image

eastofgosling shared a tip "I cried"

paige 's profile image

readingpaigelol shared a tip "loved this movie and DEFINITELY NOT just because timothee is in it 🤫😏🤤"

judith_cayton shared a tip "Enjoyed but flawed, hated time skipping"

Rachel Nicole's profile image

rachel_nicole_2834 shared a tip "Made me laugh & cry."

Babette the lamb 's profile image

babette_the_lamb shared a tip "It’s really a good movie ❤️"

melissa_lewis_2559 shared a tip "I haven't seen this version, but I love the book & previous versions. I also love Emma Watson"

jennifer_c_3736 shared a tip "😭 all the twists and turns! Love love love!"

Luna Armendariz's profile image

luna_armendariz_3281 shared a tip "I liked the original much better."

Kathi Armendarez Roth's profile image

kathi_armendarez_ro shared a tip "I've never seen the movie. Looking forward to watching it."

Paige Stickler's profile image

paige_stickler shared a tip "So good! The cast is amazing!"

Kt Persons's profile image

kt_persons shared a tip "Very cute movie"

Kathryn Smith's profile image

kathryn_smith_1570 shared a tip "Best movie I saw in 2019. Truly inspirational, funny, and sweet"

Charlie Beckerman's profile image

charlie_beckerman shared a tip "Really enjoyed it! Good for after film convo."

james_fielder shared a tip "No. How does it compare to the book?"

mitchell_ball shared a tip "As a guy I loved this chick flick."

ashlie shared a tip "A wonderful mature family night movie."

Gregory Boyd's profile image

gregory_boyd shared a tip "Loved Saoirse Ronan"

belle !'s profile image

belle__586 shared a tip "probably lauries proposal to jo or the ending scene hbu?"

Alexis Bowden's profile image

alexis_bowden_1221 shared a tip "Yes my mother and I used to read it every night together"

bay_2308 shared a tip "I really like Forrest Gump or Clue, how about you?"

Radonda Rowton's profile image

radonda_rowton shared a tip "Pride and Prejudice and Emma are 2 that come to mind immediately."

analia huertas's profile image

analia_huertas shared a tip "This one is pretty good but I kinda got bored through it a bit and I like more romance"

Jessica Lewis's profile image

heyhowdyhey shared a tip "It was okay, but I still prefer the 90s version 🙈"

Nasim Sadeghi's profile image

nasim_sadeghi shared a tip "Thanks! Tomb raider, five feet apart, wonder,..."

raima 's profile image

raimam16 shared a tip "favorite movie ever!! i loved it so much... i still haven’t watched the original tho so maybe that one is better... idk?"

argueta 01's profile image

argueta_01 shared a tip "It was so romantic. I loved the way that every character developed and l love the ending."

alexandra_perry_3074 shared a tip "It's a lot more intense but I really liked 1917, and then the TV show Reign was also pretty good!"

essorrairb 's profile image

essorrairb shared a tip "loved this so beautiful i cried a lot"

emma 's profile image

emmaforrey shared a tip "My favorite movie, it made me cry I love it so much and I love Timothée Chalamet <3"

Marci Bell's profile image

marci_bell shared a tip "Geez, ever? Shawshank Redemption, Pride and prejudice. So many."

waad_abbas shared a tip "I loved how the characters, I think they were very well played, better than the 1994 version"

Meghan Généreux's profile image

meghan_gnreux shared a tip "I cried. Like a baby. And I NEVER cry for movies. It was just that good!"

Sophie Fromal's profile image

sophie_fromal shared a tip "made me cry, but it was so good"

David Blaine's profile image

david_blaine_3654 shared a tip "Took two of my young granddaughters and was worried they were too young, 4 & 6, but they loved it & the 6 asked for the book!"

Nicholas Green's profile image

nicholas_green shared a tip "Favorite movie of 2019"

Stephen Puddle's profile image

stephen_puddle shared a tip "Very enjoyable and feel good movie. The cast are well suited to their roles and a very talented group of women taking the leads."

Sofi Lynne's profile image

sofi_lynne shared a tip "a beautiful & well-written production."

Adeline Majewski's profile image

adeline_majewski shared a tip "It’s actually one of my favorite movies! I could watch it 10 times straight and not get tired of it!!!!!"

Giuliana 's profile image

giuliana_2127 shared a tip "I love this movie so much it’s so good"

lily_grace_rodrigues shared a tip "Jo"

summer fox's profile image

summer_fox_2493 shared a tip "6.5/10"

Jennifer Thurston's profile image

jennifer_thurston shared a tip "Best movie I've seen since The Wizard of Oz."

Allison Nixon's profile image

allison_nixon shared a tip "I cry every single time I watch this movie. It's perfect."

Emmalee Gunderson's profile image

emmalee_gunderson shared a tip "I absolutely loved it! Jo's view on female empowerment was so inspiring!"

carof shared a tip "Love this movie! One of my favorites!#romance #drama #family"

Moxie Moon's profile image

moxie_moon shared a tip "LOVE LOVE LOVE"

Morgan Mauget's profile image

morgan_mauget shared a tip "First version I've ever liked!"

Eliana Waechter's profile image

eliana_waechter shared a tip "This film was really good!"

Kristi Evans-Henry's profile image

kristi_evans-henry shared a tip "I cry every time"

barb_158 shared a tip "Loved this movie!"

Alejandro Mondragon's profile image

alejandro_mondragon shared a tip "It's pretty good and the cast is amazing"

bob_smullen shared a tip "Wonderful movie, take a young girl with you. Very uplifting."

Fidget Corncrumbly's profile image

fidget_corncrumbly shared a tip "Best movie ever"

Deleted User Deleted User's profile image

deleted_user_1600369379036 shared a tip "Excellent version of this story"

alisa_brookins shared a tip "An age old story told in a fresh new way."

lora_kent shared a tip "Yes"

Usha Khetan's profile image

usha_khetan shared a tip "Loved this movie"

mindy_gardner shared a tip "Great mother and daughter movie"

Jennifer Rancourt's profile image

jennifer_rancourt_7291 shared a tip "Great adaptation"

samantha_kolks shared a tip "I really liked this movie and even cried a bit 😅"

Lauren Goldfein's profile image

lauren_goldfein shared a tip "Loved! Could watch again and again!"

officially. Berline's profile image

officially._berline shared a tip "It’s a very good movie"

Param Grewal's profile image

param_grewal shared a tip "The one played by Emma Watson"

claudia landau's profile image

justclaudia shared a tip "Honestly the costumes are really bad but the film is very good. plus timothee chalamet"

Marie Thomas's profile image

marie_thomas_3985 shared a tip "A beautiful remake"

Katie McGill's profile image

katie_mcgill_1896 shared a tip "I loved this movie! You’ll adore the cinematography and the storyline. A must-watch!!"

sara_fanning shared a tip "Yes, several times."

okd shared a tip "Great book :)"

Maliyah Hayslett's profile image

thsiMissGurl shared a tip "#womanpower It was very impowering and interesting"

Jacelyn Braziel's profile image

jacelyn_braziel shared a tip "All"

Hannah Stephenson's profile image

hannah_.stephenson shared a tip "🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍"

emma_mcmullen shared a tip "One of my favorite movies!!"

Courtney Mensink's profile image

courtney_mensink shared a tip "Jo!"

Abby Seelman's profile image

abby_seelman shared a tip "Omg yesssss"

Ella Mcdonnell's profile image

ella_mcdonnell shared a tip "IT WAS AMAZING"

leanne_coulson_9139 shared a tip "No matter how many times it’s done in books, movies, stage.... whatever the venue this one is always a winner!"

Mardochee Maxi's profile image

mardochee_maxi shared a tip "Love this movie"

Carly Virginia's profile image

carly_virginia shared a tip "This version was alright but I still prefer the 90s version."

abigail_8447 shared a tip "Great cast"

Ashley Caldwell's profile image

ashley_caldwell_5897 shared a tip "I love Jo"

aaliyah_pondo_9768 shared a tip "It hurt me man but it was ok I guess"

Pixie the poptart 's profile image

pixie_the_poptart shared a tip "I cried so much during this, it's, so beautiful and amazing"

amanda_martinez_3769 shared a tip "when Jo realizes that she wants to be loved and that she can be a strong woman & also experience love & be vulnerable!!"

Mary Beck Temple's profile image

mary_beck_temple shared a tip "i've seen it a billion times and i still cry"

Deleted User Deleted User's profile image

deleted_user_1617461148758 shared a tip "Very sweet movie but not my favorite."

Charlotte Nojaim's profile image

Kaysi shared a tip "Little women is awesome I highly recommend 👌"

Tom and Vicki Kershaw's profile image

tom_and_vicki_kersh shared a tip "I read the book and it was just like it."

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