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The story of August Pullman – a boy with facial differences – who enters fifth grade, attending a mainstream elementary school for the first time.

MPAA Rating PG

Status Released

Release Date 2017-11-13

Runtime 113 minutes

Budget $20m

Revenue $0.3b


TMDB 8.2


Ian Morris's profile image

ian shared a tip "Wow this was a terrific movie. I was surprised by how much I enjoyed it. I highly recommend it for the entire family"

Hanmeblvck 's profile image

hanmeblvck shared a tip "Great adaption from the book that happens rarely"

Tyler 's profile image

tyler_2005 shared a tip "🌟4/5🌟"

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vivian_engel shared a tip "Made me cry and that made me like it even more"

Katie Lynn Gesch's profile image

katie_lynn_gesch shared a tip "My favorite book to movie! So inspiring 😍"

Tlaine 's profile image

asaltysoul shared a tip "I loved this movie. I recommend it."

Ruby Escoto's profile image

ruby_escoto shared a tip "I love just the idea of him ending up with a happy ending"

Emme 's profile image

emme_T shared a tip "I love this determined emotional movie!!! 🥹"

Yumi Murray's profile image

yumi shared a tip "It was such a heart warming movie to watch with family in a snowy day!"

Rissa Black's profile image

rissa_black shared a tip "Tear jerker. Cried throughout the whole movie. Really good."

ruth_calkins shared a tip "Really good movie with a great message. Have tissues handy, but happy ending."

alice 's profile image

aliceontop shared a tip "so good babes"

Jaidyn Thomas's profile image

jaidyn_thomas shared a tip "So heartwarming and sweet."

Jenna Eaton's profile image

jenna_eaton shared a tip "Loved it I definitely recommend watching it with younger audiences"

Charmion Schroeder's profile image

charmion_schroeder shared a tip "Such an amazing movie!!"

Evelyne Blanchet's profile image

evelyne_blanchet shared a tip "Inspiraring and beautiful movie. You will laugh and cry."

zoie 's profile image

zoiemorla shared a tip "one of my favorite movies, i’ve rewatched countless times. sometimes three times in the same day"

Elizabeth Sanders's profile image

elizabeth_sanders_5655 shared a tip "Great movie"

Lucca R's profile image

lucca. shared a tip "SO GOOD it made me cry multiple times and is just the sweetest movie ever. I 100% recommend"

NETFLIX_AND_CHILL shared a tip "Good"

Anu P's profile image

ilovecheese shared a tip "Touching and just overall good."

Isaac Soler's profile image

dailyvibez shared a tip "Love this movie! Very inspirational"

Dawn Porzio's profile image

dawn_porzio shared a tip "No"

Kyle Dutson's profile image

kyle_dutson shared a tip "An amazing novel and movie! Such a heart warming story. I would recommend this 💯"

Jaden Gonzales's profile image

jaden_gonzales shared a tip "🙂"

Mercedes Montgomery's profile image

mercedes_montgomery shared a tip "I haven't watched it in awhile but it really good"

Abby 's profile image

abbs1202 shared a tip "Wonderful, heartfelt, beautiful!"

Ola Shaman's profile image

ola_shaman shared a tip "Very good movie ❤️"

isabella_marty shared a tip "It’s sad, but a quite good movie that is really underrated!"

Roxy Paxtor's profile image

roxy_paxtor shared a tip "It’s a really good movie to show that there is no reason to judge someone based on their looks"

Terry Sirman's profile image

terry_sirman shared a tip "Was wonderfully surprised at how good this movie was!!"

Amanda Macfarland's profile image

amanda_macfarland shared a tip "Yes"

Ki'Myriah Tate's profile image

kimyriah_tate shared a tip "It was sad"

Kaylaloves Dolphins's profile image

kaylaloves_dolphins shared a tip "No I wish! The movie was so heartwarming and amazing though. Do you recommend reading the book?"

Sophie Wilson's profile image

sophie_wilson_3711 shared a tip "Feel good movie 🎥"

Kimberly Cherrine-Bell's profile image

kimberly_cherrine-b shared a tip "Mozart and The Whale"

alex 's profile image

forgetfullyalex shared a tip "ONE OF MY ALL-TIME FAVORITE MOVIES !!"

Sara Abdilghani's profile image

sara_abdilghani shared a tip "It’s a very inspirational movie! Also recommend reading the book!"

dean_raio shared a tip "Watched this with my 8 year old girl and 10 year old boy - we all loved it- great lessons learned"

saphara_myers shared a tip "It is a movie that show that it is okay to be different"

payton_cherbak shared a tip "I have the book"

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leah_kemp shared a tip "Perfect movie to chill and watch on hulu"

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leah_kemp shared a tip "Perfect movie to chill and watch on hulu"

adrian_rivera_8466 shared a tip "Everything is cool about this movie"

adrian_rivera_8466 shared a tip "@people"

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kimmie_marie shared a tip "Yes fantastic movie and even better book"

Stephany Woller's profile image

stephany_woller shared a tip "That is sad thaat peopal make fun of him i think he is so cute"

Christine Dodds's profile image

christine_dodds shared a tip "Such an amazing movie! Great acting awesome morals, and great for the whole family! Highly recommend:)"

Abigail Rankins's profile image

abigail_rankins shared a tip "@tristen_fw I don't think I've seen any other movies with this actor what other movies is he in"

𝐴𝐿𝑌𝑆𝑂𝑁🪐🖤 's profile image

himynameisalyson shared a tip "it’s ᴀMᴀZɪNɢ🦋"

Joy Hill's profile image

joy_hill shared a tip "Tearjerker and so sweet!"

Evie Soule's profile image

evie_soule shared a tip "I saw this one after I read the book, absolutely wonderful."

Tom and Vicki Kershaw's profile image

tom_and_vicki_kersh shared a tip "I loved wonder. I read the book a week after I saw it. It is my favorite movie of all time."

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kaylee_8617 shared a tip "I personally loved this movie, it is sad though! It is definitely appropriate for all ages!"

leanne_b shared a tip "Honestly, it's amazing! Are you a reader?"

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brandy_draper shared a tip "Great movie to watch as a family!"

Shannon Hickey's profile image

shannon_hickey_5336 shared a tip "Beautiful story told, heartwarming and perfect movie for the whole family"

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mckenzie_smart shared a tip "I prefer the book, but loved that actors!!"

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casey_b_1155 shared a tip "Really great movie, loved the storyline"

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